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Breath of the Wild


DS on the Wii U

Posted by Voltex , in Video Games Jan 30 2014 · 302 views

So DS games are coming to the Wii U virtual console. I will admit that I am very interested, since I missed so many great games for the system. That said, there's STILL no word on Gamecube titles or N64 titles being added. All I want is to have Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door on my Wii U. That's all I want. ;__;


Bravely Default

Posted by Voltex , in Video Games Jan 29 2014 · 350 views

It cannot come soon enough
I am sorry Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing but you will have to wait because I am needing this game first.


Swag Rewards

Posted by Voltex , in Life, Video Games, BZPower Jan 17 2014 · 264 views

Posted Image
Thank you very much to Jedi Master J for the Translucent Miru, as well as the bonus LEGO Gift Card and Robot Minifigure (which shall join Marilyn Monroe as the second in my collection). Also pictured here, since they deserve the honor, are the official soundtrack to The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask that I got as a Platinum Reward for Club Nintendo, and my Darth Duck mug. Because it's Darth Duck people.



Posted by Voltex , in Video Games Jan 13 2014 · 681 views

Posted Image
Welcome to The Best Ever 3: Good vs. Evil! Inspired by the final two rounds of the previous tournament, the sides of light and darkness will go head to head in this third competition after Samus and Luigi won the first and second tournaments respectively.
Here's how it's gonna work: 16 heroes, 16 villains. The final two will consist of the mightiest hero facing off against the strongest villain, to determine which side will achieve ultimate victory. As the winner and runner-up of the last tournament, Luigi is guaranteed Spot #1 in the Heroes list and Hades is guaranteed #1 on the Villains list.
All nominations are welcome, and perhaps if arguments are good enough we might see the odd Bowser or King Dedede character slip into the Heroes list! Who knows? You can nominate two heroes and two villains in this post. If someone has already nominated a character, you may give that character another nomination (which will boost their chances of passing the preliminary voting). All we ask is that if you are nominating a character again, please state that. 
You may begin!
1. Luigi (Super Mario)
1. Hades (Kid Icarus)
For the heroes, I nominate Mega Man (Mega Man) and Rayman (Rayman)
For the villains, I nominate Fawful (Mario & Luigi) and King Dedede (Kirby)


The Ultimate Insult

Posted by Voltex , in Video Games Jan 09 2014 · 316 views

Posted Image


2014: The Year Ahead (Games!)

Posted by Voltex , in Video Games Jan 09 2014 · 236 views

Followup post activate! Here are the ten video games that I am most looking forward to in 2014. I expect I shall probably end up playing roughly three of them.
Top 10 Anticipated Games
1. Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U (3DS/WiiU) - If you came into this thinking I was going to pick some other stupid game that doesn't matter as my most anticipated game of 2014, you were sorely mistaken. I mean, I have an ENTIRE SERIES OF ENTRIES dedicated to this thing. I'm pretty hyped yo.
2. Titanfall (Win/360/XBO) - An online FPS multiplayer - with GIANT FREAKING MECHS dropped right in the center. Color me extremely excited for this game. 
3. Project CARS (Win/Steam/WiiU/XBO/PS4) - This super ambitious title seems to be coming to every single platform on the planet, so hopefully the quality doesn't suffer as a result. The game looks beautiful and sounds really fun (and this is coming from someone who hasn't ever played Forza or Gran Turismo or any other car-centric games very heavily). 
4. Professor Layton vs. Pheonix Wright: Ace Attorney (3DS) - I've been waiting on this game since 2011. Have I played either series much? No, because I'm not interested in drowning myself in the multitude of games at this point in time. But this is another game that I would have bought the 3DS for.
5. Tadpole Treble (Win/Mac/WiiU) - A game funded via Kickstarter; it's from the creator of the comic Brawl in the Family, Matthew Taranto, and features his usual art style, with a heavy basis in rhythm and music. It's not as large as the other titles on this list, but I'm probably more likely to play this (and play it often) than the other games.
6. Destiny (360/XBO/PS3/PS4) - Is there anybody that isn't interested in this game? This would rank higher, except that I'm probably never going to play it unless my brother picks it up for his 360, so I've been trying to keep my hype to a minimum. As you can see, it is clearly working spectacularly.
7. Bravely Default (3DS) - I don't generally play JRPGs, but the media's obsession with this title has managed to pique my interests. I tried out the demo briefly, though I did not have time to fully introduce myself to the play style. I'm also not happy about it being censored, more to the point of stuff being censored here when it's not elsewhere (why do games have to be censored anywhere I mean really governments pssh).
8. Mario Kart 8 (WiiU) - The Mario Kart franchise's chance to redeem itself to me after the appalling Mario Kart 7. I'm not convinced they can do it, since I dislike how they threw in the gliders and underwater driving as gimmicks, the customization system was sub-par, and now they're adding anti-gravity (and I've heard that the bikes are treated as karts this time too, ugh). But I'll give it a chance, just the same. It's also been a series best on home consoles (minus Mario Kart DS, my favorite in the franchise).
9. Pillars of Eternity (PC) - All computer gamers will have access to this game, another one funded by Kickstarter. I don't know too much about it, but what I do like interests me a great deal.
10. The Elder Scrolls Online (Win/Mac/XBO/PS4) - I doubt I'll play this, since I'd rather not experience the life-sucking abyss that is an MMORPG, but still... I feel the urge to at least give it a shot. 
And that's about it; as far as video games go, I'm not quite as obsessive over new titles as I am with movies (mostly because I could see like, 8 movies for the price of some video games). So woohoo


3DS Friend Codes

Posted by Voltex , in Video Games Dec 30 2013 · 218 views

Just realized that I've owned my 3DS for like a month and never actually bothered to find out my friend code but now I know it so wooooooooooooohoo this is stupid
Anyway here it is: 1736-1497-1415
So like share yours below or something I guess, the only thing I might have in common with you right now is Pokemon and maybe later Animal Crossing


Christmas Haul 2013

Posted by Voltex , in Life, Video Games Dec 25 2013 · 321 views

Not too bad; I'm not gonna bother listing everything here, but some interesting items I got:
-a new wallet (finally more card spaces =D)
-Red vs. Blue: Season 11 
-RWBY Volume 1 
-Two books I forget the names of lawl
And for us four brothers, we got really lucky on the annual "multiplayer video game for Christmas" front:
-Super Mario 3D World
-New Super Luigi U
The only other multiplayer game worth anything for the Wii U right now that we don't own is Rayman Legends, so that's certainly something. 


I just got Just Cause 2

Posted by Voltex , in Video Games Dec 19 2013 · 138 views

Or to be more specific the Just Cause Collection
wooo more games I can't play


A Link Between Worlds

Posted by Voltex , in Video Games Dec 15 2013 · 146 views

I beat the game the other night - loved every second of it (minus that stupid treasure center where you need to pegasus boots to beat it.... ugh, I hate corners).
This was, without a doubt, the Zelda game that I have wanted since 2010, and the best Zelda game since Twilight Princess was released. Every single thing I have wanted was there, and then some. While Yuga's presence in the second half of the game was unfortunately limited, every boss battle against him was lots of fun.
I have nothing but praise for this game, except the one pet peeve that irks me every time it occurs: there is no way to save your game after the final boss. I don't know why games still do this in the year 2013, but it is an unfortunate reality.
That said... the game was still so good that I think I'll try out Hero Mode over the upcoming break, and undoubtedly fail at it.


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