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incredibly silly and just a little bit rude


Laval's Journey, (or, rambles about chima for a while part 2)

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Dec 18 2014 · 34 views

So I got Laval's Journey last week from eBay (for like 8 bucks, it was a bargain) as part of my current period of Chima obsession. (seriously it feels like literally everything i've done these past couple of weeks is chima...the sets, the show, the game, the sets, the character encyclopedia even, more sets. jeez) Anyway, it's all in all a pretty standard Lego game. The last one I played was Indiana Jones 2, so it's been a while, and for a Chima fan, it's definitely pretty cool. All these locations from the show, and well, the world of Chima, and all these characters...it's pretty nice. The music is good, the voice acting is passable, the visuals are good. That said, it's definitely on the short side, unfortunately, and is pretty lopsided when it comes to how the tribes are represented.

Seriously the tribe representation is pretty wonky.

There's 5 main "hub" areas, each for one tribe. They're mostly what you would expect. You have your main tribes represented here: The Lions, the Crocodiles, the Eagles, the Gorillas, and....the Rhinos? Huh? Really though. Why are the Rhinos such a big part of the game. It's kind of baffling. There were no Rhinos in 2013, setwise, they didn't show up until 2014, and even then they were pretty minor. Yet not only is the Rhino region pretty important in the plot, but the Rhino tribe is one of the most useful as far as abilities go. The bears were in an even worse spot, as they only kinda will show up in sets in 2015, but even they have a mini-area connecting to the Gorilla Region. But what's really weird is not that the Rhinos and Bears are treated kind of well, but that the game kinda hates Ravens. Like. There are main hub regions for Lions, Crocs, Eagles, Gorillas, and Rhinos, and there are mini-regions for Bears and Beavers...but Ravens didn't get anything at all. The Wolves also don't have a dedicated region, but that's more justified because they're not sedentary, and in any case the last level has you attack their camp. But the Ravens have nothing of the sort. There's a dang market, and not even that is run by Ravens. They just show up as the bad guys in the Gorilla Region, and...that's it. Unlike the Wolves, they don't come back to become relevant or anything, they just...don't get anything.

The Ravens are the best, so this sucks.

Anyway. That aside, the thing I found really cool (by which I mean frustrating and sad) are all the cool minifigures you can unlock and use that obviously didn't show up in sets. The mooks you fight are pretty evenly of both genders, which is pretty dang cool. You don't see very many female characters in the actual sets, or show so you don't really know how they look like sometimes (especially for the Ravens, which are the one tribe of the main 6 from 2013 that never had any females in sets) but the game just has them, and it's really pretty cool. I really like the design of the Raven girls, and so wish they would have showed up in sets :/

Speaking of wishing they had shown up in sets, those Bears sure are nice.

I still don't really understand what is up with Chima. From the beginning, it's been eight tribes. Always eight tribes. Lions, Crocs, Eagles, Ravens, Gorillas, Wolves, Rhinos, and Bears. That's always been reflected in the media. TV show? Eight tribes, always. The second season even featured Baldvic pretty hard. Game? Eight tribes, with the Rhinos as major players. But the sets only had six when it really counted, and it's just...dumb, and confusing. Because I don't think they just had those two extra tribes for the show. That would have been dumb, because it's kind of a major part of the setting. And while the game takes some cues from the show, it's much more set accurate, so I don't think it's just replicating the designs from the show, or just adding random characters. Which means, to me, that at some level, those tribes always existed, or were meant to exist, as sets. And I can't for the life of me understand why they didn't.

Anyway uh,
Dom de la Woosh is in the game and his special move is dancing. That's pretty nice.



Posted by farmstink buttlass , Dec 17 2014 · 52 views
Woo yeah ok. Today was my last...er, "final?" It was more of a tiny quiz. it was a drawing class it's really not a final needing kinda class.

Anyway,that wraps up my first semester in university. It was...something? I did pretty alright, all thinks considered.Somehow managed to stay on top of most of my classes, and so far my grades seem pretty good. Only one I'm really worried about is my American History class, because I just...did not do good on that one. I blame my lack of interest in history and the fact that i prioritized all my other classes over it, and also that I got a Professor almost as new as me so that didn't help much. I can't say I'm terribly optimistic about it, but I suppose what happened happened. Other than that, my experience with this whole thing was pretty good.

I'm definitely going to enjoy this break...


Voom Voom Voooooooooom

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Dec 13 2014 · 70 views
still chima
So I started watching the third season of Chima. I'd seen a lot of people saying that this one was much better then the previous ones, but I didn't really expect anything. And honestly? I was very wrong. Six episodes in, it's actually very entertaining. I love the fact that some characters that had gotten sidelined in the first half of the year, or had simply never been featured that much, are getting a bit more focus here and there (like Longtooth, Crug, G'Loona), and I love the fact that the specific hunters are getting their moments of spotlight, too.

Especially the vultures. God, I love those birds. Vardy's policy of waiting and waiting and waiting some more makes him a very weird, kinda creepy, and very fun character. And the dynamic between dumb little optimist Voom Voom and poetic, depressed Vornon is absolutely fantastic, I love it. Voom Voom was already just about my favorite character in Chima before I watched anything, simply because his name is Voom Voom, but his voice and personality are also really great, so that was a pleasant surprise. Vornon usually steals the show, though--the two of them, as a unit, are probably my new favorite characters. And really all the Hunters are just such big idiots, it is a lot of fun to watch.



Posted by farmstink buttlass , Dec 12 2014 · 47 views
Man. what a difference buying the two biggest sets in the year can have....Found a pretty decent deal on eBay, so I caved. Ever so close to completing my Chima minifigure collection. And my set collection in general will now have a weaponized temple and giant mammoth walker! Can't wait. With those two I think I am just about done buying actual sets from 2013-2014. I plan on getting a couple of speedorz, and I'm still debating about Spinlyn's Cavern, but other than that, I've got just about everything I need! I'll probably end up turning to Bricklink for the rest.


The Smaug Report

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Dec 12 2014 · 82 views

The guest on the Colbert Report today (yesterday, whatever) was Smaug. As in the dragon. From the Hobbit. As in not Cumberbatch, it's Smaug. Smaug. And it just... it was amazing. Man. This was a really good week for the Report. Which only makes it sadder that it's the penultimate :(

I've only been watching for about 9 months (which means I came in just about on time for the announcement that it was ending to happen), but I've grown so attached to the show. I will miss it and Colbert's character, though I expect to follow him for a very long time.


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