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Red vs. Blue Episode 22 Monday

Posted by Lucina , Nov 03 2012 · 489 views

Excited for Monday to come so that Season 10 may end. It's gonna be the best ending ever... of all time. I'm praying that the bue freelancer is revealed - and if he is, I'm hoping that it'll be in the modern segment so that we can see him in Season 11.

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Except, we don't actually know if the blue freelancer is male or female.

I am personally hoping they are Agent Oregon, not because of some crazy intricate theory, but because Oregon is cool and one of the Rooster Teeth cast members is from Oregon and I can't remember who it is, and YEAH OREGON!
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Blue Freelancer is male, because it's going to be a character we've known in the past, guaranteed - and the only female characters we've known are other Freelancers and Sister (and she joined the military during Season 5).
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Except there is no basis for who the Unidentified Blue Soldier is. We literally know nothing about this character beyond that he/she can take a tomahawk to the chest and survive, he/she is somewhat buddies with Wyoming (as they have been seen teamed up the few times in the episodes that the blue soldier is in), and that he/she is in the Project Freelancer poster.

There is no basis for any speculation about this character. We don't know if it is a character we already know of, or even if they are a cat.
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Just the fact that RT has made the character mute up to this point says it's somebody we know.

I also personally believe that MBG is going to be either Captain Flowers or Tucker.
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I was thinking Alpha
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Again, there is no basis whatsoever to claim that "because the character hasn't talked, it MUST be someone we already know of". There is no proof of anything you just claimed about the character.

For all we know, the RT staff haven't found a suitable voice actor for the unidentified blue soldier, and that is why he/she hasn't talked yet, or even RT decide to put a character in there that wouldn't talk but would always be there because they knew it would drive people crazy and speculate about him/her.
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RT can be trolls, but not to that extent. I spend a lot of time on their forums regarding RvB, and have been formulating theories with other members for quite some time (read: all of this season).

There's also the fact that if it's a new character, RT would have said so by now. There's simply no point in building up a character so much while showing them so little if it's gonna be someone we've never met before.

Trust me, tonight we'll see that it's either Flowers or Tucker. If I'm wrong, it's someone else from Season 6 or before then.
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So basically, your entire argument is "some guys on the official forums I hang out with who have no say in the matter whatsoever think this, I've chatted with them, we all agree with no other real proof whatsoever".

Whether it's a new character or an old one (and I don't think any of our regular characters or Captain Flowers fit the bill at all), anything said on the matter is pure speculation- period. There is no "it's a fact, if it was a new character we'd know". That's not a fact- it's speculation. Could it be one of our old characters? Sure, absolutely. Is it a -fact- that it -will- be? Absolutely not. Could it be a new character? Absolutely. Will it be? No idea.

Also, you spend time on the RT forums- we've met the RT guys and hung out with them.
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Alright then... come back and let me know when I turn out to be wrong tonight.
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Except all I ever said was "there's no basis for your claims that this is absolutely factually true". And there wasn't. Congratulations, you made a semi-correct guess! That still doesn't make any of your previous comments anything more than speculation.
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