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Evo And Rocka

Posted by Lucina , Jan 30 2012 · 40 views

Got both of them (2012 versions) today. Evo is cool, though I wish he still had the bigger body piece. Rocka... I love the helmet, the trans-green, and the gold, but he too should have the bigger body and his left arm needs some work.

I'll post reviews on here at some point in the next week, hopefully with pictures (unlike with Raw-Jaw).

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I was actually okay with Evo having the small torso (I also got them at the same time, a few days ago =P) but I couldn't stand Rocka without the large model, so I salvaged one for him. It works much, much better. The arm is okay, though I moved the placing of the ammo belt a bit further back, and it actually freed it up a bit.
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Does the large torso work better? Alright, I'll use it then. I extended Rocka's right arm with one of his 3.0 legs so that the arm could bend further, and I flipped the blades on his crossbow around so that he wasn't stabbing himself in the eye.

Evo I just gave a blue glatorian head mostly, in addition to his 2.0 chestplate and core.
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