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Super High School Level Procrastination

Posted by dotcom , Jul 24 2014 · 41 views

Oh man, this blog. I've been meaning to buy Premier Membership again and forgetting to get Premier Membership again in an endless cycle for the past 7 months. I've missed it, not that anybody else has had any reason to. In any case, lots of things have happened. I graduated from high school, sort of got a job and got sucked into the endless pit of money-sucking obsession that are figmas. Also, perhaps, more importantly, yesterday I finished watching walkthroughs of Super Danganronpa 2. I'm going to talk about that a little bit, because I have nothing better to do.

Super Danganronpa 2 is amazing. It is definitely one of the best stories I've seen/read/whatdoyoucallitwhenyouwatchwalkthroughsofagameanyway. Every plot twist (and there are so many!) is executed in a perfect if unique fashion. Pretty much all the characters are enjoyable and relatable and as they go through everything you really feel for them and all they have to put up with. The final two chapters really raise the stakes and the mysteries just get better and better and wow man this game is good. Maybe it's because I only watched the anime for the first game, but I like the second just so much more. I recommend everyone familiar with the first Danganronpa to check out the second game immediately, and to those that don't know what a dangle ron paul is I recommend you check it out from the very beginning. It's really an amazing murder mystery story, and I adore it a lot.


Shiny Charm Acquired

Posted by dotcom , Dec 31 2013 · 102 views
So I just got the Shiny Charm just a few minutes ago! Definitely needed that. Certainly haven't been finding nearly enough shinies.
I just hope this thing works on hordes and in safari. Apparently it doesn't with Masuda method, which is a massive disappointment, so I'm fearing that it won't work with other methods that increase the chances (like Poke Radar or chain fishing), too, but I guess there's no way to know right now. Even if not, this still boosts the chances a ridiculous amount (Wild encounters have the same chance of having a shiny as pre-gen vi masuda method), so I guess complaining would be rather dumb.
This should be fun.



Posted by dotcom , Dec 27 2013 · 153 views
Slurpuff is a bad-looking Pokemon and I do not know a single person that likes it.
So why.
Why would anyone offer a Kyogre for one.
Why would.
Offer any legendary.
For Slurpuff?
No idea.
But I guess now I have a Kyogre. Wheeeeeeee


seven hundred and forty eight ghost stumps

Posted by dotcom , Dec 14 2013 · 121 views
apparently there are people (read: me) who do masuda method and upon getting to their twenty fifth box get three--not one, not two--three shiny phantumps
i call hax


seven hundred and ten ghost stumps (and counting)

Posted by dotcom , Dec 13 2013 · 122 views
pokemon, where art thou and 2 more...
apparently there are people who do masuda method and get their shiny  before they get to their twenty fifth box
i call hax


It sucks

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