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The Storyteller



Posted by Tex , in BZP Library Oct 16 2015 · 173 views

The following is a teaser for
Posted Image
Presented by fishers64.

Of this being, his mind yawns open,
Much curiosity to fill,
But his eyes divide and section
Leaving beauty beyond him still.

His perspective is a eyelet, a turning winner's ball,
That turns him from misfortune,
Lest at the hand he fall.

And yet he stands for nothing,
He has no interest in, the vices of the others,
The faults that bring their ends.

Principles, without reason - for as of yet he has little to threaten his innocence, seeing that alone appears to be the cause of his good fortunes.


It is, upon this reflection, that I am not quite as bitter as you may expect. While the passing of a dear friend is cause for much sorrow, and I have had much time for that, and there is the destruction of the city, which I must admit that I am not so fond, as this place has become bitter, a source of dust and ashes.

It seems that I and Letagi share this same quality of innocence, although I must admit that I grew into this way over the revenges of time. It seemed that fishers was keen to recognize this, that we had not fallen into the ways of fighting and killing as all of the others did. It seems to be something she sought out in others, even as the blood marked her hands from the beginning.

But alas, I know what the others do not.


This being’s eyes, the world despise, and when he rise,
He colors it in a cheerful fiction,
A lighthearted spirit, filled with nonsense, covering his dissatisfaction.

Light shines on his face,
Cloaking the depths below,
A splendid disguise,
For a deadly foe.

In one day,
I did laugh.
Another day,
I wanted him to be free,
But I could not break his chain.

I am tempted to break this tablet, for I know that he is dead. But I suspect that many will rise like him in the coming days, in the wake of all of this destruction. Although – I suppose that free of the tyrannical rule of the White Council and the menace of Control, perhaps we can pick up the pieces and repair things. Perhaps, there might be bright days once again.

Let this story be a reminder that cheerfulness can arise from the darkest of places.


I looked up from the tablet in my hands to see him standing at the door. He is tall, with a face that looks innocent, like you could tell him anything and he would keep it a secret for you. He probably would, actually – it’s what he would do with it that I have to say wouldn’t serve much – his bearing suggests that would be bad.

His name is Trinuma. He is here to know the truth, but I’m not sure I want to tell.
What awaits you?

Distortion launches in November.



Posted by Tex , in BZP Library Sep 30 2015 · 215 views

The following is a teaser for
Posted Image
This one is brought to you by Pahrak.


Underscore peeked out of the dark hallway, the hastily-drawn dagger shaking in his hands. A few tiny points of light hung over the arena chamber, showing him that at least a few spots were safe, but the majority of the room still lay shrouded.

He would have to risk it. As quietly as he could, he gulped down his fear and walked out into the room. He instinctively scurried to the nearest light. A flash at his side startled him—a figure appeared, tall and menacing, appearing to vibrate and flicker…

A hologram. One of the arena’s projectors had a glitch, it seemed. Underscore was just beginning to calm down when he heard it.

“Mirror, mirror, make thy call…”

The voice was terribly familiar. It rang out from where he could not see, circling around him like a vulture in preparation for its prey to drop. He tried to stay calm, but he only shook harder.

“Which of them is next to fall?”

The light above him shut off. Stumbling back, Underscore turned to the next light, only to see it shut off as well, followed one-by-one by the others until the arena was entirely dark. Underscore fought the urge to scream.

More projectors switched on. A multitude of hazy images formed and unformed: Toa, Skakdi, Matoran, and a myriad of other beings, phantoms from countless worlds dancing around him, laughing, shouting, arguing in garbled voices. And above it all sang that one, terribly familiar voice.

“All your fears are now to pass…”

With a shout, he ran. Underscore bolted across the arena, pushing his way through the illusory warriors without slowing down. He was almost to the door when one of the illusions reached out and grabbed him. Another Onu-Matoran threw him against the ground, stepping through the hologram that had obscured him, and loomed over Underscore, flashing a smile illuminated only by the ambient light of the nearby projections.

Underscore fumbled for his knife—he had dropped it. He wanted to look around, but he could not take his eyes away from this stranger. No, not a stranger…

For his assailant had the same face as him.

“You’ll ne’er overcome the looking glass.”

What awaits you?

Distortion releases November 13th.



