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Posted by Voltex , in Smash Files Apr 09 2014 · 304 views

Smash Files 31: The Direct Recap
Five new characters to whip up some profiles for! Oh, goody! We've got a lot of smash files on the way, but first things first: I must recap everything I have learned and am excited about from the direct yesterday.
1. Release Dates
Yes... more than new characters, new moves, and what have you, I was most excited to learn the release dates. I mean windows. Yes, release windows. That they definitely won't delay. Nope. The 3DS version is set to release this summer (bugger, how am I supposed to buy it on the release day) while the Wii U is set for a winter release (presumably late November/early December?). I'm glad that they're staggering the releases; it's easier to spend $40 one month and $60 later than $100 all at once.
2. New Character Announcements
Now we're talking! Five characters in one night? I am a very happy camper, albeit... well, not entirely? I was initially disappointed that Shiek and Zero Suit Samus have their own character slots this time around; while I suppose that this was a precedent set by Link all the way back in Melee, I'd much rather see different characters being represented. That said... the idea has grown on me. Let's do a quick recap of the characters announced here before their profiles:
Posted Image
I've never used Samus (and by extension, Zero Suit) very often, but my interest has been piqued with the rocket boots. If her jump or air combat abilities are enhanced at all, I'll give it a go.
Posted Image
Shiek being split away from Zelda interests me more; I was never good with either form, but I can also (sort of but not really leave me alone) pretend that maybe she's a different character. Some anonymous person from the Legend of Zelda franchise that definitely, absolutely is not Zelda.
Posted Image
I'm not gonna lie; I'm a HUGE fan of Yoshi's redesign for this game. He looks adorable, and turning people into eggs will become even funnier. I always like giving Yoshi a go now and then; I doubt I'll ever use him as one of my mains, but I'm glad he's back (plus, Original 12, minus Jigglypuff because Jigglypuff sucks). But where are Captain Falcon and Ness?
Posted Image
I hated the Pokemon Trainer in Brawl; the optional transformations of Zelda and Samus were one thing, but being forced to play three different characters in a single match always tuckered me out. More often than not I would just use Squirtle anyway. Since I'm not generally a fan of the bigger, heavier characters, I doubt Charizard will see much use from me. I'm glad it's there, though.
Posted Image
Color me super excited! While I may not have enjoyed Pokemon X enough to even move past the sixth gym, the Froakie evolutionary line was my favorite series of starter Pokemon since Generation IV. I'll definitely be sure to give Greninja a go, and maybe I just got another possible character added to my main fighters?
3. Mega Evolutions
Posted Image
So if you haven't heard, both Charizard's and Lucario's mega evolutions will be a part of their final smashes. Will my dreams of Mega Lucario staying for the rest of the fight come true? Probably not. Am I beyond excited that I will at least get to battle as Mega Lucario? Heck yeah I am.
4. Mega Man's Final Smash
Posted Image
If I need to explain this one to you... well, I shouldn't have to explain this one to you.
5. Smash Run
Tie this into the whole "separate modes for separate games" things - this is perfectly suited to the nature of the 3DS and I can't wait to try it out with the abundance of other people around me who will own this game (and surprisingly I am not being sarcastic!).
6. Total Number of Characters So Far?
29 and counting, with 6 newbies and 23 oldies. We're still missing veteran fighters Wario, Ganondorf, R.O.B., Pichu, Mewtwo, Roy, Dr. Mario, Ike, Snake, Metaknight, Mr. Game & Watch, Captain Falcon, Ness, Lucas, Falco, Jigglypuff and Wolf. Those crossed out never returned for Brawl, so don't expect them here.
I expect Wario, Ganondorf, Metaknight, Mr. Game & watch, Captain Falcon, Ness, and Falco will all appear for sure (and Jigglypuff if Nintendo still hates us).
But then, what do I know? I mean, I want Agnes Oblige, but we all know that won't happen. :(

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Apr 09 2014 11:26 AM
R.O.B. was in brawl... right? Hm...

I'm a little sad that samus got two charecters. I really liked switching between them. I only ever really played shiek out of the two Zelda forms, so eh.

Truth be told I don't see many, if any of those returning... we have 4 Zelda charecters. I heard Metaknight was out. And the rest just don't seem likely.

I just want them to confirm Palutena. I know what I saw. And there was plenty of KI:U stages, leading me to think that it's stull true.
    • 0
Colette Llyan
Apr 09 2014 12:26 PM
Well, that doesn't mean anything necessarily, because of pit.
    • 0
Ymper Trymon
Apr 09 2014 03:04 PM

Ganondorf has been my favourite character in Smash since his first appearance. He'd better be making a comeback in this one.

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Apr 09 2014 03:10 PM

Right, But rather than pick a stage that doesn't have significant ties to any character, they chose stages representing Viridi and Palutena. Plus we have 3 confirmed Items from the game. which came out in 2012 and hasn't gotten a whole lot of attention from what I've seen. Plus those screen shots didn't have Palutena doing much of anything.  Plus I really want another character from that game.

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If they add another character from Kid Icarus it needs to be the Eggplant Wizard.

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Tekulo in the Green
Apr 09 2014 03:30 PM

Agnes's final smash is where she awakens all four crystals at once and the pillar of light appears on the battlefield and sends everyone flying to their dooms.  Nice.


(And it starts with her yelling "Unacceptable!")

    • 2

if they don't add Ness and Captain Falcon i will be severely disappointed in Nintendo.

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I wish Tiki had been revealed as a playable fighter rather than just as a trophy. As soon as they showed the trophy I began to think about how much cooler she'd be as the second Fire Emblem representative than any of the previous ones (dragon lady beats another ordinary swordsman any day in my book).

I do expect Ganondorf to return, and hopefully this time he'll finally be given his own unique moveset based on the games he's ACTUALLY IN instead of being a clone of Captain Falcon for no reason at all. Ness, Wario, Game & Watch and Captain Falcon are also probably sure bets. You also neglected to mention Ice Climbers (although not having a new or best-selling game in years, they're more likely to be axed than other non-clone longstanding characters). Lucas, Ike, Falco, and Wolf are all up in the air since they're essentially clones of existing characters. And while Meta Knight hasn't been confirmed, considering Sakurai's close ties to the Kirby series I can't imagine he won't return.

I don't know how much more we're necessarily going to get before release, though... there are always secret unlockable characters, so I imagine a lot of returning fighters will be saved for then (since new fighters are more important to reveal early to build hype).

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Phoenix Zero
Apr 09 2014 04:43 PM



I never played Samus or Zero Suit Samus, but I will admit the whole rocket boots things could be interesting. Too bad they look like heels, removing any element of realism left for G-rated fanservice... Totally necessary. =P


Yeah, actually I've never really played as the people on this list. Zelda and Sheik, Yoshi, Charizard, none of them. I like the changes made to their movesets, but I'm not sure if I'll play them later on still. 

Mega Evolutions I saw from a mile away. =P Seriously, there was no way they wouldn't use them. 


Greninja actually looks like an interesting character. He looks more fun to me than Charizard, so....



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Captain Caboose
Apr 09 2014 05:42 PM
I would not call Samus 'boots' boots. They're heels so I would call them rocket heels. Just saying.
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