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The Storyteller


Name Change - The AfterWords: Preview 3

Posted by Lucina , in BZPower, BZP Library Nov 30 2012 · 147 views

I have changed my name to yet another new-but-not-really-new name!
Also because I hatehatehate two entries within a close time period, the third AfterWords preview is included here too. Here Furno plays a little prank on Takanuva Stars.
“What is it?” Takanuva Stars asked.
“I’m... I’m really scared right now.”
“What do I care?” Takanuva Stars asked. “Keep climbing, we’re seriously right there.”
“No, you don’t understand! My jetpacks, I can’t control them! They’re about to turn on!”
“Your jetpacks can turn on?!” Takanuva Stars cried.
“Yes!” Furno wailed. “They’re turning on right now! You’re gonna be blasted into oblivion! Jump while you still can!”
“But it’ll be painful!”
“I don’t want you to die!” Furno cried. “Jump, save yourself!”
Takanuva Stars nodded, saluted the hero, and pushed himself off of the wall. He never knew what he was planning to think on the way down, because the fall lasted all of two seconds before he smacked onto the floor front first.
“Oh snap... and crackle... I’m fairly certain I heard a pop.” Takanuva Stars groaned.
From above there came a sudden violent burst of laughter that, after a few long seconds, clearly wasn’t going to stop. Takanuva Stars slowly stood to his feet and glared up to where Furno was in the exact same spot as before, laughing so hard he could’ve sworn that the Hero Factory set was about to begin crying.
“Oh holy Tohu, that was hilarious!” Furno gasped from above, his chest heaving as he struggled to stop laughing. “I can’t – I can’t believe you fell for that, Hahaha!”


The Pixar List - Brave - Rank 5

Posted by Lucina , in To Disney, Film / Shows Nov 26 2012 · 234 views

Posted Image

5th - Brave, 2012

iBrow Percentage: 90 (Revised)

Brave is a beauty, with its abundance of greens and blues and purples, and other soft or cool hues within the surroundings and the characters. This helps the main character, Merida, to stand out with her flaming orange hair. The film was one of my most anticipated this year, and I originally scored it with an 87% in a review. My reasons for upgrading it were because, during July (whilst preparing to do this list), I re-watched Brave, Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Wall-E, Cars, Finding Nemo, and The Incredibles to refresh my memory, having seen the other Pixar films at some point in the last year. While doing this, I realized that the film is just better in several aspects. The musical score, while not something I'd listen to outside of watching the film was a pleasure to hear during it, and helped to set the film apart.The animation is truly spectacular and possibly the best Pixar has ever done - the only Pixar film that could challenge this is Finding Nemo.

While most people seemed to feel that the relationship between Merida and her mother was just a redx of the one between Nemo and his fater (except not as good), I found that it set itself apart and was entertaining enough to be considered in its own right. If we're talking parent to child relationships, Brave is the one I would want to see. The firey tempers of both characters, who are both right in different ways, is far more appealng than Nemo and his father. I found Merida's relationship to be far more dynamic from the start, as well - right after their first major onscreen spat we see both of them on their own, regretting the argument and wishing they knew how to fix it.

The major faults of the film are the story and the characters. The story seems rushed and cramped - Merida and her mother are built up as the only characters you need to really care about, and the two treat everyone else (with the exception of the King and the Witch) as a mindless mob. I think the film's story could have benefitted from being lengthened by thirty minutes and giving the rest of the cast more of a spotlight.

That said, the characters are also my favourite aspect of the film aside from the beautiful animation. Merida herself is certainly one of Pixar's more interesting characters, but my favourites are the Witch and the King. The King's clueless but fearless nature had me laughing out loud whenever he said something funny, and the Witch was the same. Her matter of act nature and her resigned warnings to Merida's deaf ears made every scene she was in a treat.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on Brave, a month and a half late. Feel free to disagree in the comments below, and I promise to have Rank 4 ready sooner. =P

No more hints, but for those of you late or not paying attention, the following films must still be ranked:

Toy Story 3 - Toy Story 2 - Finding Nemo - The Incredibles


The Afterwords: Preview 1 - Red vs. Blue

Posted by Lucina , in BZP Library Nov 25 2012 · 128 views

Coming up over the next few days until the release of The Afterwords on December 7th, I'll be treating the three readers of this blog to previews of scenes from the first season.
In this first preview, we get a delicious sample of the Rocka & Evo combination and witness Rocka win out in a subtle argument about the show "Red vs. Blue".

Evo sighed and shook his head, plopping back down on the couch to continue watching the last few scenes of Season 6. Rocka chuckled and hopped over, poking Evo in the back with his crossbow and then jumping down to the floor with a very clear air of victory about him. Evo mumbled something unintelligible under his breath, and Rocka paused.

“Would you care to repeat that for my ancient, withering ears?”

“I said that someday I’ll find a way to beat you in one of those arguments.”

“That is extremely unlikely, considering I’ve beaten you in all 16 of them so far.”

“...I’m just gonna finish my show.”

“You do that. Let me know how it works out for you once you’ve hit Season 9.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?!”

“Well, everyone who’s seen every season agrees that Season 9 sucks.”

“Nothing could be worse than Season 3.”

