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The Storyteller


A thank you is in order

Posted by Voltex , in BZPower Mar 06 2014 · 297 views

For Windrider so let us all say a big thank you
And now in return I shall give you +1 awesome points that you can add to your awesome count



Posted by Voltex , in BZP Library Mar 06 2014 · 253 views

Posted Image
(click to go to it)


This is interesting...

Posted by Voltex , in Film / Shows Mar 05 2014 · 671 views

So after Shockwave pointed out that the red 'bot in the trailer was Stinger and not Cliffjumper I cried for a little bit. Then I found this still online:
Posted Image
Look at the sign on the right, and all the stuff in the back. It looks like humans are creating Transformers of their own, and Stinger is one of the prototypes.
That could explain why he's not murdering the human or Bumblebee in this scene (specifically Bumblebee), since as far as I'm aware Stinger is usually a Decepticon?


Age of Extinction

Posted by Voltex , in Film / Shows Mar 04 2014 · 315 views

New trailer released today. I'd out it here but some language that might be considered "inappropriate" for BZP is in it. So.
That said... I will cry if that is not Cliffjumper I saw.


On the subject of avatars

Posted by Voltex , in BZPower Mar 04 2014 · 429 views

Is it weird that I have a female character as my avatar?
Because otherwise I'm not understanding why people are commenting on it being a girl :U


Oh please no (Smash Files 30)

Posted by Voltex , in Hype Files Mar 03 2014 · 624 views

Posted Image
Do I even want to know what those two are going to do?
I don't think I do.
Do I?
Please remove them
I'm scared


Oh god it's starting

Posted by Voltex , in BZPower Mar 02 2014 · 357 views

Posted Image
The world will enter cataclysmic collapse in three weeks


Bravely Default

Posted by Voltex , in Video Games Feb 28 2014 · 307 views

Is there anyone else playing this/looking forward to playing it
I just need to wait 7 more days and then I'll have the time I jeed to play it


The King of Chat (here's a hint)

Posted by Voltex , in Life Feb 27 2014 · 227 views

9:01 PM - Blade: alright, though I'll be 'afk' for a bit after this
9:02 PM - Voltex: ok
9:03 PM - Blade: fixed
9:03 PM - Voltex: good
9:03 PM - Blade: afk
9:03 PM - Voltex: ok
9:03 PM - Voltex: flubber
9:03 PM - Voltex: ostrich
9:03 PM - Voltex: panda bear
9:03 PM - Voltex: ferret
9:03 PM - Voltex: penguin
9:03 PM - Blade: ...
9:03 PM - Voltex: sneazle
9:03 PM - Blade: Sneasel*
9:03 PM - Blade: brb
9:03 PM - Voltex: i know
9:03 PM - Voltex: krika
9:03 PM - Voltex: baltarc
9:03 PM - Blade: ...
9:03 PM - Voltex: alabaster
9:03 PM - Blade: Seriously
9:03 PM - Voltex: o- 
9:03 PM - Voltex: I thought you're going afk
9:03 PM - Blade: Yeah, ish
9:07 PM - Voltex: ...ostrich

He interrupted me before I could name Olaf the Snowman. :(

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