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The Storyteller


The Desolation of Smaug

Posted by Lucina , in Film / Shows Jan 05 2014 · 243 views

Smaug was fantastic. Voice acting for him was far superior to what I had envisioned (which was amazing, so it's even better). Easily the highlight of the film.
Speaking of which; while the film is certainly far better than An Unexpected Journey, I don't think it has yet met the expectations of an entry in the Lord of the Rings series. Two films was stretching the story, but three is just ridiculous. It feels really stretched, and you can tell that the filmmakers were playing for time.


Princess Zelda (Smash Files 22)

Posted by Lucina , in Smash Files Jan 04 2014 · 703 views

Zelda Profile
Posted Image
Species: Hylian
Series: The Legend of Zelda
First Appearance: The Legend of Zelda (NES, 1986)

Party: 1st

Favourite Appearance: The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (3DS, 2013)

Known For: Protecting the Triforce of Wisdom, being kidnapped by Ganon, becoming Shiek, sending Link through time, becoming a pirate(?), sleeping for a long time, sharing a name with thousands of other members of the royal family, possessing a statue(?)

Excitement Factor: 6/10 - We all knew she was going to be in it, and I don't really use Zelda much anyway. I don't believe they'll have Toon Zelda as a character, but then nobody thought Toon Link would be in this one either so question marks just in case.

Posted Image
Although this statue suggests Toon Zelda will not appear, which I'm okay with. I do want Yuga, though. Also, I am disappointed that Zelda does not transform into the statue as a final smash or something, that would have been pretty awesome.


FROM: Whatever Happened to the Comedies Subforum?

Posted by Lucina , in BZPower Jan 03 2014 · 194 views


I have moved on from Comedies and find the idea of a forum being dedicated strictly to humor to be an uncomfortable restraint on my creativity. While my writing has always, still does, and will always have humor to it, I do not wish to be designing stories all around the jokes, nor do I wish to ignore an integral part of my writing style if I were to write in, say, the Epics subforum, as my work could theoretically be re-classified and moved to somewhere I don't feel it belongs.
That is a major reason why even the project I am working on right now will most likely never see the light of day here on BZPower, and part of the reason why I have "retired", so to speak, from the Comedies forum.

As I was commenting on the entry in question right here, I realized that I have not actually spoken my opinions regarding the Library and its current state in, well, forever (whenever the final terrible "BZP Library Discussion Topic" was made), and never have I done so in an environment that was not instigating arguments. 
To sum up the quote above: I feel it's high time that the Comedies forum was removed and merged into Epics and Short Stories, and humor was treated as the genre it is, rather than an entire different species of literary works.


3DS Friend Codes

Posted by Lucina , in Video Games Dec 30 2013 · 171 views

Just realized that I've owned my 3DS for like a month and never actually bothered to find out my friend code but now I know it so wooooooooooooohoo this is stupid
Anyway here it is: 1736-1497-1415
So like share yours below or something I guess, the only thing I might have in common with you right now is Pokemon and maybe later Animal Crossing


How Does Toast

Posted by Lucina , in Life Dec 29 2013 · 136 views

It's one of life's great mysteries
but don't worry Google gave me a solution
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Majora's Mask Soundtrack

Posted by Lucina , in Life Dec 27 2013 · 172 views

It arrived today so that's pretty cool, never would have gotten it if I hadn't been elite status since I was like 4 years old when the soundtrack was first released so yeah
It's pretty awesome 


Christmas Haul 2013

Posted by Lucina , in Life, Video Games Dec 25 2013 · 266 views

Not too bad; I'm not gonna bother listing everything here, but some interesting items I got:
-a new wallet (finally more card spaces =D)
-Red vs. Blue: Season 11 
-RWBY Volume 1 
-Two books I forget the names of lawl
And for us four brothers, we got really lucky on the annual "multiplayer video game for Christmas" front:
-Super Mario 3D World
-New Super Luigi U
The only other multiplayer game worth anything for the Wii U right now that we don't own is Rayman Legends, so that's certainly something. 



Posted by Lucina , in Life Dec 22 2013 · 168 views

I went on a journey recently; you see, Arc claimed the Golden Eggnog before I did, and that just could not happen. Since it did, however, I decided to find the most powerful, dangerous, and evil eggnog of them all: the Dark Eggnog. Once I found it, I drank it. It was delicious and now I stand before you.
I even took a picture for you all:
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Posted by Lucina , in Film / Shows Dec 21 2013 · 154 views

Both American Hustle and Saving Mr. Banks are not being shown in any of the theatres that are within 1 and 1/2 hours travel. 
Which means I can't see either of them.
I am extremely displeased with this situation.


How to Train Your Dragon 2

Posted by Lucina , in Film / Shows Dec 19 2013 · 233 views

So much yes

just for fun

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