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Lab Reports

Posted by Strange Festive Voltex , in Life Oct 26 2011 · 90 views

suck it blues
They suck.


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Although they haven't been quite as bad lately as they were initially.
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Strange Festive Voltex
Oct 26 2011 08:26 PM

Still suck for me. :P
Although this one is on pH levels, so we didn't really do anything. And this is a report on something we did a month ago. Which makes it really boring.

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You could not do it. :P

But that might not make your teacher happy.
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Strange Festive Voltex
Oct 26 2011 08:34 PM
As it is I need to work on handing in stuff a lot more in Science. History is fine, Math I never get anything, and French sucks, but for whatever reason I have a problem actually handing stuff in.
And yes, sometimes I don't do it. But that's only small stuff. This is a less small thing.

So I must do it.
Instead of surfng BZPower. xD

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Oct 26 2011 08:42 PM
Strangely enough, the lab reports I do now are easier (and shorter) than the ones I did in high school. Probably because they're not meant to be a large part of the grade.

But, then, this is an introductory chemistry class. Who knows what the higher levels have to do.
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