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what a day


winter plz

Posted by Lucina , in Life Jan 21 2016 · 153 views

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just stop



Posted by Lucina , in Life Jan 19 2016 · 147 views

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This was sent to me a few days ago courtesy of Ehks


what i'm looking forward to

Posted by Lucina , in Film / Shows Jan 18 2016 · 147 views

The movies I'm looking forward to seeing in 2016 are, in order from most anticipated to less anticipated:

1. Deadpool
2. Suicide Squad
3. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
4. London Has Fallen (was originally on my 2015 list, but then it got delayed; this also makes it the only movie to be on two of these lists in a row!)
5. TMNT: Out of the Shadows (just to see the trainwreck... or if they can actually make it better)
6. Star Trek Beyond
7. X-Men: Apocalypse
8. Captain America: Civil War
9. Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them
10. Alice Through the Looking Glass

and yup that's my list

in 2015 only one of them made it onto my best of 2015 list(Mad Max) while five constituted my disappointments of 2015, and I never even saw two of them (because I heard Jupiter Ascending was awful and London Has Fallen got delayed)

That said, I feel like this year will be different. I'm fairly certain my top three here will at least be enjoyable, while I know at least one of my choices (TMNT) is purely to see the disaster that is surely coming. For 8-10, I hold little hope that they will be any good, and if my worries turn out to be true, I will be nothing but disappointed.


Join the Lego Dimensions RPG!


tracker plz

Posted by Lucina , in BZPower Jan 14 2016 · 125 views

Posted Image

we all know that blade is some gibberish name now, not that one


most anticipated game of 2016

Posted by Lucina , in Video Games Jan 13 2016 · 103 views

this game looks beautiful and heartfelt and i just want to play it now please


member title

Posted by Lucina , in BZPower Jan 12 2016 · 121 views

there has been an awakening

have you felt it?

"The Storyteller" is no more

I am now...

s e c r e t e s t o f s a n t a s


this has only just begun


shovel knight amiibo

Posted by Lucina , in Video Games, Collection Jan 12 2016 · 77 views

Posted Image

he is mine

now i just need to get the game for either wii u or 3ds so that i can use it


best video game of 2015?

Posted by Lucina , in Video Games Jan 10 2016 · 243 views

undertale obviously

i mean like from me at least there isn't much competition?? the only other new games i played were splatoon and super mario maker, so


i now ask all of you, what is your pick for best video game of 2015? pick the goofiest piece of music from the game and toss it into your comment too


DAY 7: Oblivion

Posted by Lucina , in BZPower, BZP Library Jan 09 2016 · 100 views

Here we are. Day 7.

Posted Image



Posted Image


I hope you all enjoy it! Chapter 1 releases next week!


DAY 6: Outside In

Posted by Lucina , in BZPower, BZP Library Jan 08 2016 · 107 views

DAY 6...


Posted Image

The guest you never invited.


"The Agori"

Created by Ehks

An eccentric Agori from the Jungle Tribe that fought against the Reformation years ago. When his side lost the war, Sventola vanished into the wilderness with his bow and arrow, and in the years since has rarely stayed in one location for long. Thanks to his exploration of the Bota-Magna jungles, he is often hired to guide those less informed through the dangerous terrain; unbeknownst to all, this also means he is the only being that knows the location of a Matoran named Dina... as well as her robotic companion.

Araina did not plan for an Agori to join their team - Sventola is a variable she had not accounted for. His goals are unknown, his background mysterious, and his knowledge of their plan suspicious.

If it smells like a trap, and looks like a trap, and acts like a trap, then it must be a trap.

But as the saying goes - keep your friends close, and keep your enemies closer.



Dina - A Matoran of Uknown Element, who lives somewhere in the Bota-Magna jungle regions. Rumor has it that she employs a robot worker, but nothing can be confirmed for sure.

The Artisan - A mysterious Av-Matoran, who owns & works in the forge that Smoke Monster is affiliated with. Is also up to date with every secret and rumor that New Atero has to offer.

Makua - A Ko-Matoran who owns the New Atero Library, as well as the "Threadbare Books" chain.

Iaredios Paerkenon - An Agori of the Ice Tribe who is also half-Skrall. He worked as a historian before the Reformation and has continued that work since; however, he was recently reported missing...

Kuan - A Ta-Matoran Mathematician, whose skills have been put to use with constructing new settlements all over Spherus-Magna.

Driken - A gullible Onu-Matoran who sticks to his routine like glue, and is the leader of the Voya-Koro settlement south of New Atero.

Lord of Ice Picks - A solitary Bo-Matoran who gave up his real name long ago. He disappeared after the Reformation to live alone in the jungle.

RG - A Su-Matoran with electric blue armor; rumor has it that he perished years before and was revived by the Order of Mata-Nui before they were wiped out. Has wandered Spherus-Magna ever since the Reformation.

The Pilgrim Shadow - An Agori of the Iron Tribe - one of few surviving members. Disguised as a Rock Agori, he has served the Skrall loyally for years; he recently took command of the Skrall under mysterious circumstances....

Xaeraz - A Fe-Matoran who looks like he was cobbled together from the junk pile. After perishing under unknown circumstances, he was revived by the Shadowed One to fight in the Destiny War; his role in events since is unknown.

Dai - A Ga-Matoran who serves as Driken's second in command in Voya-Koro. She disagrees with him often, and suspects he is keeping secrets.

Aerixx - A De-Matoran known for his strange Kanohi Mask, which looks like a Miru and an Akaku mashed together. Invented a new musical genre and often goes on tours across Spherus-Magna.

Jalicax - An Agori of the Fire Tribe who travels often to help keep the peace between the inhabitants of the Matoran Universe and the Spherus-Magnans.

Dallior - A Ta-Matoran artist who lives in Voya-Koro.

?? - Who knows?



There's only one day left until OLBIVION.


just for fun

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