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Posted by dotcom , Jan 15 2012 · 40 views

Because Bro riding Maplehoof is just that cool.


Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone

Posted by dotcom , Jan 14 2012 · 64 views
harry potter
I'm not very fond of the Harry Potter series, because to me it seems to be ridiculously overrated. So far, I've seen the first and fourth movies, and read books 2-3 in sixth grade. I only recently finished the first novel. It was okay. Maybe it's because those others are legitimately better, or maybe it's because I've read so many better books in the last four years, or maybe because my taste has improved, I dunno, those three others were better.

I think what bugged me most about the book was Harry's character(ization), which I felt was incredibly shallow and cliche. Just, wow that guy.

Anyways, I'll try to read the whole series, been kind of bored.

(Also Eridan>>>>>>>HP)


Brony Bro

Posted by dotcom , Jan 13 2012 · 110 views
homestuck, mlp, rainbow dash and 1 more...
Posted Image

Okay now I really can't decide which Alpha kid is the best. Ro-Lal and Di-Stri are both so amazing.


Pony Pals: Detective Pony

Posted by dotcom , Jan 11 2012 · 103 views
ponies, suicide, hilarity and 3 more...
I can't even say how hilarious that update was. Andrew Hussie is a god of comedy.

I just regret none of the defaced Pony Pals pages are SFW enough to post here.

(And no this isn't about MLP.)


Soul Eater 93

Posted by dotcom , Jan 07 2012 · 58 views
soul eater
Okay, so you kill an old lady in a suicide bombing in one chapter, then the next you reveal she isn't dead only to have Justin cut her in half a moment later

Posted Image

(Also the guy is going all out with Kaguya. ._. Dangit Ohkubo as if your manga wasn't nsfw as is)

That said I'm really intrigued with where Stein is going to end up as a character. I just hope he doesn't become an antagonist.


It sucks

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