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You asked for it

Posted by Lucina , Apr 04 2014 · 409 views

Recap 01: You Asked For It
Well, technically I asked, and you responded. But it was a positive response! So here I am. I will thus go over the highlights and downers of my week in chronological order.
But obviously only the interesting stuff. Who wants to hear about silly homework or like, how my hands froze on Thursday?
What was of note this week?
I’ve always been a fan of Sunny D, staunchly ignoring how unhealthy it is because I loved it so much. Unfortunately, it was shattered this week. I tried some and it was too sweet, tasted bad, made my mouth feel dry... childhood ruined.
(Let’s move onto more important things).
As you all know, I asked a girl in my class out to prom this week – in the moment she said yes, but it turned into a “no” the next day. I’m not too worried – if worst comes to worst, I’ll go to the prom alone and it’ll be a little awkward (or a lot, I don’t care to think about it). The way I see it: I asked, I got a definite result, and that is at least one moment of my life that will not forever be a “what if”, because there’s no “what if” to it. So the +1 points still stands.
Coincidentally, I am also tied with said girl for the top mark in our English class. That means the next month is going to be me trying to steamroller through everything to boost my mark up as high as possible, because I have never been so close to the top of a class before and I’d like to take an award home for it this year if at all possible.
My diet this week has consisted of adrenaline and coffee. I think I also ate four muffins on Wednesday that my brother made during his foods class and I did eat dinner today but otherwise I think I should probably be collapsing? Let me just say that adrenaline is overrated and I’d really appreciate it if it would stop for awhile (like, for a long time please).
I’ve been struck down (or awake, rather) by insomnia again. It’s been going on since early last week and I have no idea how long it’ll last; I looked it up and as best I could tell from the jargon, I have the type of insomnia where it’s not a symptom of something worse and you have lots of trouble falling asleep.  I consider four hours to be a splendid night of rest and coffee is my go-to thing in the morning. It seems to strike every couple of months; I’m sure it’ll be gone in a week or two.
And... that’s about it. Those are the most interesting things from my life this week. I’m sure that if I continue this, eventually I’ll get some sort of rhythm or organization to these entries, but for now, that’s all I have to say, so...
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Apr 04 2014 05:40 PM

Sunny D is the best drink ever, I can't imagine why you don't like it anymore. Congrats on English class!

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You don't know what it feels like to be fully aware of something so divine just crashing and burning upon your taste buds.

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Apr 04 2014 05:44 PM

Why on earth would someone change their answer.... That's what I want to know...

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Makuta Luroka
Apr 04 2014 05:55 PM

I never went to prom: Just didn't care to go. Never tasted Sunny D, nor really want to. Congratulations on English. Your current diet looks to be the opposite of healthy, and could be linked to your insomnia. On the other hand, I'm neither a physician, nor looking to be one.

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Apr 04 2014 06:00 PM

I see, getting revenge by being better in an English class.  Brilliant!


Also you still have that cardboard cut-out of Tiz to go with.  He's slightly more complex and interesting than regular Tiz.  =P


On an important note, I remember the fall of Sunny D as well.  It's amazing how you can look back at what you ate as a kid and just wonder how you ever liked it to begin with...  but last I checked I still like juice boxes.

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I'm looking to break the pattern this weekend, but this week was rather stressful (lots of school stuff, asking for prom, planning for the next round of stuff at my job, etc.) so food was low on my priority list. =P

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Sunny D is too sour - I much prefer regular OJ. 


I don't know about insomnia much. I stay up way too late at night but that's because I have stuff/BZPower that I want to do - but when I want to sleep, I sleep. I suspect the adrenaline and caffeine is causing it :shrugs: - neither are good for sleep at all. 


But I've been there on the not eating thing. You get in the middle of a project, and you just keep going, ignoring your stomach. Happens to me a good deal. 

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Apr 04 2014 10:29 PM

Sorry about the girl, but when you beat her mark in English I think you'll have won.


You should rename this "A Day in the Life of iBrow" (or your new username, whatever.)


Very interesting indeed. I look forward to seeing more of your relatable life.

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