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Posted by dotcom , Jan 25 2012 · 37 views

Sometimes I feel like starting up a Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt topic in the COT, because it is seriously an amazing series and one of my all-time favorites and totes deserves a topic.
But then I remember that almost literally everything in the show is NSFBZP. Even the premise, to an extent.
So conversations would look like this

Hey, episode eight, when Stocking... did the..thing..that was pretty hilarious.

I dunno, I thought the beach episode was funnier, with the..other thing...yeah.



New Name + Blog Title

Posted by dotcom , Jan 24 2012 · 31 views


oops I meant

Because why not.

Also please fondly regard Tea Time over there >>>>>


Flies And Angels

Posted by dotcom , Jan 20 2012 · 27 views

Reading Lord of the Flies while listening to music from Panty & Stocking.
Not the best idea I've ever had.


Soul Eater 94, Not! 10, And Book Releases

Posted by dotcom , Jan 19 2012 · 36 views

So.. Soul Eater, chapter 94. Overview

And Not! Chapter 10! This is probably the best chapter so far in this manga, and it is leaving me very hyped up for the next. The main Soul Eater story doesn't feature the weapons of the main meisters very much, excluding the titular Soul Eater Evans. Tsubaki had those two chapters in volume three with her brother, Masamune, but that's all she got. Liz and Patti, on the other hand, have had absolutely no story portions focused on them. They've really only gotten a few flashbacks and minor characterization, as they mostly serve as foil for Kid's missions.

And so, the fact that they're being featured now in Soul Eater Not!--and showing how they go from the semi-sadistic, intoxicated gang demons into the cool girls we see in SE-- is amazing. If there's something I can say about Not!, it's that it is providing amazing background for underdeveloped characters, like Jackie and now the Thompson sisters. And that is awesome.

And then there's the fact that there's (going to be) fighting. There has been pretty much no fighting in Not!, so seeing Anya team up with Tsugumi against the Thompsons is both hilarious and awesome.

On a last point, Barnes & Noble and Amazon indicate the first volume of Soul Eater Not! will be released in July of this year.
This is disappointing.


The Mail Is An Evil Service

Posted by dotcom , Jan 19 2012 · 123 views

So I had an AP World exam today. I did fairly well, I think, but not as good as I could have if I had crammed more studying hours. This is because the mail is dumb, and it brought a distracting piece of awesome into my evening.
Because honestly, why is it that every time I order something I want to read, it always gets here the day before an important exam?? The universe hates me.

(On another but still tangentially related note, Bakuman Vol. 8 is awesome)


It sucks

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