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incredibly silly and just a little bit rude


Kill la Colle...Bros...Legends of...

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Oct 21 2014 · 27 views
smash, more figma nonsense, anime and 1 more...
Someone got loot

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My september figma pre-orders, Kill la Kill's Matoi Ryuko and KanColle's Akagi, finally got here yesterday! Talk about quick shipping. (if my november preorders are like this, I will get them on christmas!) Here they are. It's kind of funny. I've never played KanColle (and the anime isn't for a couple of months still), and from what I've read it seems like the sort of weird fetishistic japanese kind of thing I wouldn't really like. But the designs for some of the ship girls are pretty rad, so I've found myself ordering quite a few KanColle figmas. On the other hand, Kill la Kill is an insanely weird fetishistic japanese kind of thing that I adore, because it is just so ridiculous and over the top, and at least it gets points for feeling more like a parody than anything. (pretty much like PSG) But the design is still admittedly pretty odd.

Akagi won't come out of her package until tomorrow, but I just opened Ryuko, she's pretty great. Her facial expressions are perfect and spot-on and look so, so much better than they did on the prototypes. She's pretty much perfect except Senketsu's eye fell off as soon as I took her out of the package. Which is. Pretty terrible. I applied some clear nail polish to it after I took this picture, and it seems to have fixed it. So that's good. Nail polish truly is the toy collector's best friend.... Anyway, she's a good figure, but I'm still trying to figure out where the heck I'm even going to put her, considering, uh, well. Everything. Maybe I'll just keep the modesty game on front at all times....maybe....

Ryuko and Akagi are my 33rd and 34th figmas, respectively. It feels like it was only four months ago that I started collecting them...because...it....uh. Was.

Anyway. Today I was finally able to buy Smash! It's the first game for the 3DS I've bought since Y, third overall (I'm REALLY getting great mileage out of my 3DS) and first real foray into the world of Smash. I've only tried out a handful of fighters, and I'm still pretty dang bad at it, but after spending about an hour fighting with a couple of friends online, there's no doubt about it: This gon be fun.

I also picked up Braptor's Wing Striker, because I've been wanting this set all frickin' year. Braptor is one of my favorite Chima minifigures ever, and not having him had been bugging me forever. Plus, purple. Now If only I could get Spinlyn...



Posted by farmstink buttlass , Oct 19 2014 · 116 views

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Yeah, pretty much.

I was talking with a friend about the usual things. The tens of bens, the mons of poke, and the gos of, uh, le. Eventually this led to discussing Galidor. If I remember correctly I probably watched one or two episodes of that way back when it, well, existed. But then he found some episodes on youtube and so I was like "ok let's watch the first episode." And then I did. It's pretty silly, as one would expect. But the thing that struck me the most was that Nick Bluetooth was spouting some real ancient aliens stuff on his poor, poor biology teacher, (she's already dealing with teenagers nick come on no one wants to hear about how textbooks are dumb because they only talk about the stuff we know and not the stuff we don't know, namely, aliens) and he's supposed to be the relatable lead. What a great role model.

Galidor is silly.


Homestuck is Back

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Oct 16 2014 · 123 views

Kinda? There was a single page update earlier in the day, but then it got taken down. Mysteries all around.

Unsurprisingly, I'm even farther away from getting around to rereading Homestuck (which is something I decided to do one year (holy cow, a year ago!) ago whenever the gigapause ended) than I was like 3 weeks ago when we first heard the gigapause was ending. Starting to randomly read other webcomics and letting yourself fall behind on your shows is a really terrible idea if you want to be caught up with everything you're doing.

With any luck I will be able to wrap up everything I'm doing and reread Homestuck by the end of the month, and hopefully by that time there will be a substantial amount of new content. This farmstink buttlass is looking forward to it!


Why is this so hard to understand

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Oct 16 2014 · 147 views

No! Writing a completely different, "mature" character after a timeskip is *not* character development, it's not good writing (it is, in fact, incredibly lazy) and it's not at all a good thing! And changing the species, powers, personalities, hobbies, histories, hair color, and entire physical appearances of characters, definitely count as retcons!


I hate the UAF Ben 10 fandom. I'm just done. It takes an amazing amount of cognitive dissonance to completely ignore all the retcons (read again: they constantly changed the species, powers, personalities, hobbies, histories and even hair colors of various characters) and character mangling their beloved series pulled and then turn around and complain about how one character in the sequel series is the wrong color. Which apparently means that they are throwing the entire history of the franchise out the window. Because he is the wrong color. I generally despise the use of the word "childish" as a derogatory, but that's exactly what some of these people are. It's incredibly irritating. I'm just so done.

It's a good thing I have this blog I really like having somewhere to vent on any random old thing.

on a brighter note, speaking of colors and Ben 10, though, the purple alternate Ben is the coolest.


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