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Torrent Voting

Posted by Lucina , Jul 01 2012 · 422 views

Just a reminder for those of you that submitted characters- you cannot vote for your own here. The one with the most votes will be determined the leader until such a time as a mutiny or death occurs in the RPG, and the winning player will also get to select their second in command.

Entry 1 (Burnmad):
Character Name: Krissuk
Gender & Species: Male, Prime species (pridak's)
Powers: Hypnotism
Equipment: An elegant sword, which features engravings that are relaxing and calming to look at. His Kanohi is the Arima, the Great Mask of Calm. It can either calm someone down or cause them to be paranoid and nervous. He also carries a pocket watch.
Appearance: Krissuk is tall and clever-looking. He's also rather handsome. He has a scar on his left cheek, although it suits his personality and doesn't take away from his charisma. It actually sort of adds character.
Faction: The Torrent, Trader's Guild (Business owned under fake name)
Personality: Krissuk is a calm, cool, collected person. He inspires a feeling of trustworthiness in others. He's always extremely confident in whatever scheme he's working on at the moment, although he tends to underestimate others.
Alignment: Neutral evil. Not quite lawful, but not quite lawless.
Biography: Krissuk was a hypnotist for many years, but his goal wasn't helping people. What he enjoyed was the feeling of power he got from putting people in a trance. He grew to love power, and started doing more and more things to gain money and power, most of them blatantly illegal. He eventually formed/joined The Torrent and changed his name and appearance so that he and the owner of his business would be thought of as two different people.

Entry 2 (Blade):
Character Name: Seighan
Gender & Species: Male Toa of Plasma
Powers: Standard Toa-Level Plasma abilities, typical Pakari abilities, increased swordplay for the most part.
Equipment: Seighan wields a steel sword, and has what looks to be a metal book casing; however, there is no book present most of the time, and if there is, it's in an unknown Matoran language.
Appearance: Seighan is odd, even for normal standards. For one, he is more or less white, with a slight yellow hue to his mask, but that is it. Secondly, he wears what looks to be almost lab attire-like armour, which typically wouldn't be the greatest for travel on the seas... His mask also looks almost like a Calix, with subtle Pakari-like differences. It is unknown why his mask is like this.
Faction: The Vermillion Dragon(Sometimes)/Neutral
Personality: Seighan is deceiving. He normally would seem like the kind of guy who would help you whenever possible. However; it is all just a cover; he is obsessed with bring out one's true strength, and will attempt to figure out ways of doing so whenever possible. However, he knows when something is an exercise in futility; his true intentions noble or not. To reach his goals, however, he is not above stealing things or killing people, as he simply sees those as obstacles to bypass any way possible.
Biography: Seighan was intrigued by science-like stuff for quite a while. This influenced his fighting style, which involves fighting with a sword, while using his lab coat-like armour to his advantage, instead of disadvantage. One day, he was able to travel to different islands on a ship, and met many people who were weak, and pathetic looking. Seighan was disgusted by the way they lived in fear, and wished to find a way to break through everyone's limit, potential-wise; in order to create a world where the strong thrive, and the weak are eliminated, one way or the other. However, despite the fact that he himself views his goals as being noble, others don't agree. He began to be shunned, though that did not stop Seighan from trying to achieve his goals; instead, he reached out through the islands to find others who would assist in his goals, and even partially joined the Vermillion Dragon, in an effort to get assistance in his goal, which would theoretically have benefits to both sides of the agreement... Seighan would achieve his goals, and the Vermillion Dragon would gain a whole lot more profit suddenly.

Entry 3 (Kal Grochi):
Name: Captain Jaron Unskii

Species: Toa of Fire

Gender: Male

Appearance: Tall and noble, but with a permanent grin, showing his jokester nature. He has burnished golden armour over his red underarmour/skin. He appears rather similar to Lhikan, though he has quite a few more scars than the elder Toa ever had.

Powers: Jaron is a Toa of Fire, and he also wields a Kanohi Hau, so that he may more easily block attacks. He is also skilled at the art of deception, able to appear as more of a neutral, or even good person than who he truly is, as well as being rather charismatic.

Abilities: Jaron has trained extensively in swordplay, able to wield his dual swords very effectively, as well as being able to use those swords as a shield along with his gladius that he got during a brief stint as a slave. He also has trained his element, being able to control it exceptionally, though he is much more a fan of his swords than his element. And, when disarmed, he is rather proficient at hand-to-hand combat as well, using a style similar to Northern Shaolin Kung Fu.

Weapons: Two large greatswords, similar to Lhikan's, that can form into a shield, though they have no flying ability, as well as a Gladius. As well, his element, and his hands and feet.

Personality: He's a jokester, though he also likes to hide his various secrets. Always willing to lend a helping hand...so long as you can give him something in return.

Biography: Aside from his having a brief stint as a slave, little is known about him.

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Edit: Actually, I think I'll go with Seighan.

Notice the similarity between Jaron and Jason?

- :burnmad:
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Yes, I do =P Not sure if I should vote or not- I suppose it wouldn't hurt.
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Blessed Blade
Jul 01 2012 09:43 AM
Anyone but Jaron. Too happy-go-lucky for the guild. =P I'd say Krissuk, since he's the only other option. =P

But honestly, happy-go-lucky noble guy, vs. evil hypnotist, vs. evil scientist who believes what he's planning is right, where it actually isn't right at all.
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Let's Henshin!
Jul 01 2012 07:18 PM
It's too bad the one character I'm using isn't evil, this looks like it could be a lot of fun.

Still it'll be fun to have arch-rivals.
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Does your character like chess? Because Krissus will love chess. And we simply must have the obligatory rivals-play-chess thing. =P

- :burnmad:
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If nobody else votes I suppose I'll have to vote as a tie-breaker... so both of you should give me the top three reasons why I should pick your guy over the other. =P
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Let's Henshin!
Jul 02 2012 12:00 PM
You ask me the obvious choice seems to Krissuk. Seighan seems more to be a scheming behind the scenes kind of guy, and Jaron well didn't he already disguise himself to not be recognized as the owner.
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Lontra Canadensis
Jul 02 2012 12:07 PM
I'll just vote Jaron for the lulz.
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Let's Henshin!
Jul 02 2012 12:52 PM
Can't vote for your own character Groch.
    • 0
You can't vote your own character.
    • 0

And after a bit of deliberation, I think I will be joining this after all. Expect a character within the next five days.
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Let's Henshin!
Jul 03 2012 11:20 AM
It'll be interesting when Salvinn clashes with you guys.
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One of you versus six or seven of us. =P You've already lost, Onarax.
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Let's Henshin!
Jul 03 2012 12:43 PM
I'll try and get a team together. Maybe.
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