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Need Font Help

Posted by Lucina , in Life Jul 02 2012 · 113 views

So I'm finally turning to BZP for help, since all those tutorials out there on the internet never fail to confuse me, and also never fail to fail to get their point across.

That said, I'm trying to install a font called "Caviar Dreams", and needless to say, it isn't working at all. I extract the files to the fonts foler in Windows and it never shows up- I think it's obvious I'm missing a step, but whatever tutorials I find that make sense don't answer anything.


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I remember that on XP, you had to add fonts via the window menu, rather than dragging the fonts into the folder. However I cannot find that option anywhere in the W7 Fonts folder... ._.
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The tutorial I used said to extract out of .zip into the fonts folder, but then my problem was that the font just kind of... vanished.
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Ummmm.....do you have a proper extracting program to open the .zip file?
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When it comes to ANY pc, (xp, vista, OR 7) you have to install it. So tell me, what operating system do you have?
And where are you getting your fonts?

EDIT: for your information, once I know what you have and where you got it, then i'll be able to help you install it. :)
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Jul 02 2012 03:31 PM
Try extracting the files to their current directory, then either manually moving the files to the Fonts folder or copy-pasting them. It works for me.
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I'll try that Legolover, thanks. @Cinnamon- Windows 7 does, yes. @Calvrick - I have Windows 7. As for the font... the site has a commenting system; pm me and I might be able to give you more info.
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