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On The Topic Of My Little Pony....

Posted by Lucina , in Life Oct 18 2011 · 131 views

my big ponies stuff my little ponies bronies ponies
So recently I read a blog entry by Takuma Nuva right here.

And while I was reading it, I tried to decide which side I was on.

On the one hand, I am most certainly not a Brony. No way. I can't be, I don't watch the show. xD
So therefore I must be those neutral guys stuck in the crossfire that must pick a side sooner or later, for fear of being eaten by tomatoes.

And then it hit me-

I think I want to try it out.

So I ask you, fans of the show- what is in your opinion the best episode (if there you have one), or a really good episode? Would it be easy for me to find on the internet? (A simple yes or no is good. Let's avoid breaking rules.)

Because I don't want to somehow try out the worst episode, as would be typical me.


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My personal favorite is Sonic Rainboom, but I think that's just me. If you want some good recommendations really fast, why not go ask the people over in the official topic?
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Watch Return of Harmony 1 and 2. Those... Are... Epic.
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My personal favorite is Sonic Rainboom, but I think that's just me. If you want some good recommendations really fast, why not go ask the people over in the official topic?

I'll go there too. =P

I'll check out those episodes for now.

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Watch it all in order.
Protip: First 3 episodes are 3 of the worst.
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Cise's review

He listed some of his favorites at the bottom.
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I just finished watching "Sonic Rainboom".
It was pretty good.

@Sweetie Belle: Thanks. Glad i didn't just go watch them now. =P

@Shadonix: Also thanks.

@Omishad: I'll try those soon too.

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Also watch the MLP "at the gala" it's the best MLP song.
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The first two set up the plot, but they're ... not so good.

I disagree with Sweetie Belle up there, I actually quite liked Ticket Master.
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The Xinlo Of This Story
Oct 18 2011 06:28 PM

I too enjoyed ticket master. Oh well. My favourite would probably be the Cutie Mark Chronicles, at least at the moment. it's just a fun episode.

Posted Image
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I quite liked the Season 2 opener, but the episode that hooked me onto the show was "Fall Weather Friends".

Also iBrow, yes I am a brony. I felt that with BZP's return that I should make it obvious. ... I also like a great deal of the music.
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Don't worry ironman, I am coming to terms with the fact that I may too be a brony. :)

And I'm luvin' it.

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