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incredibly silly and just a little bit rude


Literary Masochism is Great Fun*

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Jan 23 2013 · 132 views
aaaaaah, dotcom selfhates
*blatant lies

So as I said in a previous blog entry I plan to at least finish reading the Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan despite my utter lack of interest in his writing whatsoever.

With that goal in mind, I checked out The Mark of Athena from the school library a day or so ago. I've been occupied reading another book (Like We Care, which I can't say to have enjoyed in any form whatsoever) for the past few weeks, so I haven't been able to read it at all. But what I did notice was that the thing was almost 600 pages long. (Holy) I feel I may just drift into eternal slumber reading this thing. Considering how much work and studying I'm going to have over the next few months it's probably going to take me the entire semester to finish ._.

Then again, I do remember that the demigod books by Riordan are masterpieces compared to the Kane Chronicles, so maybe it won't be that bad? I remember some actually decent character development in the last book (!!!).

I guess I'll just ride/read it out.



Posted by farmstink buttlass , Jan 22 2013 · 114 views

Woah woah woah. Just became aware of this TV project thing by Steambot Studios. The animation for the trailer alone looks better than practically anything and the premise is very interesting. Great design also.

I will definitely keep tabs on this.



Posted by farmstink buttlass , Jan 08 2013 · 120 views

I'm still just on LeafGreen.



Maybe I Am Looking Too Much Into This

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Jan 02 2013 · 235 views

But the fact that Crooler has like a dozen piercings sends some unfortunate implications.

"Hey look little girls, if you get piercings you will turn into an evil crocodile woman!"

That said, she's cool, like all the other crocodiles. She has purple! (Yay purple)

The Command Ship is just awesome overall, really.


1 Part Courage, 2 Parts Hobbit, 1099 Parts Chima

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Jan 02 2013 · 100 views

Went to a mall in San Diego today, the only place in my vicinity with a LEGO store.

So yeah. Got Cragger's Command Ship, Eris' Eagle Interceptor, Razcal's Glider and Ewar's Acro Fighter. Since I spent the whole day in the mall, I've only opened the Acro Fighter. It's meh. but it's a polybag and free, so, not unsurprising. And even though Ewar is the least interesting of all Chima figs, he is still fairly awesome. (Do not undestand why he has goggles, though. Those are Equila's one distinguishing factor. Ewar's distinguishing factor is that he doesn't have one.)

Also, saw The Hobbit. It was enjoyable, but that's really the only word I'd use to describe it.


what a mary sue

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