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Day 02: Haunted Windmill

Posted by Voltex , Dec 04 2013 · 203 views

Posted Image
Day 02: Haunted Windmill
Yo what’s up everybody, it’s Link here again. Today was a little crazier than yesterday… it’s funny what you miss when you spend your entire life training to be a blacksmith and walking the same paths every single day. My friend Gulley went missing and I’m not quite sure where he is, so I’ve been looking for him everywhere. All I found so far was an item bag that he was going to give me… don’t worry, Gulley! I will find you, and we will make terrible pirate puns with each other again!
Since I was searching for the two pendants of power, I decided to try getting the one at the windmill first, since that was closer to home and I was feeling a little lazy. That plan totally backfired on me though, because getting to the windmill was hard. The only way to get there is by swimming, and since I can’t swim, I thought I was pretty screwed. But then I realized that those Zora dudes that throw fireballs at me from the water must have SOMEBODY in their kingdom who is nice. I adventured off into their domain and found a really fat queen who lost her marble, so I had to find the marble again. Some shopper dude ripped me off and made me pay 200 rupees for it. Laaame.
With the marble in hand, I called on a friendly witch girl to fly me back over to the Zora Domain, where the queen became not-fat and gave me some flippers. Now, I’m not really sure how flippers are supposed to teach me how to swim, but I guess I shouldn’t complain since it worked? I dunno man, this is weird.
After swimming across Hyrule to reach the Windmill (which really sucked), I realized I couldn’t even get in without this leaf blower tool-thing. So I swam back over to my house, which is now Ravio’s shop. Thanks, Ravio. I love the items and all, but where am I supposed to sleep tonight?!
I rented every single item that Ravio had and tested a few out. I almost got murdered trying to squash bugs with the GIANT HAMMER and I lit myself on fire several times with the fire rod, but otherwise I made it back to the Windmill without incident. While travelling through the Windmill, I realized that it was haunted – I swear I heard ghosts cackling, and those eyeball things and skeletons have to mean something. It was pretty awesome. And the best part was the giant eyeball platform thing that was haunting the top of the Windmill. Once I stabbed it in the eye a bunch of times it died (can a dead-but-not-dead eyeball die?) and I got the pendant of wisdom!
At this point it was the afternoon, so I stopped by Kakariko Village quickly to grab some milk and chicken. Delicious. Then I headed off up north to Death Mountain, which, let me tell you, it’s called that for a reason. I think three boulders fell on my head while I was climbing up. Is that right? Or was it just one? Or maybe it was four… regardless, I got boats full of rupees on the climb, which was totally awesome. I also got flattened once by a rolling boulder (which is different from a falling boulder). I think that might have been almost as painful as Yuga turning me into a painting.
When I finally reached the top, I used my GIANT HAMMER to break into the Tower of Ares, where the pendant of power was held. Or was it the Tower of Hermes? Tower of Hestia? Meh, I’m sure I’ll remember it at some point. I had a lot of fun in this tower! I got to squash a lot of these really creepy face things with my GIANT HAMMER and then stand on top of them and get flung high into the air! Did I mention smashing really creepy face things with my GIANT HAMMER?
At the very top of the tower there was this giant thing. A worm thing. Or a not-worm-thing, because this thing had round ball sort of segments. Maybe it was a bug? I don’t really know. It had this red nose on the wrong end of its body, and I decided to chop that off because I hate the colour red, unless it’s Christmas. I swear I didn’t mean to kill it, but I guess that red thing must have been life support or something because the worm-bug-not-worm-segmented-thing died. If by died you mean “exploded into shadow particles” of course. I grabbed the pendant of wisdom and got the heck out of there. I called that cool witch girl from earlier again, but only her broom showed up – what with Osfala and Seres being turned into paintings, and then Yuga taking over Hyrule Castle, and Gulley missing… then again, I barely knew her. She probably just put her broom on autopilot.
I flew back to my house – Sahasrahla wanted me to go to the Lost Woods immediately, but man, I am not going there again! I did one time, and these creepy things chased me out.
Plus it was late and I wanted to sleep. It took awhile to get my bed set up behind Ravio’s tables, but I did it.
Peace out, all; looks like I’m stuck in this adventure.
PS. Don’t believe me about Ravio and my house? Take a look below.
Posted Image
PPS. Who the heck borrowed his other rod, anyway? You could've at least gotten their name for me, Ravio!

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Toa of Winds
Dec 10 2013 10:13 PM

P.P.S. It was Osfala.


Also, you can't get the Pendant of Wisdom twice (you get the Pendant of Power in the Tower of HERA).


Good job with this. It's one of the only things of yours, perhaps, that I know the end to (as I finished ALBW on Saturday). Can't wait to see more!



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Unfortunately there will be no more; I underestimated how much I would like the game and played far too much. I couldn't possibly continue this.
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Toa of Winds
Dec 11 2013 10:02 PM

I completely understand. I finished the game (at least the regular story mode) within a week.


Now to finish WWHD, which I've had for about two months now...

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