Posted by Tex , in BZP Library Sep 21 2015 · 356 views

The following is a teaser for
Posted Image
This one is brought to you by Voltex.
Helryx tossed the Shadow Matoran aside; he bounced across the floor before slamming into the wall and sliding back down. He remained in that position as he spoke again, sounding both exhausted and furious.

“What do you want from me?”

“A service,” she said, turning to face him.

“No,” he spat. “Kill me now, Toa, before I do it myself - I’m done doing jobs. Everything I had… everything I built… I’ve lost it all. Those Matoran…”

He trailed off, raising a shaking hand and pointing at the corpse of a Ta-Matoran sprawled across the operating table nearest to him - JiMing. There was undisguised hatred in the Shadow Matoran’s eyes.

“...they took everything from me. And it didn’t matter what I did, or who I turned to, they always. WON!”

He slammed his fist into the floor for emphasis; a loud crack was heard as both his wrist and the floor fractured from the impact, but Shadowhawk ignored it as he shoved himself to his feet, fury blazing in his eyes as he stalked over to stand beside JiMing, staring at Helryx.

“You are angry,” she said, speaking calmly. “I am merely suggesting that you focus it.”

“On what?!” he snarled.

“Thirty Matoran escaped the Coliseum,” she said, gesturing towards JiMing. “All of them allies with him. Working for the Matoran you all call ‘Voltex’, although he is an enigma we shall discuss later. They have travelled far away, through dimensions - I want you to hunt them down.”

"Kill them all."

Sounds like trouble.

Distortion launches early November.

What awaits you?



Posted by Tex , in BZP Library Sep 16 2015 · 542 views

Welcome to the first (of many!) updates for...
Posted Image
Today we've got something special for you all...

...because it's time to meet the team - the nine wonderful writers and oddball personalities behind this upcoming anthology, and their friendly neighborhood bird fellow! They are obsessed with hats! They are obsessed with birds! Some of them have weird names!

Actually if you think about it... they all have weird names.

Moving on. Let's meet the team!

The so-called “mastermind” of the operation. After writing a trilogy of epics and creating an entire universe filled with complicated and interwoven backstories including over 60 different characters, everyone else naturally thought it a suitable point for Voltex to retire.

Voltex, unsurprisingly, decided that a better course of action was to gather nine other members and set them to work on the universe themselves. Because that will only simplify matters.

Anyway, Voltex really needs to go now. Writing a blurb whilst choking to death on the hot chocolate powder shoved down your throat by an albatross is never a good idea, no matter what your brain says.

"Biiiiird, GO!"

Blade is a new member of the Gatchaman forces, and managed to subscribe to this idea while having no clue what she was getting into, having to balance about 10,000 things at once. She may be a little slow in the writing process as a result.

fishers thought the Uprising series ended quite nicely with Extermination - after all, I suppose your own death usually wraps things up quite nicely, I suppose.

But it seems that the legacy of Imprecision lives on, for when Voltex came knocking, I was once again converted to the good side. Or the bad side, depending on your perspective.

As such, it is my honor and privledge to take up the pen alongside the distinguished writer Voltex once again. A new adventure awaits, doesn't it?

The Guy who always appears to be here, Dr. Medic (also known as either Daronus or Shagaru Magala) Is a man of decent ideas, but just so happens to be blessed with the power of procrastination. If he doesn't update a thing for over 2 weeks, Don't panic! he'll get it finished one way or another...eventually...hopefully. Best known for his contributions to the RPG front, such as in Bionifight Infinite and Year 60,000.

"Xaeraz would have written a bio for this, but he has sadly been interred due to exsanguination, due to a particular Shakespearean tragedy's players mistaking him for a plastic bottle filled for dihydrogen monoxide."

Burnmad was going to write a spectacular blurb about himself, but was rather too busy working on his actual story, and as a result said story is likely to be lightyears ahead in quality of those of his peers. This blurb does not count, as it is exceedingly unimaginative and took him mere seconds to vomit onto the page. If you were expecting a higher quality blurb, well, sorry to disappoint, but unlike some of us, Burnmad has priorities. He understands that stuff like stalling from writing by spending like 15 minutes on a stupid blurb is a no-no. He also does not stall by listening to music, playing video games, or otherwise indulging in any type of activity that could possibly distract him from his writing. As we speak, he is most definitely not tabbed out of a game with music playing, writing some blurb for your time-wasting pleasure. He's working, you fools! Leave him be!


Leave him be!

He can't write your godforsaken blurb!

