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incredibly silly and just a little bit rude


The people in my school have no spirit

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Oct 31 2012 · 123 views

There were so few people in costume this year at my high school. In previous years practically everybody was in their halloween getup. This year like one in every ten people was in costume.

Not that I can judge, seeing as how I don't do Halloween, but still.

There were a bunch of interesting costumes around though. A friend of mine is really tall and hyperflexible so he dressed up as Slenderman. It was surprisingly convincing. (he also got into a fight with a Dora the Explorer, so that was hilarious)

There was also a communist Darth Vader walking around. That was my personal favorite.

I aslo saw a bunch fo people in Homestuck cosplay. A while ago that would have surprised me, but now I barely batted an eyelid.

Strangely enough, every subsequent troll costume was lamer than the last. I first saw a girl in full Vriska get up, which was actually neat. Then I saw another girl in a mostly fine Karkat costume, except her hair was really short and straight for some reason, though still decent. And then there was a girl who had a very badly painted Capricorn symbol on her shirt and pure white facepaint on. That was literally the extent of her Gamzee cosplay. she wasn't even wearing horns, which is strange, because she's worn horns before. As in, outside the context of Halloween. Just randomly worn troll horns. Then there was another girl, whose entire John outfit was the long sockhoodie. Which was actually awesome, but still made for an incomplete costume.



My First Pokemon Experience

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Oct 24 2012 · 125 views
its gen 3, spec. leafgreen
I don't have any handheld systems except for a GBA SP. And I was in a Pokemon buying mood a couple weeks ago. So I got a copy of LeafGreen from eBay.

I've only played like 3 hours, but it's fun enough I guess. My team currently consists of a Bulbasaur (level 11) , Rattata, Mankey and Pidgey (all level 10), as well as a Caterpie and Spearow I don't think I'm gonna keep.

confession time: I only bought this game to give everything I got silly or referential/both names. Rattata is Yuki-chan (she had a male counterpart named yuki-sama but he's gone) as in from Fruits Basket? Mankey is Hecksmonki (except not heck) like from PSG. My character is named Maka and my rival is Soul. Spearow is Spiriah. Pidgey is seppucry for no reason at all.

Bulbasaur is Morbuztrip, as in morbuzakh and mobious strip??? Neither of those things actually has anything to do with bulbasaur at all? I was going to name him Chikorita, but eh.

Anyway yeah.

I wish I could get an Elekid in Lg so I could name him Ehlek's Id


I take the best notes

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Oct 18 2012 · 126 views
school, my handwriting and 1 more...
Posted Image
This is what every single worksheet I get at school looks like.
Actually, no. I've been too restrained with this one. Usually I have way more doodling everywhere.

There is not a single thing I own that has been left undisturbed by my stupid drawing urges.
There is not a single class I actually pay attention to.

*is a straight-A student*


My Face When Internet

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Oct 13 2012 · 105 views
flabergasted is, a funny word
My Face When Internet Also known as my new avatar makes it look like I'm perpetually flabbergasted.


Unpopular Food Opinion

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Oct 12 2012 · 153 views

Oatmeal cookies are the best cookies, and that is that.


what a mary sue

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