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Well, that was fun

Posted by Lucina , in Video Games Oct 26 2012 · 261 views

With Hero + Blade playing L4D2... totally gonna buy this game sometime. Two campaigns done, and Blade was the only one left behind on one.

Oh, and I guess we lost the bot in the other, but they don't count. Cuz I said so. B-)

More tomorrow! Now, Scream Fortress!

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No, actually, the bot was in the one before the finale, so it doesn't count. xD

And yes, you guys left me for dead. =P Granted, it had to happen, but you could've at least dragged my dead body along. :rolleyes:

But yes, we all did rather well; and I definitely need to get this sometime. I so wish I could take advantage of that sale, but I can't, not until I get once of those cursed Steam cards. =/ Why they're not available in Canada, I'll never know.

Any time good for you, for tomorrow?
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Anytime in the afternoon, really. I have a long weekend, so if you and Hero are up for it we good pull a late night of zombies.
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I'd wanna pull a late night, and the only thing that would stop me using my laptop to play it is, well, my laptop, but... Again, since I need my desktop for it, my limits would still be 9. =/ But, hey, as tonight showed, that doesn't necessarily mean that we can't get things done. =D
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Why do you NEED the desktop? Download on your laptop too, and then play with us. I played it on a laptop. =P

You could try just copying and pasting all of the L4D2 files onto a memory drive to get the job done, too.
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My laptop is from the stone age. -_-' I'm surprised it can even run Minecraft, which it was even starting to choke on last night. D= it's native DirectX is 7.0, with software support for 9.0, so I'm not sure if it'd run all the stuff I like. =/ Though, there might be another problem... Lemme check the sys reqs.

/EDIT: Hmm. Yeah, I don't think the laptop would handle the whole '1 gig of RAM' requirement. >_> It has 1 gig. period. Actually, not even 1 gig, because the graphics card went and mooched some memory away. >_<

The very annoying thing, is that my computer is only the second most powerful computer in the house... But the most powerful computer never even gets used to it's highest potential! Granted, I might be able to use it this winter to finally play some of those DirectX 9.0c games I've had to pass up, but since usually someone else is using it, I can't use it; and since even if I wanted to install Steam and L4D2(And take 10 more hours doing it. -_-), the normal user will be back soon, I can't use it for L4D2. =/

Even worse? I might not even have all afternoon, for once! Why? Because my desktop's located in the same room as a crib. Normally, not a problem. Except, my family might have to look after a baby today for my cousin; and therefore, since babies take naps in the daytime, and rather long naps(Usually.)... yeah. =/

if you can't tell, I'm a little annoyed at the situation right now. =P I could try the memory drive thing; but the highest capability I have is USB 2.0; which might not be enough for transferring 13 gigs. =/ And then there's no guarantee that it'd even work...
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Just mute your sound, or use headphones and make sure the sound is lower than usual. That said, are you able to hop into a game right now?
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What was I doing at 10:30? ... *Tries to think of what I could've been doing* Hmm. I think I was maybe waiting for the Tf2 update? Yeah, maybe that's it...
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