PAHRAK #0579
In a world, where fans write fiction and forums are powered by BZ, one Bohrok is known for his legendary writing skill. His name is…Pahrak #0579! When not writing, which is 13-82% of the time, Pahrak can be found wandering the shadows of BZPower with a judgmental glare that at least one person probably finds terrifying. His hobbies include crying, walking away from explosions in slow motion, and crying while walking away from explosions in slow motion. If you want thrilling stories…then take a number. And hope that number is 0579.

Acclaimed author of the Adventures of Sumiki's Dad saga and some other things that never actually got finished. Currently stuck in the whirlwind that is music school and deals with its stress by making terrible puns on every subject. Doesn't know quite what he's doing here (or anywhere, for that matter) but still manages to enjoy it immensely.


That is to say, good evening.

Quisoves Potoo (aka Quisoves Pugnat or Urlance Woolsbane) lurks in the labyrinthine recesses of Forum 31, where he devises ingenious and exquisite ways of murdering Matoran in their beds. He has, however, become less homicidal of late. It would seem that the great god ARENGEE has ended her obsession with him (knock on protodermic-wood.) He has hosted two Mafia games, and rather likes to write, though his (currently improving) health often conspires to keep him from this pursuit. He is an anglophile and an avid Doctor Who fan, having been introduced to the original series in 2003 (check out the audios, they're great,) and will soon have the opportunity to put his 4th-Doctor scarf to use. He also adores Gilbert and Sullivan, and has performed with a semi-professional troupe devoted to their works. He has a prodigious memory, and has been known to torment enlighten his friends and family with recitations of poetry (his other great love.) He is fond of the outdoors, in particular, birds and trees. He is currently a Freshman in college. He is a myriad of other things, but rather hopes that a boor is not of them. So he shall endeavor to cut this baby short.

Oh, he also started a thing with Potoos (in which Xaeraz played no small part.)

Valete omnes!

jed1ndy has no clue how he ended up here, but is excited nonetheless. Probably best known for being an arsonist, he promises to try not to delay for too long, and also to try to not burn the establishment to the ground (but he can't guarantee it).


SO! There you have it! I hope you're all looking forward to the anthology's release.

Distortion will launch in early November.

You can expect a teaser soon.

What awaits you?


Join a BZP Story - DISTORTION! (Signups Closed)

Posted by Tex , in BZP Library Sep 14 2015 · 1,754 views

Gentlefolk of BZPower, it is my pleasure to announce...
Posted Image
Distortion is an anthology of short stories starring YOU, BZPower members. 8 BZPower authors (possibly 9, maybe even 10!) will each be writing stories of varying length (anywhere from your standard SS to a mini epic) starring BZPower members. All of these stories will be published as a part of this anthology.

For those of you that remember Extermination - Distortion takes place in the same universe. However, it is important to note that Distortion is standalone! As such, no prior reading will be necessary, and at the moment, no sequels are planned. We're just missing one thing - characters. That's where you all come in, because we would love it if you could all sign up and join us for the ride! :)

Just fill out the form below and post it in the comments, and you will be featured in at least one (if not more!) of the stories.
Name: (Self-explanatory; I'd prefer your display name, or most commonly known variant)
Gender: (Also self-explanatory, I think. This can be anything - what you personally identify as, or what you'd like the character to identify as)
Element 1: (This is your preferred element; canon elements only, please. For those unaware, here they are: Fire, Water, Air, Ice, Stone, Earth, Gravity, Magnetism, Light, Shadow, Plantlife, Psionics, Plasma, Sonics, Lightning, Iron)
Element 2: (If I find that too many people have the same element above, I'll look at this one)
Other: (Any additional info you want to include; keep in mind that we will use the stuff here as a basis of inspiration, not as actual backstory. This section can include a weapon your character favors, or perhaps their personality....)
Firstly: Obviously, my fellow co-authors for this anthology can sign up as characters as well.
As of right now, Distortion has no set release date; once signups have closed and I have discussed it with my co-authors, the official release date shall be announced.

"What about your co-authors?" I'm sure you're all asking.
Well... I'll announce who they all are soon.

I am still looking for one more co-author. If you might be interested in taking on that role, just say so in the comments! Even if you only wish to contribute a one-chapter SS to the anthology, we would be happy to have you!

Signups will remain open until September 15th. The sooner you sign up, the higher your chances of playing a major role in any of the stories!


