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what a day


On the subject of avatars

Posted by Lucina , in BZPower Mar 04 2014 · 358 views

Is it weird that I have a female character as my avatar?
Because otherwise I'm not understanding why people are commenting on it being a girl :U


Oh god it's starting

Posted by Lucina , in BZPower Mar 02 2014 · 323 views

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The world will enter cataclysmic collapse in three weeks



Posted by Lucina , in BZPower Feb 27 2014 · 120 views

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Was this the wrong topic?
Absolutely! I did something recently myself but I won't tell you where.
We should combine all the games! Make it one big game!* :o
*We here at Voltex Incorporated realize that this is actually a terrible idea, and that we should probably never ever speak of this again. Ever.
...stop thinking about it.



Posted by Lucina , in BZPower Feb 26 2014 · 299 views

Member Name: (Your current display name – you will also play the game as a character with this name, to avoid any confusion that might occur).
Weapon: (You are allowed to have one main weapon – it cannot have any special powers).
Power: (You are allowed to have one power – however, should you wish, you may replace this with a second piece of equipment without special powers. You cannot be immune to stage hazards).
Appearance: (Please add a small image, or preferably a link to an image or gallery, or just a small paragraph explaining how you appear to the other players).
Ultimate Weapons: (Self-explanatory; these are a reward, so this slot should remain empty if I have not given you any. Any other questions are answered by the section labelled “Ultimate Weapons” above).
For Bionifight Ultimate, the three rounds (7-9) beginning this Saturday. :) 
This is only for those who did not participate in Rounds 4-6!
Fill out the profile sheet and post it in the comments below.
1. Pupwa21
2. Makuta Luroka
3. Punished Snake


The G&T Renaissance

Posted by Lucina , in BZPower Feb 24 2014 · 164 views

I believe the Games & Trivia forum is currently experiencing this; alongside many other parts of BZPower, it has been experiencing a degree of stagnation for the past couple years (albeit to a lesser extent, and managing to maintain activity). Activity is as high as it's ever been since the Downtime and there are many unique concepts being put into play:
You've got the usual Bionicle Mafia, although these days more often than not every game has its own unique twist that modifies how you play the game.
Steal the Mask, Pool of Protodermis and Last Letter Game, all of which have remained active ever since the Downtime in 2011 (the first now with a sequel that is a paradox of existence). Don't forget Image Chunks, which recently resurfaced for the first time in two years.
Bionifight, with a fifth installment that has altered the way Bionifight games are played, while also finding new ways to involve players in the creative process - and also making its first appearance in two years.
VERSUS - a brand new game based on the concept of a series that was last seen in 2009, and What Could Go Wrong?, a brand new game just about to begin.
The Music Game and Snappy Comeback, both building on the basic ideas of how you play games like Last Letter Game and twisting them into newer incarnations.
There's Technic Coliseum, another unique fighting game with a sequel that will change the way the game is played in the works.
And of course, Hitman, which must be played and experienced to truly appreciate (it combines some aspects of Mafia, tabletop games, and outrageous humor for one of the best experiences you will have on the forum).
I recommend you take a look if you haven't already - chances are something there will work for you.


The Mafia Timeline

Posted by Lucina , in BZPower Feb 22 2014 · 192 views

That thing is one messed up ball of yarn when you think about it


Remember That Time

Posted by Lucina , in BZPower Feb 21 2014 · 149 views

Back on the old forums
when you could rank a blog out of 5 stars like you can on member profiles
and how you can't do that anymore


What about you? (SIGNUP) (closed)

Posted by Lucina , in BZPower, BZP Library Feb 14 2014 · 783 views

Since so many of you graciously expressed your interest in being used as a character, I've decided to go ahead with it: an epic based on the Bionicle Mafia series of games.
Yes, some of you will die in the story.
I promise nothing with regards to personalities, or deaths, or really anything beyond using you as a character - but I do promise that there are only 6 spots left (all spots taken now). :) (yes i took a spot for me go away)
Sign up in the comments if interested.


What about you?

Posted by Lucina , in BZPower Feb 13 2014 · 263 views

Who would be interested in being used as a character in a possible epic?


Wonderful Idea

Posted by Lucina , in BZPower Feb 12 2014 · 152 views

There should totally be a Lego Movie RPG where instead of it being Emmet that saves the world the Master Builders recruit BZP members to help them battle Lord Business.

just for fun

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