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Left 4 Dead Tonight

Posted by Lucina , Nov 09 2012 · 102 views

Unfortunately, Blade is out until at least the 23rd by the sounds of it, so there should be two spots left open tonight. I'm assuming Hero will be on, because he's the one that downloaded the custom maps for us to try out.

That's right, no normal L4D2 tonight. B-)

Anyway, signup here I suppose. I'm online all night since it's Friday, just need Hero...

Most likely starting time is in the window of 6:30-7pm eastern.

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Why so early? D:
Also might want to tell us which maps. :P
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I believe one is called "Final Cut". The other is Deathcraft II.

Also, doesn't have to be that early - it's just when Hero, Blade and I usually start playing, as Blade always has to leave by 9. =P
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Luckily, in the winter, that restriction will be more or less gone, provided I can get access to a computer I may or may not be able to get access to.

But yes, I'm out for that long at the very least. xD I'd try my laptop, but it'd likely overload trying to handle the awesomeness, and I only have a 60 GB hard drive in this laptop, so yeah...
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1. Mario - OWN
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8. Kirby - OWN
9. Villager - OWN
10. Wii Fit Trainer - OWN
11. Marth - OWN
12. Fox - OWN
13. Luigi - OWN x2
14. Diddy Kong - OWN
15. Zelda - OWN x2
16. Pit - OWN
17. Little Mac - OWN
18. Captain Falcon - OWN
19. Bowser - OWN
20. Rosalina - OWN
21. Sheik - OWN
22. Toon Link - OWN
23. Lucario - OWN
24. King Dedede - ??
25. Meta Knight - ??
26. Ike - OWN
24. Shulk - ??
25. Mega Man - OWN
26. Sonic - OWN
27. Robin
28. Lucina
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30. Wario
31. Charizard
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