A question about the Uprising series

Posted by Tex , in BZP Library Sep 07 2015 · 348 views

For those unaware, Uprising consists of three epics: Isolation, Extraction, and Extermination.


My question is this: are there any questions that you felt were left unanswered or ignored throughout the trilogy? Any subplots that you felt were not fully addressed, or backstory that was lacking? Motivations that you felt were unclear, or devices with origins that should have been explained with greater depth?


oops i did a thing

Posted by Tex , in BZP Library Sep 02 2015 · 277 views

(click link)


Taking place after the events of Extermination, this small little short involves the first-ever(!!) appearance of the infamous Order of Mata-Nui in this series, detailing a snapshot of their investigations into the Uprising of Metru-Nui.

And perhaps we even get to see a familiar face, who might not be so dead after all...?


I hope you'll all enjoy. :)



Posted by Tex , in BZP Library Jul 20 2015 · 262 views

The following is an excerpt from Episode 03 of Tahu vs. Tahu, titled "The Kill Order":


Lewa Okoto crossed her legs as she sat down on the floor in the common area of the Basement Prison, with a corner to her back and the entire room to her front, where she could see every prisoner that wished to wandering about. She examined the various guards with a weary sense of curiosity, watching them as they patrolled back and forth around and through the prisoners.

Slowly, she closed her eyes, resting her hands upon her knees and taking a deep breath, beginning to relax.

“You can’t be serious!”

Her eyes snapped back open at the sound of Pohatu Okoto’s voice. She quickly spotted the silver Toa of Stone pacing towards her with Tahu Okoto and Kopaka Okoto at his sides. The silver Toa was glaring at Kopaka Okoto and looked incensed; the Toa of Ice also seemed frustrated, although Tahu Okoto simply seemed resigned. Her three brothers came to a halt directly in front of her; not wanting to have to stare up at them, Lewa Okoto pushed herself to her feet with a sigh.

“What is it?” she asked, directing the question to Pohatu Okoto, who was looking at her expectantly and ignoring Tahu Mata, who she could see watching them with curiosity out of the corner of her eye.

“It’s Kopaka,” Pohatu Okoto muttered. “He’s trying to leave - trying to say that we were wrong to support Tahu Mata, that we should have gone with the other one. Tahu Stars.”

“If we had sided with Tahu Stars from the start, we would not be prisoners,” Kopaka Okoto snapped.

“Tahu Okoto is our leader,” Pohatu Okoto said, stressing the final word.

“Then perhaps he should not be,” the Toa of Ice replied, glaring at the Toa Okoto of Fire, who glared back at him.

“Hey,” Lewa Okoto said quickly, stepping in between the two Toa before it could come to blows. “I know that tempers are high right now. We’re all frustrated. But we need to stand together, as a unified whole, or else we won’t get anywhere.”

“Not you too,” Kopaka Okoto spat, sounding disgusted. “Don’t wax philosophical like you’ve been alive for more than a week.”

“We have a purpose here,” the Toa of Air reminded him. “We’ve travelled through time. There must be a reason.”
“Yeah?” Kopaka Okoto asked, scoffing. “And there’s got to be a reason why all of us plastic toys are alive as well. But you don’t see anyone scrambling to answer that particular question!”


The episode releases later this week.
Somebody dies.



Posted by Tex , in BZP Library Jul 01 2015 · 264 views



Posted Image

A new epic launches tonight - if I can time it correctly, it will release at 9pm EST. The choices that readers make will decide how the plot unfolds in this story, determining the fates of the characters and shaping the world.

It's (currently) a smaller project than, say, Extermination, but that will hopefully allow for me to keep updates somewhat timely. The reader-choices will also help to keep it unpredictable for me, so it will be interesting to see how it unfolds.

I hope you'll all enjoy it.


And now for something else

Posted by Tex , in BZP Library Jun 29 2015 · 252 views

Remember this entry? (that one with the terrible, terrible banner)

Posted Image

Well, I am finally making good on it. This will be a smaller project, written chapter-by-chapter - with input from the readers. The ending of each chapter will have one question/option (or more!! =O) for the readers to answer/vote for, and whichever wins will determine the course of the story.

Both the prologue and the first chapter are completed (the end of the first chapter is where the reader input shall begin), and simply need to be edited. At this point in time, I do not have a firm release date in mind.

You get three guesses to figure out the title of the story.

just for fun

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Posted Image
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