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The Temple of Wind


Library Merger

Posted by Agnes Oblige , in BZPower Apr 07 2014 · 42 views

Clicky the link... good idea or no? 


Game suggestions?

Posted by Agnes Oblige , in Video Games Apr 06 2014 · 115 views

Whilst playing Bravely Default, I was reminded of how much I enjoyed Dragon Quest IX a few years ago, as well as what little of the SNES version of Chrono Trigger I played before our Wii was moved and I could no longer play it. So I was wondering if you all might be able to offer me some suggestions on the best RPG games for the DS and 3DS that I'm most likely to enjoy, taking the above two games into account.
I do plan on somehow acquiring the DS version of Chrono Trigger eventually, but otherwise I am uncertain as to where I should be headed for RPGs. :P


Go Play

Posted by Agnes Oblige , in BZPower Apr 06 2014 · 55 views

This game here
Seriously, though. Bionifight just proved that getting 98 pages of activity is possible in 2 months. Let's get Outbreak to at least 40 in the time it has!



Posted by Agnes Oblige , in BZP Library Apr 05 2014 · 71 views

Since I was a little distracted this week and am just now finishing up the next chapter of Isolation, I figured I'd give you all a scene from the upcoming chapter to tide you over until I publish it.
Orrrr I'm giving you a teaser just to DRIVE YOU MAD WITH SUSPENSE!
“Let’s just put the guns down,” Voltex said. “One of you is a Traitor... that’s fine. We can work past it.”
“The guard,” Pupwa said.
“The guard,” the Le-Matoran repeated. “At the hub of motors, when you met with the Automaton. Do you remember?”
“Yeah,” Voltex said slowly, remembering the irritable Matoran that had nearly refused him entry. “Wasn’t the greatest service I’ve ever received.”
“It was me,” said Pupwa. “I am the guard.”
“You were the... but I thought you were from BZ-Koro...” Voltex said, confused.
The Le-Matoran shook his head. “Was lying – cover story. I work for the White Council for much money, very profitable. Take out targets, hired for Xaeraz to kill.”
“You’re not making any sense,” Voltex said.
“The White Council hired him to kill Xaeraz,” Zakaro translated, his gaze fixed on Pupwa’s.
Pupwa nodded. “Supposed to kill when drawn out, but won’t happen. You do it, Voltex.”
“Wait,” Voltex said, realizing what was about to happen. “Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot each other!”
Before either of the Matoran could fire, the door was slammed open, revealing the familiar form of Voxumo. Voltex sagged in relief, gesturing towards Zakaro and Pupwa. “Thank Tohu you’re here! They’re about to kill each other!”
The Ko-Matoran glanced from Zakaro to Pupwa and then swung the scythe. 


You asked for it

Posted by Agnes Oblige , in Recap Apr 04 2014 · 99 views

Recap 01: You Asked For It
Well, technically I asked, and you responded. But it was a positive response! So here I am. I will thus go over the highlights and downers of my week in chronological order.
But obviously only the interesting stuff. Who wants to hear about silly homework or like, how my hands froze on Thursday?
What was of note this week?
I’ve always been a fan of Sunny D, staunchly ignoring how unhealthy it is because I loved it so much. Unfortunately, it was shattered this week. I tried some and it was too sweet, tasted bad, made my mouth feel dry... childhood ruined.
(Let’s move onto more important things).
As you all know, I asked a girl in my class out to prom this week – in the moment she said yes, but it turned into a “no” the next day. I’m not too worried – if worst comes to worst, I’ll go to the prom alone and it’ll be a little awkward (or a lot, I don’t care to think about it). The way I see it: I asked, I got a definite result, and that is at least one moment of my life that will not forever be a “what if”, because there’s no “what if” to it. So the +1 points still stands.
Coincidentally, I am also tied with said girl for the top mark in our English class. That means the next month is going to be me trying to steamroller through everything to boost my mark up as high as possible, because I have never been so close to the top of a class before and I’d like to take an award home for it this year if at all possible.
My diet this week has consisted of adrenaline and coffee. I think I also ate four muffins on Wednesday that my brother made during his foods class and I did eat dinner today but otherwise I think I should probably be collapsing? Let me just say that adrenaline is overrated and I’d really appreciate it if it would stop for awhile (like, for a long time please).
I’ve been struck down (or awake, rather) by insomnia again. It’s been going on since early last week and I have no idea how long it’ll last; I looked it up and as best I could tell from the jargon, I have the type of insomnia where it’s not a symptom of something worse and you have lots of trouble falling asleep.  I consider four hours to be a splendid night of rest and coffee is my go-to thing in the morning. It seems to strike every couple of months; I’m sure it’ll be gone in a week or two.
And... that’s about it. Those are the most interesting things from my life this week. I’m sure that if I continue this, eventually I’ll get some sort of rhythm or organization to these entries, but for now, that’s all I have to say, so...
Current Points: 1



Posted by Agnes Oblige , in Video Games, BZPower Apr 04 2014 · 109 views

We have no time to waste on name changes and avatars! We must proceed with awakening the crystals before darkness swallows the world!


A question for you all

Posted by Agnes Oblige , in Life Apr 03 2014 · 84 views

So generally my blog is mostly just "fun" stuff; ie. not very important. But if possible, I'd like to spice it up a bit and have some more serious (or at least semi-important) stuff. So I was mostly wondering if anyone would be interested in me occasionally providing you all with insights into the most interesting aspects of my life. At most it'd probably be two or three times a week, though I'd expect it to be more of a "once every one or two weeks" sort of deal.


So I did it

Posted by Agnes Oblige , in Life Apr 02 2014 · 152 views

I asked her
So +1 points because I actually DID IT
She said yes
Hopefully it doesn't change to a no tomorrow morning
But for now
I am satisfied


These are the moments where I hate myself

Posted by Agnes Oblige , in Life, BZPower Apr 01 2014 · 169 views

For those of you not aware: for the past... well, ever since the second half of Grade 10, I've been in the IB programme (it's a really advanced bobbery sort of school class deal). This involves being with the same group of people for what will, in 3 months time, for 2 and a half years in all but a VERY small minority of classes.
(All of my classes are with the group this year)
I'm asking one of the girls in said class to prom tomorrow... which obviously isn't THAT big a deal...
Except that I've always had an imagination too big for my head, and it is now racing through every possible scenario in which she says no and my life subsequently turns into a horror show of awkwardness, embarrassment and all sorts of other things at school. Uggggh.
I'll still be asking, but why can't I just be normal for like 24 hours pleeeeeease
In other news, as I have been unable to concentrate on getting it done, there is a 95% chance that the next chapter of Isolation will be delayed.


An Announcement

Posted by Agnes Oblige , in BZPower Apr 01 2014 · 57 views

Bionicle Mafia Uprising: Book 2 will be titled "Extraction", and will involve the survivors of Book 1 (along with a cast of new characters) attempting to escape the clutches of an all-knowing, all-powerful enemy.
this totally isn't an april fools joke lawl