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Great Games


name change

Posted by Stark , in BZPower Sep 09 2016 · 365 views

looking for ideas

i promise nothing about taking anything any of you losers suggest



Posted by Stark , in BZP Library, BZPower, Games & Trivia / RPG Jul 29 2016 · 151 views

Posted Image


name change?

Posted by Stark , in BZPower Jul 22 2016 · 127 views

i am currently considering my first name change in 1.5 years

more updates to come


Name Change?

Posted by Stark , in BZPower May 25 2016 · 239 views

On May 30th I will have officially beaten my personal record of time for keeping the same display name here on BZP.

So, on the verge of this triumph, I thought I'd ask all of you: once I have done so, should I change my name?*

*I reserve the right to do the opposite of whatever you people suggest


Best Ever?

Posted by Stark , in BZPower May 23 2016 · 201 views

Does anybody remember those two "best character" contest/poll things I ran here a few years back (with some help from Burnmad)? #1 #2

The third one never really got off the ground (that's my fault) but I'm curious about maybe giving it another go to see what's changed. Would people be interested, though?
If it happens, there won't be any sort of "theme".

So yeah, is there an interest? If so I'll start it up again later this week :P


you win or you die

Posted by Stark , in BZPower, Games & Trivia / RPG May 14 2016 · 154 views

BZPower's Game of Thrones has started

I can't wait to see how this plays out


May 6

Posted by Stark , in BZPower, Games & Trivia / RPG Apr 26 2016 · 183 views

Unless my plans unexpectedly change, expect this bad boy to come on Friday May 6th:

Posted Image


5 years of blog

Posted by Stark , in BZPower Apr 15 2016 · 192 views

5 years ago I got a blog on bzp

and now here we are



Posted by Stark , in BZPower, BZP Library Apr 06 2016 · 200 views

This is a small excerpt from OBLIVION:


“Your little friend RG here was luckier than I was,” Xaeraz growled. “He was allowed to die for good. Stabbed in the back and then boom, he was gone. But me… no, I was stupid. I was too worried about staying alive, and I didn’t really care what it meant at the time, you know? But if I’d known… oh, if I’d known. But then, that’s just another thing Voltex and I always had in common – surviving.”

“Voltex perished not long after you did,” Iaredios replied, now sounding confused. “He suffered an injury from the one who killed you, and died of the wound a few weeks later.”

“That’s a lie,” Xaeraz snarled, his eyes narrowing to a glare as they flicked to Smoke Monster. “You know the truth, don’t you? You travelled with him for centuries.”

Smoke Monster swallowed. “I… I did. But I didn’t know.”

“No, I bet you didn’t,” Xaeraz scoffed, pulling out a knife and twirling it in his hands. “But she told you, didn’t she? Your Mad Great Being.”

“She did.”

“Told you that you could see him again if you went with her…”

Smoke Monster sighed. “Where are you going with this, Xaeraz?”

“She found me too,” the Fe-Matoran growled. “You thought you were the only survivor of the uprising that she tracked down, didn’t you? Thought that the others were all still hidden, or missing, or maybe even dead if they got really lucky. No, the others are all out there. She’s playing all of you, and none of you even realize it!”

“What are you saying?!” Smoke Monster snapped, shoving his way past Sirien and Marako to stand at the front of the group. “She’s trying to stop Velika, Xaeraz! She’s trying to save the world!”

“And what exactly is Velika planning that will end the world?” Xaeraz asked, his voice dropping to a chilling whisper. “What does she plan to do with the world once you’ve stopped him?"

Xaeraz has always been one of my favorite characters to write, and that certainly isn't changing now.

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