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incredibly silly and a little bit rude


Cranium Masks

Posted by farmstink buttlass , May 08 2015 · 118 views

So the summer wave of BIONICE has appeared online, on Best Buy of all places.

So, I guess, the Grinder mask is the "Skull Mask," and the Basher mask is the "Bull Skull Mask."

Kind of a bummer. I was hoping for "Spooky Mask" and "Scary Mask." OH WELL.


How to Ruin Intriguing Dystopian Sci-Fi (According to Bigoted Weeaboos)

Posted by farmstink buttlass , May 07 2015 · 89 views
Basically, step one is making the two leads gay men, and, that is the only step actually? According to dumb weaboos, and if you can't trust those guys' opinions to be reasonable, I don't know whose you can. (gr?)

Anyway yeah I've been watching this series called No.6. I was reading through some discussion on some anime site about series with gay protagonists that were not strictly about that, and No.6 was brought up. It's short and it's pretty interesting, and the leads sure are pretty gay! So that's cool, don't really see that much in anime honestly. And I watch a lot of the stuff (probably too much but whatever) so I should know. What you do see often however, are homophobic anime fans, because, well, internet, and also the whole problematic female objectification thing that is kind of common in japanese media and tends to attract Certain Kinds of People like nobody's business? That, that second thing probably factors in a bit. Certain Kinds of People aren't exactly known for their tolerance.

A lot of the comments on No.6 episodes tend to go the "This would be good if it wasn't SO GAY hashtagnohomo" way. Some are more ornery, some less. The really disheartening ones are the "They're juuuuuust frieeeeeends" guys. It's like, dudes, they literally just kissed. Then there's the hardcore yaoi fans fetishizing homosexuality but I honestly never even know how to respond to those.

Point is, one of these days I should try applying my "avoid comments" policy (or attempt at a policy) to anime too, because, wow, no. It's a dark and weird world out there, in the comment sections of various assorted websites.

....On the other hand, the comment section for Another made that experience truly hilarious, so I don't know.

I forgot what point I was trying to make.


no matter how i look at it, it's rainbow dash's fault i'm not popular

Posted by farmstink buttlass , May 01 2015 · 119 views

Posted Image

I've been reading some WataMote, and, well, this happened. Probably literally the last place I ever expected MLP to show up, but dang if it didn't.

(It turns out that Tomoko's voice actress also voices Rainbow Dash in the japanese dub, so I can see why they'd do this. It is that kind of series. Still, though.)


A House on the Beach

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Apr 20 2015 · 102 views
So I was at a GTM the other day and they had some $40 Friends sets for pretty cheap! Like 23 bucks. I didn't get any. Then I went back a week later and got one! It was Stephanie's Beach House.Up to this point I had only been able to get a couple of the $10 Friends sets and I had meant to get something bigger, so, hey, this is bigger. I like the aesthetics and techniques of Friends sets, so yeah. The Beach House is pretty nice. It's got some cool colors and some nice details and some big ol plates so that's cool. I guess it was an used set because one bag (just the one) was opened and taped shut? One piece was missing, so unfortunately I'm totally missing out on the ipod tile, which is kind of lame, but not that big a deal.

It's just.

I'm just uh.

So perplexed by this one design choice.

Just. What kind of bathroom has full-wall, front facing windows? It's just (poorly) covered up by some plant on the outside but any way I think about it it is just a terrible terrible idea. Just. Not a good idea at all.


My Tragic Flaw

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Apr 15 2015 · 176 views

There are some places that are just truly, truly vile. Places where the worst people imaginable--you know like, the...just, bad people--congregate. Where hate, poor logic, hate, bigotry, hate, and, like...holy dang, there is so much hate in these places. These are the worst places. They are a waste of time and a waste of energy and emotion and humanity. Smart people avoid them altogether.

I am talking of course, about any and all comment sections, specifically those associated with news sites. They are just dark holes of depressing pettiness, judgement, and idiocy. Also Youtube, but, well. Youtube.

Like I said, smart people avoid them altogether.

I would like to know why, then, every time I go to MSN to check my mail, I invariably bother clicking a news story or two, and why, without fail, I always bother to check out what the jerks of the day have to say about it. It is never good. Never has it been good. Ever. And I just. I keep clicking. I have never gone into any article without coming out a little more disillusioned with humanity as a whole. It's just so bad and I just can't seem to stop.

I think I have some morbid fascination with the kinds of things people will say online. It's not even anonymous because they're all pretty much posting with their Facebook accounts. It's terribly public but also, terribly terrible. I don't know. It's a depressing pseudo-addiction.



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