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Outrealm 19


Amiibo Update

Posted by Lucina , in Video Games, Life Mar 26 2015 · 240 views

I have two 50% off coupons for GAME, and as such was browsing; found Wario available for preorder, so I grabbed him and decided to pick up Toad at the same time. It wasn't too expensive; probably came to about 3 or 4 dollars more than I would have paid to get them from a store in North America.

Except GAME has proven far more useful and reliable in terms of actually having amiibo available so I'm okay with paying a bit extra.

EDIT: Of course, I post this blog entry and GAME has cancelled my order for whatever reason, although they did not charge me. But still.
(Stupid Canadian stores) (Stupid every store)

I am no longer favored by the Amiibo gods ;__;

If any of you have an unopened Shulk, King Dedede or Meta Knight amiibo that you wouldn't mind parting with, I am open to purchasing them off of you.


I have good news

Posted by Lucina , in Video Games Mar 20 2015 · 276 views

So I did not play Super Smash Bros. for Wii U for awhile

But then I started playing again and Gerald my Luigi Amiibo is a force of furious, unforgiving destruction

I also forced myself to play as a bunch of different characters and I am now slowly becoming good with Lucina

These are the good tidings that I bring

I also bring a grave warning

Gerald plots to rule the world

I fear he shall soon succeed


One day, I'll remember (Updated)

Posted by Lucina , in Video Games Feb 07 2015 · 317 views

UPDATED FEBRUARY 7TH: After the Final Battle

"One day, I'll remember. Remember everything that happened. The good, the bad; those who survived... and those that did not." - Bilbo Baggins

Wise words, Pilbo Dragons. Words to live by - as such, let us bow our heads in remembrance of those who have fallen in my quest to save the world from Grima's wrath.
Note that some of the characters are technically "retired", but to me they're dead like everyone else so yes.


Posted Image
Class: Villager
Family: Mother - alive and well back in their village
Died: Border Pass

After helping Chrom to save his village, Donnel joined the Shepards; his first mission was to join the party at the Border Pass, where Maribelle was being held captive by the Mad King Gangrel in an attempt to instigate war with Ylisse. Halfway through the battle, Donnel sacrificed himself in order to buy both Ricken and Maribelle enough time to reunite with the rest of the group. He is remembered by Ricken, who has since become one of the most powerful members of the Shepards, and his mother remains alive and well (albeit now depressed) back at home.

Posted Image
Class: Dancer
Family: None Known
Died: Border Wastes

Working under Khan Basilio, Olivia's dancing was so magical that it could inspire her fellow troops in battle to become more powerful on the spot. She joined the Shepards for their final battle with the Mad King Gangrel, where she was unfortunately struck down by the Mad King himself in his fury. She was quickly avenged by the combined duo of Chrom and the Avatar, although her time with the Shepards was so short that few even remember her.

Posted Image
Class: Cavalier
Family: Sully (Wife; Deceased), Kjelle (Daughter); alive with Shepards
Died: Mercenary Fortress

When the Shepards discovered the Mercenary Fortress, both Sully and Stahl were assigned to the team escorting the mysterious girl called Severa through its halls as she tried to reach her friend. While Severa managed to achieve her goals, the three of them found themselves surrounded soon afterward. With the rest of the Shepards too far away to help them, Stahl bravely took on the band of heartless rogues, sacrificing himself so that Sully and Severa could make it away unharmed. Having been good friends with most Shepards and liked by the rest, Stahl's passing has been widely mourned. Both Sully and Kjelle have vowed to vanquish any rogues they come across, while Ricken and Owain appear to have made it their personal mission to keep both Sully and Severa safe at all costs, so that Stahl's sacrifice might not be in vain.

Stahl was the first of what many refer to as the "great heroes" to fall; being one of the strongest Shepards, his death has shaken the group to its core, and has served as a reminder to all that nobody is safe from the deathly claws of fate.