“At least Season 3 had a plot.”

“...oh dear lord, you have to be kidding me.”

“You know Evo, for once, I wish I was kidding. You’ll have to suffer through it on your own this time I’m afraid.”

“I think I’ll finish this later. I need a bagel right now.”

“See what I mean, fatso? Your solution to every problem – go to the fridge.”

“No it isn’t, stupid!”

“Give me one time it wasn’t.”

“Rocka, how often do you find peanut butter and bagels in the fridge?”

“...I’m just gonna let that one go.”

Stay tuned; Preview 2 coming tomorrow or alternatvely Tuesday!


It'll Kill the Computer

Posted by Lucina , in Life, MLP Nov 21 2012 · 204 views

But I'm going to attempt to download skype and steam onto the desktop this weekend so chatting can occur during the much-smaller amount of time I'm online.

That said, for those of you I've played TF2 or L4D2 with... don't expect that at all. If I so much as think about downloading either of them to this computer, it'll have the electronical equivalent of a heart attack.

Also, I watched "Too Many Pinkie Pies" today... I can give more thoughts tomorrow if you all want them, but suffice it to say for now that I considered it a faaaaar better episode than the premiere. I plan to watch that Trixie episode from Season 1 this weekend so that I can truly understand the depths of the awesome during the episode next week! =D

On more pony news (good grief), it's been a year since I first watched "Sonic Rainboom", give or take a few days. Thank you BZP for getting me into it and thanks to those who suggested Sonic Rainboom as the starting point.


Depression Clinic on Thursdays

Posted by Lucina , in BZP Library Nov 21 2012 · 174 views

iBrow: Vultraz has a depression clinic open on Thursdays: You can stop by next week.

Time to turn this into a comedy!
It's from the archive. It is 100% likely none of you have any idea what I'm talking about.


Important Notice

Posted by Lucina , in BZPower, Video Games, Life, BZP Library Nov 15 2012 · 316 views

So it turns out I have a 70-something grade in a subject I absolutely need a 90-something in (English... bloody fantastic) so as of the moment this blog entry is posted, I am killing all internet ties for the time being until each of my marks are above an 85. What does this mean?

For the Ambage:
  • I will be unable to participate in any of the weekend write-offs until further notice. As a secondary note, do not expect me in the chats until this point arrives as well.
  • If I find the time I might still enter the flash fiction contests, but it is no guarantee.

For those of you that read my Comedies:
  • I will still update them. As of right now I am delaying the release of Vultraz Anniversary as I have yet to begin writing it, and I will not have time to write until further notice. However, thanks to my forward planning, when I remove my laptop from the equation I have a memory stick with all of the files regarding everything Tahu vs. Tahu, Dark Unto Days, and The Afterwords. Release will continue as normal.
  • The promos for The Afterwords will continue to be released. These too are on the memory stick.
  • I WILL still have the time necessary to run the Comedies Critics Club, as well as function as one of the leaders of the CF.
For those of you I do stuff with outside of BZP (Bzcraft, anything Steam):
  • I will be 100% gone from everything off of BZP until further notice. This means I will not be playing Minecraft, TF2, L4D2, GTA IV, Portal 2, etc. You will be unable to chat with me unless I activate steam on my desktop - and even if I do that, there will still be no games.
For those of you just here:
  • This blog will (most likely) be updated far less frequently. If you feel the need to talk to me about something for whatever odd reasons you have, send a pm.
Anyway, that's that. See you all in... whenever.


Left 4 Dead Tonight

Posted by Lucina , Nov 09 2012 · 153 views

Unfortunately, Blade is out until at least the 23rd by the sounds of it, so there should be two spots left open tonight. I'm assuming Hero will be on, because he's the one that downloaded the custom maps for us to try out.

That's right, no normal L4D2 tonight. B-)

Anyway, signup here I suppose. I'm online all night since it's Friday, just need Hero...

Most likely starting time is in the window of 6:30-7pm eastern.


Left 4 Dead 2 tonight?

Posted by Lucina , Nov 07 2012 · 143 views

I'm considering playing some L4D2 tonight, so if anybody wants to join feel free. No, I don't have any particular time set in stone as of yet.


Don't Say It

Posted by Lucina , Nov 05 2012 · 161 views

Well, another Red vs. Blue season finale done and over with. Far better than the one in Season 9... but then, pretty much anything is better than Season 9 (except Season 3). By the way, freakin' watch the episode before reading this. Please.

First off: Didn't realy like where they were at the end... it just doesn't quite work out in my opinion. I'm sure I'll get used to it.

Second: Woohoo I was right about the Mysterious Blue Guy! But... him being Agent Florida I did not know. =P I (along with several others) saw Agent Montana's name on a locker a few episodes back, so I assumed that would be him. But Agent Florida makes far more sense in the end.

Third: Yay Epsi-Fragments

Fourth: I have no idea where they'll go with Season 11.


Red vs. Blue Episode 22 Monday

Posted by Lucina , Nov 03 2012 · 358 views

Excited for Monday to come so that Season 10 may end. It's gonna be the best ending ever... of all time. I'm praying that the bue freelancer is revealed - and if he is, I'm hoping that it'll be in the modern segment so that we can see him in Season 11.

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