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Breath of the Wild


soon is here

Posted by Voltex , in BZP Library, Games & Trivia / RPG Jul 30 2016 · 65 views

Posted Image

Click the banner or this link!

I hope you'll all enjoy it. It's not meant to be anything too big or anything; just a whole lotta world building. :P



Posted by Voltex , in BZP Library, BZPower, Games & Trivia / RPG Jul 29 2016 · 107 views

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Posted by Voltex , in BZP Library Apr 09 2016 · 169 views

Posted Image

The banners for all four of the main stories set in the Uprising universe. The first three constitute the Uprising Trilogy, while Oblivion is mostly disconnected from the other three.

Each of the logos was visually inspired by the stories themselves. The logo for Isolation is shrouded in shadow and smoke just like the wall of shadow that trapped most of the cast within the main location for the duration of the epic; the logo for Extraction is stained with blood, hinting at the story becoming more brutal; the logo for Extermination is corroded, as though under the effects of the main villain's rust cannon. The exception to the rule is the logo for Oblivion, which is instead colored red and green because it originated as a secret santa project.

If anybody is interested in reading any of them, I've included a link to each story below (along with a short synopsis). Isolation, Extermination, and Oblivion are all standalone - so if you only want to read one, any of them would work. Extraction requires reading Isolation first, as it's a direct continuation, and I think it suffers because of it.

Anyway, those are just some 4am thoughts. Have some links:

Isolation - When a conference on the island city of BZ-Koro is ambushed by a terrorist attack, twenty-three Matoran find themselves trapped inside and forced to fight in a deadly game of murder and betrayal in order to survive.

Extraction - The survivors of the Conference must band together with both friend and enemy alike as they fight to extract themselves from BZ-Koro; but the White Council has operatives everywhere, and even if they do survive this latest onslaught, war is coming... and even those who are dead may not stay that way for long.

Extermination - A small group of Matoran survived a terrorist attack one year ago. After fighting their way out of the trap, the survivors launched a rebellion against the tyrannical White Council, who lead the city of Metru-Nui. They have been at war for nearly a year... but as the final battle approaches they find themselves hunted down by a mysterious new enemy.

Oblivion - For forty years, Spherus-Magna has lived in relative peace following an event known as the 'Reformation'. However, darkness always rises - and a small team of Matoran and Agori find themselves hired to stop its shadow from spreading across the planet forevermore. Gathered by a Mad Great Being, they find themselves in a deadly race to find the Mask of Life... all the while hunting down a deadly foe before they can succeed in their dark plan to end the newly reformed world.



Posted by Voltex , in BZPower, BZP Library Apr 06 2016 · 172 views

This is a small excerpt from OBLIVION:


“Your little friend RG here was luckier than I was,” Xaeraz growled. “He was allowed to die for good. Stabbed in the back and then boom, he was gone. But me… no, I was stupid. I was too worried about staying alive, and I didn’t really care what it meant at the time, you know? But if I’d known… oh, if I’d known. But then, that’s just another thing Voltex and I always had in common – surviving.”

“Voltex perished not long after you did,” Iaredios replied, now sounding confused. “He suffered an injury from the one who killed you, and died of the wound a few weeks later.”

“That’s a lie,” Xaeraz snarled, his eyes narrowing to a glare as they flicked to Smoke Monster. “You know the truth, don’t you? You travelled with him for centuries.”

Smoke Monster swallowed. “I… I did. But I didn’t know.”

“No, I bet you didn’t,” Xaeraz scoffed, pulling out a knife and twirling it in his hands. “But she told you, didn’t she? Your Mad Great Being.”

“She did.”

“Told you that you could see him again if you went with her…”

Smoke Monster sighed. “Where are you going with this, Xaeraz?”

“She found me too,” the Fe-Matoran growled. “You thought you were the only survivor of the uprising that she tracked down, didn’t you? Thought that the others were all still hidden, or missing, or maybe even dead if they got really lucky. No, the others are all out there. She’s playing all of you, and none of you even realize it!”

“What are you saying?!” Smoke Monster snapped, shoving his way past Sirien and Marako to stand at the front of the group. “She’s trying to stop Velika, Xaeraz! She’s trying to save the world!”

“And what exactly is Velika planning that will end the world?” Xaeraz asked, his voice dropping to a chilling whisper. “What does she plan to do with the world once you’ve stopped him?"

Xaeraz has always been one of my favorite characters to write, and that certainly isn't changing now.


another year

Posted by Voltex , in BZP Library Mar 06 2016 · 188 views




I'm about 97% certain that I won't be continuing this tradition in 2017


holy smokes

Posted by Voltex , in Games & Trivia / RPG, BZP Library Jan 26 2016 · 179 views

can you believe it

it's already been a year since i posted this monstrosity

still don't know what a potoo is

Posted Image

the last time i'll ever let you freaks tell me what to post



Posted by Voltex , in BZP Library Jan 24 2016 · 334 views


1. the state of being completely forgotten or unknown
2. the state of forgetting or of being oblivious
3. the act or process of dying out; complete annihilation or extinction
4. official disregard or overlooking of offenses


DAY 7: Oblivion

Posted by Voltex , in BZPower, BZP Library Jan 09 2016 · 254 views

Here we are. Day 7.