Posted Image
Class: Troubadour
Family: Ricken (Husband; Deceased), Brady (Son); alive with Shepards
Died: The Midmire

Maribelle's death might be the most tragic yet to befall the Shepards; what should have been an ordinary journey through the Midmire just like any other turned out to be a Risen ambush. During the battle, Maribelle was forced to separate from Ricken in order to save the lives of Sumia and Henry; she paid for it when a Risen buried its axe in her back, killing her instantly. Her son Brady, who had only just joined the Shepards, has been consumed by guilt; her husband Ricken has since been on a vengeful mission to keep his son alive, as well as honoring the memory of Stahl by protecting Sully.

As a good friend of both Chrom and Lissa (particularly the latter), the higher ranks of the Shepards have been in mourning since her passing; Sumia in particular feels guilty about her continued survival.

Well, I managed to make it to the final battle without losing anyone else... unfortunately, one does not defeat a god without suffering casualties. Three of the Shepards' greatest fell in the final strike on Grima.

Posted Image
Class: Cavalier
Family: Stahl (Husband; Deceased), Kjelle (Daughter; Alive with Shepards)
Died: Final Battle with Grima

When the time came for the final showdown against Grima, Sully refused to miss it - besides, the only other options were to send in Lady Tiki or Severa, both of which Sully immediately shot down. Having grown extremely close to Ricken, she partnered with the sage for the battle. The two of them worked directly alongside Vaike & Lissa, Cordelia & Gaius, and the Khan team of Basilio & Flavia while the others went on the offensive. At first it seemed as though they had overestimated Grima's power; however, it soon became obvious that they had actually underestimated the demon dragon. The defensive line lost sight of Lon'qu & Cherche as they were swarmed, and soon lost contact with Lucina & Gerome as well. Before they could move to a more offensive approach, they were surrounded by Grimleal.

Vaike was the enemy's first target, although he managed to barely survive their onslaught. Cordelia and Gaius also narrowly survived several hard hits and were forced to retreat further away from the Grimleal archers, leaving Sully, Ricken and the Khans to hold off the horde. When the Khans were separated from the rest of the group, Sully bravely fought until her final breath, holding the Grimleal off long enough for the others to recover. Unfortunately, she soon perished from her many wounds.

Posted Image
Class: Cavalier
Family: Maribelle (Wife; Deceased), Brady (Son; Alive with Shepards)
Died: Final Battle with Grima

The argument between Ricken and Henry before the final battle would have been legendary had it not been overshadowed by the threat of Grima hanging over them. Both knew that whoever joined the strike team atop the fell dragon's back out of the two of them would perish in the battle, as they would need to overexert themselves to dangerous levels to hold off whatever enemies the fell dragon called forth. Ricken eventually won the argument, reminding Henry that his wife Sumia still survived; before leaving, he made Henry promise to look after Brady for him. Ricken partnered once more with Sully for the final battle, having grown very close to her. The two of them worked directly alongside Vaike & Lissa, Cordelia & Gaius, and the Khan team of Basilio & Flavia while the others went on the offensive.

When they were surrounded by the Grimleal and forced to defend the others after the Khans became separated from the group, Ricken used his magic to devastating effect upon the enemy, dealing massive damage to the horde. Unfortunately, once Sully perished, he was unable to last for long; in his final moment, he unleashed a hurricane wind that blasted the enemy Grimleal far across the fell dragon's back, giving Vaike, Lissa, Cordelia and Gaius the precious seconds that they needed to regroup and go on the offensive.

While the bodies of the other fallen Shepards were recovered after the battle, Ricken's body was nowhere to be seen; a slight few hold onto a desperate hope that he might have actually survived, but most hold the more realistic opinion that his body was simply destroyed by the force of the magic he used.

Posted Image
Class: Warrior
Family: None Known; Fellow Khan Flavia & Apprentice Lon'qu both alive
Died: Final Battle with Grima

Having earlier faked his death after heeding the advice of Lucina, Basilio cleverly remained hidden until the time was ripe, allowing the Avatar to reclaim the Fire Emblem and spare Chrom, conquering history, time, and destiny in the process. This move forced almost everyone to change how they looked at Basilio, proving to them that he was far more crafty than he first seemed. When the time came to strike at Grima one last time, Basilio partnered with Flavia and led the defensive line.

