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Do you want in? (SIGN UP - 7 SPOTS LEFT)

Posted by Lucina , in BZPower Mar 27 2014 · 1,774 views

So some of you might be aware that awhile back, I asked for members to signup as characters for an epic.
Well, we're entering the home stretch of that epic, and yes, I am going to write a sequel. That said, to plan the sequel properly, I need to know what characters I'm working with.
For those of you that were characters in the first epic, do not sign up - the survivors will be in Book 2 (minus one, for reasons that will be explained later), and those who are dead will be staying dead... for now, at least. :P
If you'd like to signup as a new character for Book 2, feel free! 11 spots are reserved for the survivors of Book 1 + some others (Burnmad, RG, Taka Nuvia, and Automaton). Xaeraz, while you will not be a "player", a non-player spot has again been reserved for you.
That leaves 14 spots open for members to sign up as "players". If there's a staff member that would like to join, please do - there's a possible role (for backstory) that only a staff member can hope to fill. 
If you're signing up, just say so in the comments and provide me with two possible elements for your Matoran is (canon elements only please, no shadow).
Any other questions can be asked at any time.
1. Shockwave
2. Tyler Durden
3. Baltarc
4. fishers64
5. Canis
6. Kaithas
7. Squishyfrog

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Mar 22 2014 12:22 PM
I want in. Do you just need any other info ither than the elements?

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Nope; I'll do my best to keep characters accurate to the member in personality, but I make no promises. Due to the nature of the story, it needs to be as flexible as possible for me. =P

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sure why not






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Water, plant life.

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and those who are dead will be staying dead


Voltex lies.

    • 2



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*insert post claiming a spot despite being in current epic*

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All new signups have been added in!

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Darn I wish i could join but voxumo likely won't live.. Could I sign up as another character? Perhaps syvra?

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oh MAN! I can't WAIT to be the mentor character in book 2!

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Rahkshi Guurahk
Mar 22 2014 05:01 PM

*insert post claiming a spot despite being in current epic*

*insert similar post here*

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Voxumo: I'm afraid not.


Xaeraz: Not quite, but your role is larger and more active in Book 2.

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Darn.. alrighty was worth a shot

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The Present Automaton
Mar 22 2014 07:16 PM

I'll grab a space if they're open to the people who are in the current one. Is all gud.

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I'm gonna die.


*calls resurrecting as a ghost that kills everyone in the sequel*

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