Posted Image



Posted Image


I hope you all enjoy it! Chapter 1 releases next week!


DAY 6: Outside In

Posted by Voltex , in BZPower, BZP Library Jan 08 2016 · 298 views

DAY 6...


Posted Image

The guest you never invited.


"The Agori"

Created by Ehks

An eccentric Agori from the Jungle Tribe that fought against the Reformation years ago. When his side lost the war, Sventola vanished into the wilderness with his bow and arrow, and in the years since has rarely stayed in one location for long. Thanks to his exploration of the Bota-Magna jungles, he is often hired to guide those less informed through the dangerous terrain; unbeknownst to all, this also means he is the only being that knows the location of a Matoran named Dina... as well as her robotic companion.

Araina did not plan for an Agori to join their team - Sventola is a variable she had not accounted for. His goals are unknown, his background mysterious, and his knowledge of their plan suspicious.

If it smells like a trap, and looks like a trap, and acts like a trap, then it must be a trap.

But as the saying goes - keep your friends close, and keep your enemies closer.



Dina - A Matoran of Uknown Element, who lives somewhere in the Bota-Magna jungle regions. Rumor has it that she employs a robot worker, but nothing can be confirmed for sure.

The Artisan - A mysterious Av-Matoran, who owns & works in the forge that Smoke Monster is affiliated with. Is also up to date with every secret and rumor that New Atero has to offer.

Makua - A Ko-Matoran who owns the New Atero Library, as well as the "Threadbare Books" chain.

Iaredios Paerkenon - An Agori of the Ice Tribe who is also half-Skrall. He worked as a historian before the Reformation and has continued that work since; however, he was recently reported missing...

Kuan - A Ta-Matoran Mathematician, whose skills have been put to use with constructing new settlements all over Spherus-Magna.

Driken - A gullible Onu-Matoran who sticks to his routine like glue, and is the leader of the Voya-Koro settlement south of New Atero.

Lord of Ice Picks - A solitary Bo-Matoran who gave up his real name long ago. He disappeared after the Reformation to live alone in the jungle.

RG - A Su-Matoran with electric blue armor; rumor has it that he perished years before and was revived by the Order of Mata-Nui before they were wiped out. Has wandered Spherus-Magna ever since the Reformation.

The Pilgrim Shadow - An Agori of the Iron Tribe - one of few surviving members. Disguised as a Rock Agori, he has served the Skrall loyally for years; he recently took command of the Skrall under mysterious circumstances....

Xaeraz - A Fe-Matoran who looks like he was cobbled together from the junk pile. After perishing under unknown circumstances, he was revived by the Shadowed One to fight in the Destiny War; his role in events since is unknown.

Dai - A Ga-Matoran who serves as Driken's second in command in Voya-Koro. She disagrees with him often, and suspects he is keeping secrets.

Aerixx - A De-Matoran known for his strange Kanohi Mask, which looks like a Miru and an Akaku mashed together. Invented a new musical genre and often goes on tours across Spherus-Magna.

Jalicax - An Agori of the Fire Tribe who travels often to help keep the peace between the inhabitants of the Matoran Universe and the Spherus-Magnans.

Dallior - A Ta-Matoran artist who lives in Voya-Koro.

?? - Who knows?



There's only one day left until OLBIVION.



DAY 5: Mayor, Mayor

Posted by Voltex , in BZPower, BZP Library Jan 07 2016 · 312 views



Posted Image


Don't you have a city to run?


"The Mayor"

Created by Chip Biscuit

After the Reformation, Marako was one of those who took advantage of the chaos and manipulated it to his own ends.

He took a political charge, playing through several gambits that all paid off. He made many enemies in the process... but they did land him the seat as New Atero's Mayor, a role that he has played for the past twenty years. It is a position that should have been re-elected every four years, and as the days pass, even the most oblivious of citizens slowly begin to realize that their city is gripped in the fist of corruption.

The Mayor might be excellent with his own form of diplomacy, but all the cunning in the world won't save him from enemies determined to remove him from play. His Kanohi Volitak will not save him now.

But perhaps a Mad Great Being might...



“You cheated death.”


“Was it worth it?”

“Is anything worth it? The moment you begin living, each step you take is one step closer to dying. At the end of the day, one begins to wonder whether there is a point to anything at all.”

“You’re avoiding the question."

“I am. Perhaps it was worth it. Who knows?"

“Why did you do it? Why not just allow yourself to pass on?”

“I was afraid.”



Tomorrow, you'll meet The Agori.



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