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incredibly silly and just a little bit rude


Oh yeah a MOC

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Jan 26 2015 · 59 views

Rain cleared up so I was able to take some pics, so here is a MOC.

Posted Image

^click for topic^

The first thing I've posted in the BBC since, like...2010 I think. Kinda crazy.
Check it out, maybe. Comments are welcome.


I'm disappointed.

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Jan 26 2015 · 101 views
bionicle 2015
As Bionicle 2015 was announced and people started voicing their opinions on the reboot, I think I was definitely amongst the ones most strongly in support of it. I blogged about that quite a bit anyways. And I mean, I still love most of it. The sets are fantastic and I think the story that was set up at the beginning with this was really great. Okoto is beautiful, and I think they could have (still could) do some really great things.

So it's honestly really disappointing how disappointed I am with the animations as a whole.

The length I think is the main issue. One minute thirty seconds is nothing. It stifles sensible pacing, substantial character interaction, and exploration slash world building. Of course, we knew they were going to be this short since the reboot was formally announced, and it bothered me, but I was optimistic because of one thing: the assurance that there would be a lot of them.

Nine episodes is not a lot. It's not even nearly a lot. It's nine minute and a half episodes.

Of course, it might end up being a lot in the end. I expect, and most of all hope, that the summer will have more shorts dedicated to it. And they'll probably be a lot better, because the team will already be together and so we'll be able to see more of everyone instead of just Tahu. And the plot won't be as straightforward. I am sure I'll find those interesting. Way optimistic about those.

But that's the future. Right now, all we have is nine, and they're...sigh. It's honestly just kind of frustrating, because I love the art style, I like the animation, the backgrounds are beautiful, I like the narrator, and I enjoyed pretty much every character interaction we saw. The problem is that we saw so little of all of that stuff than I don't think saying all that means much. They could have easily made something great, if only they could have expanded on all that stuff more. But they didn't because they couldn't because 1:30 isn't anything. The pacing was honestly just all over the place. Started too fast, got stuck focusing on Tahu, and then ended before one could even begin to take it all in. It just...isn't good. As much as I would want it to be, and as much as I want to like them.

The way I was imagining it to go for the winter would probably require at least 18 episodes. 3 just to set up the story, and the Toa crashing down. Then 6 episodes, one for each Toa, on their journey towards their masks, where we would see a little character interaction, explore the Protectors as characters, see more of Okoto. Really basic stuff. Then 6+, at least one each of the Toa getting their masks. Then 3 or 4 of the Toa meeting up and doing all the stuff they ended up doing. I guess the last few episodes are fine, but I still feel we missed out on heaps of possible character interaction. Again, time is the issue.

I think that's the basic structure that I would have been satisfied with, but even with 18 or so episodes I'm not sure they would have pulled it off that well. Not if they're stuck being 90 second animations. You can't really do anything in that time. Not without having it turn out feeling rushed. A bare minimum of 3 minutes per episode would have been great. Heck, if even the 9 we had were 3 minutes maybe that would have worked a lot better. I don't know. All I know is I'm not satisfied at all with what we got.

Especially not fond of the fact that it turns out everyone who thought the Protectors would turn out to be nameless, faceless, non-characters were right. Biggest disappointment out of this whole thing, I think.

I just really hope the books are good.


Impulse MoCing.

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Jan 25 2015 · 57 views

So yesterday I went ahead and dismantled most of my CCBS sets so I could MoC some. I don't really have that many since I mostly stopped buying constraction in 2012. I missed out on so many sets, and so many colors that would be really useful...I want some earth green and dark red parts, for instance, but those are pretty rare. I may have to end up bricklinking some stuff.
Wish that Lego had made some earth blue shells at some point, though. I whipped up one MoC that I actually am surprisingly pleased with, but the color scheme could use some work, by which I mean more earth blue than just a skull spider mask and some knives. Still, she looks decent. I'll probably try to take some photos when the weather permits.

CCBS is a lot of fun to MoC with. It always has been, but I've always kept my HF sets built, so...never did it too much. Fun to play around with anyway. I warmed up by building this guy without much rhyme or reason. (Witch Doctor is a great set to have to just be able to snap together so many bones. Quite a lot of fun.) Before I tried out a Toa mod I had been planning for a few days. I just wish I had more colors...


Deadpan: the panels

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Jan 25 2015 · 41 views

Sometimes, just sometimes, Gokukoku no Brynhildr is really funny.
It's probably even better without context.

(this manga is messed up, though. but it was done by the same person as elfen lied, so not much of a surprise i guess...)


Digimon: Manga Edition.

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Jan 23 2015 · 70 views
A few years back in 2012 I set to revisit one of my favorite childhood series, Digimon. I watched Tamers, Adventure, and Adventure 02 (and about a fourth of Frontier). It was fun. Digimon is a fun franchise and it was great to watch all that stuff I only vaguely remembered. Which was only the anime.

Anyway, earlier this week I started reading some of the Digimon manga. I started out with Digimon Next by accident, and then read Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01. I liked Next, but...honestly, I am having a hard time right now even remembering what happened in it even though I read it just 4 days ago. Hmmm... It was a decent story, but nothing all too memorable, I guess? At least the first half or so. The second half of Next got really dark and grim at points. Some interesting moments, but in general...just ok.

V-Tamer 01 was a lot more memorable. It felt like more of a true full-fleshed Digimon story, though it's very unique compared to the anime what with having only the one main human and his partner Digimon, who actually is treated as an equal, as well as their companion buddy Gabo. Also that whole Digimon having actual names thing is kinda cool. The first few dozen chapters were pretty generic stuff, but after a while things start getting kind of interesting. If a tad over-the-top. Seriously, the bad guy in this thing is such an awful dude. In true Digimon fashion, he eventually redeems himself, but it's hard to really be satisfied with that since he is really just the worst person ever. If maybe he hadn't done every villainous thing imaginable while being the greatest arrogant sociopath ever conceived, his eventual turn to the good side could be seen in a realistic way. As it is it's probably the biggest flaw in the manga that someone didn't just try to bite his head off after all he did. Oh and V-Tamer 01 had three crossover chapters, two with the anime (Adventure 02 and Frontier) and one with Ryo. Those were a lot of fun too. It's not perfect, but it's a solid entry into the Digimon history book. I think I like it more than Adventure 02, anyway.

In other news, Digimon Adventure tri starts in a few months! 15 or so years after Adventure 02 ended, we're getting a sequel. I'm insanely excited for that. I hope it turns out great.


what a mary sue

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