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The Storyteller



Posted by Lucina , in Video Games May 25 2016 · 494 views

So some people said that they would be interested! And so here we are!

Here's the deal: in the comments below, nominate up to three characters from any video game. If someone else has already nominated a character, you can second (or third or fourth or- well you get the point) their nomination instead, should you so choose.

In a few days or whenever, a preliminary voting round will determine the "placement" of each character; we'll see if it's 16 or 32 characters when we get there.

Don't forget to include the series that the character you're nominating comes from, ie:

My nominations are:
1-Lucina (Fire Emblem) seriously though this shouldn't surprise anybody
2-Papyrus (Undertale)
3-Narrator (Stanley Parable)

You may begin... well, now! Nominate any video game character you like (within reason, of course).


Name Change?

Posted by Lucina , in BZPower May 25 2016 · 132 views

On May 30th I will have officially beaten my personal record of time for keeping the same display name here on BZP.

So, on the verge of this triumph, I thought I'd ask all of you: once I have done so, should I change my name?*

*I reserve the right to do the opposite of whatever you people suggest


What is your Hogwarts House?

Posted by Lucina , in MLP May 24 2016 · 294 views

Take the quiz here!

Mine is Slytherin; no surprise there, it's what I get every time I take any of these quizzes.

My percentages:
Slytherin - 82%
Gryffindor - 74%
Ravenclaw - 54%
Hufflepuff - 32%

So what is your Hogwarts House?


Best Ever?

Posted by Lucina , in BZPower May 23 2016 · 118 views

Does anybody remember those two "best character" contest/poll things I ran here a few years back (with some help from Burnmad)? #1 #2

The third one never really got off the ground (that's my fault) but I'm curious about maybe giving it another go to see what's changed. Would people be interested, though?
If it happens, there won't be any sort of "theme".

So yeah, is there an interest? If so I'll start it up again later this week :P


poor malfoy

Posted by Lucina , May 22 2016 · 91 views

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came across this a few months ago
saved it
found it on my comp this morning
and now here we are


in the name of tyrion lannister...

Posted by Lucina , in Games & Trivia / RPG May 21 2016 · 113 views

I demand a trial by combat!

Nato vs. TimeLord is a gogo



Posted by Lucina , in Life May 20 2016 · 91 views

I've been spending a lot of time recently working on what I hope to be my first book; I'm a few chapters into the first draft, and I've been revising the cast & outline as necessary at the same time.

The whole thing seems to be coming together, and I can see where certain things will go in the future. All in all, hopefully this is the one :P



Posted by Lucina , May 17 2016 · 174 views

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i have nothing to say about this



Posted by Lucina , in Games & Trivia / RPG May 16 2016 · 109 views

that's how many PMs I'm keeping track of for BZP's Game of Thrones right now

it's round one

nineteen messages



Posted by Lucina , in Life May 15 2016 · 106 views

where wifi sucks and it's freaking so cold I can see my breath outside mid-May

just for fun

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