The battle took a grim turn for the worse when Vaike, Cordelia and Gaius were all momentarily out for the count. Together with Sully & Ricken, the two Khans held off the horde, allowing their allies time to recover; unfortunately, the two Khans became separated from the rest of the group in the process. Wisely deciding to keep on the move, the two Khans managed to make contact with Lucina & Gerome from afar before they were swarmed; Basilio fought with a ferocity that only one who had beaten death itself could summon. Unfortunately, even that was not enough, and Basilio was overcome by the sheer number of enemies attacking him from all sides. He was pierced by a fatal arrow just as Lucina & Gerome reached them.

As he lay dying, Basilio requested that Lon'qu be named as the new West-Khan of Ferox in his place. When informed of Basilio's final request by Flavia hours later, Lon'qu accepted the position in honor of his fallen mentor and friend.
That's it for my first playthrough of Fire Emblem: Awakening! RIP Stahl, Sully, Ricken and Basilio. You will be missed.
The others... not so much.


RIP Donnell

Posted by Lucina , in Video Games Jan 20 2015 · 234 views

Rest in pieces
You were absolutely useless and you proved that by actually dying

Stupid Donnell

Apparently he gets really good later on too


At least I've still got my Stahl/Sully and Chrom/Avatar powerhouse duos in action
Plus Ricken
That kid can kick anybody's but

And of course Lon'qu, who survived five attacks in a row that should have killed him, the lucky dog


A journey to platinum

Posted by Lucina , in Video Games Jan 20 2015 · 286 views

I'm 270 coins away from achieving Platinum Status again, but now Club Nintendo's closing so I have only until March 31st.

Is it possible?

I have no idea, since any games released after today can't be registered. But I do have 3 younger brothers, so perhaps I can get them to buy some older titles... maybe.


Meet my amiibo

Posted by Lucina , in Video Games, Life Jan 18 2015 · 164 views

Posted Image

You have Gerald the Luigi Amiibo on the left, and Agnes the Zelda amiibo on the right

If I can, I want to get a Mega Man and name it Alastor


Bravely Default + Bravely Second

Posted by Lucina , in BZPower, Video Games, Life Jan 17 2015 · 314 views

I am looking for three members who are fans of the first game / looking forward to the second game to participate in a name change in the next few months.


Fire Emblem: Awakening

Posted by Lucina , in Video Games Jan 16 2015 · 302 views

So... I bought it today, just to pass the time, since outside of Majora's Mask 3D I don't think there's really anything coming until Codename: S.T.E.A.M. in March.

I'm looking forward to the game arriving so that I can finally play it =D


why must i live in canada

Posted by Lucina , in Video Games Jan 14 2015 · 343 views

EDIT: It is evening time now, and the US Best Buy website is now selling this console. But not the Canadian site, nope. That would make too much SENSE

Posted Image

Take a look at that beautiful, beautiful thing. I was going to get The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D already, but daaaaang.

I mean if we take a look back to the good ol' days of 2013, I specifically bought my 3DS XL because of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (which was the Zelda title that I had wanted Nintendo to make for years) and the special edition console that it was bundled with. While I had not planned on buying the New 3DS XL for awhile, this thing is too beautiful to pass up... plus, it'll match my 3DS XL and that's also too good to pass up.

This makes up for the fact that I will not get a Skull Kid figure.

Assuming, of course, that I actually manage to get my hands on this console.


Okay so it appears that in North America, the game is not, in fact, bundled with this console...

Suddenly I'm far less hyped.


So... it's already sold out at ebgames, which seems to be the only place that it was made available so far. I swear to god Nintendo if this thing is a Gamestop exclusive I'm done I hate it


The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D

Posted by Lucina , in Life, Video Games Jan 12 2015 · 137 views

Well I wish that I could get a Skull Kid figure but nope no skull kid figure here because jerks are just buying thousands of collectable figures and selling them for outarkjaljbfnglkajbndfoghas;kjdbf;ahinrugaegoadofgvadf

*deep breath*


i'm still getting the game probably, but
i wish i could have bought the limited edition

although my hands are kind of full with the amiibo figures anyway


maybe they'll release a Skull Kid amiibo figure-


On that note, I'm searching for King Dedede amiibo so if you see that any stores have them for sale please notify me kthxbai

just for fun

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
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