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incredibly silly and just a little bit rude


Collectable Minifigure Fun

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Apr 29 2013 · 104 views

I haven't bought anything LEGO-related in what, five months? Darn.
Anyways, yesterday I got a couple of Series 9 figs at random, because why not. I only felt them around a little. I thought I had one of two  minifigures with a sloped brick, and one with chest armor. I actually had another minifig with a sloped brick I had not noticed on the packaging (The Starlet) and the Mermaid, whose hair also goes over both sides of the chest piece.
I am not too good at feeling through bags.
This is still what I call a Best Case Scenario.
(Also now I have a 12:5 ratio of Female and Male minifigures. That's....interesting)


Railgun S, Episode 3

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Apr 28 2013 · 93 views
toaru, railgun
Oh god Kuroko.
Kuroko what are you even doing.
Also, a Sister at last! Was expecting something more (Accelerator needs to get on this pronto) but a good episode still.


Railgun S Episode 2

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Apr 21 2013 · 100 views
toaru, railgun s
Oh yess, the plot. It begins. Soon the clones will show. Maybe.
Also, the new ending. I am a fan of it.


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Apr 15 2013 · 111 views
That was a good first episode. The climax had plenty of memorable moments and I really want to see what the deal is with that Misaki girl now.
Pretty mixed about FUNimation's sub. How they go from Onee-sama to Sissy I will never understand. And adding "Miss" every time -san is used strikes me as pretty unnecessary, but eh. I will get over it.
The intro, as expected of Railgun, is pretty top-notch. Not quite as great as the second one, but it's pretty great.


In which dotcom Draws a Toa

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Apr 05 2013 · 115 views
arts, mediocre draws, toa
I really haven't drawn anything even remotely Bionicle-related in a while, so today when I had some free time during art class I sketched out this lady real quick.
Posted Image
I'm not really sure what I was going for with that cape. Or the gun. Or her left hand.
I blame the fact that, again, this was just a really quick sketch. /excuses
Anyway. Yeah.


what a mary sue

April 2013


About: dotcom

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Bohrok-Kal Vanquished
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