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incredibly silly and just a little bit rude


2008 is a really weird year

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Oct 12 2014 · 161 views

The complaints a lot of people have against 2008 have always confused me a little. That the canister sets have repetitive builds, that they look very little like their original characters, and that they have boring color schemes are all common, and in fact legitimate, complaints. But it's always been strange to me that 2008 has always been singled out, when all of these are pretty much Bionicle had since the very beginning.

Obviously the first six years of Bionicle were plagued with clone sets, but even beyond that, looking at sets across different years still shows a bit of repetition. The Mata build was replicated wholesale for the Nuva, and was used once again for Takanuva in 2003. The Kal obviously were just recolored Bohrok. The Vahki were a strange mix of Rahkshi and Metru. 2005 is probably the one and only year in Bionicle's entire run to have unique builds for both waves of canisters sets, and even then only kind of.

Form changes from the very beginning have always resulted in drastically different characters. It's always felt to me to be kinda disingenuous to accuse the Mistika and Phantoka of not looking anything like the original Nuva when the original Nuva also barely resembled their original--and far superior aesthetically--Mata forms, colors aside. Similarly, other changes (the Turaga, Metru and Hordika, Matoran, Inika and to a lesser extent the Mahri) also barely resembled their originals. This was not a new thing in any way.

As for colors, while the gray, black and silver so prominent in 2008 definitely led to some boring color schemes, we do tend to ignore that from 2003 up to 2005 we had sets using pretty much nothing but gray/silver as secondary colors. (with the sole exception of the Visorak) And that lasted for quite a while longer than just 2008. Of course, it is true that most of these were somewhat more balanced and featured grays as a secondary color but still. It's odd.

Of course, I suppose that part of the frustration with 2008 is the fact that they were going back to all this bad stuff. Though even then, I've never seen it presented as this. It's never "2008 is bad because it's going back to some of the poorer parts of older years," it's just "2008 sucks." Shrug. Like I said , I understand the complaints and do think they're legitimate, but I still find it odd how much 2008 is singled out. Maybe that's just me.


2015 bionicle is just a cashgrab

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Oct 10 2014 · 215 views

original flavor bionicle though? they kept that thing running out of pure love.

the love ran out after they introduced that STUPID giant robot twist, eugh, who ever came up with that garbage


bionicle 2015 is so gross

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Oct 09 2014 · 176 views

Ugh. Just look at all this KIDSY ANIMATION and CHILDISH SOUNDING NONSENSE ugh they're just JUNIORIZING EVERYTHING and i HATE IT i am SO BETRAYED by lego >:C WHO DO THEY EVEN THINK BUYS THEIR PRODUCTS??? Kids? Kids don't buy anything. Kids are the worst. It's all young adults who buy constructable action figures these days so they should be catering to me only. Ugh.

This is all so childish, is my totally mature opinion.


Secret Missions from the Hero Factory

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Oct 09 2014 · 68 views
hero factory, books!
So after my huge blog post the other day about Hero Factory I decided I should buy some of the HF books like I've been meaning to do for quite some time now. I bought the first two only, so far, because Aanchir said the BA books weren't as good and I was never a fan of the Brains anyway. I'll probably get the others before too long, but for now Doom Box and Legion of Darkness are all I have to go on.

They were quite good.

Doom Box was interesting. I was definitely a fan of the way the story was structured--with the first half being flashbacks "told" through old mission logs, and the second half having the Heroes revisit the scene of those earlier missions...it certainly made for a nice bit of in-story continuity. And there was also a fair bit of world...galaxy?building, even if a bit derivative. The story itself was fairly straightforward, and the mysteries not too compelling, but it was a good book regardless. One thing that was a bit of a bother, though, was the high amount of characters, most of which really didn't contribute much to the plot. Worst of all, Nex and Evo were completely irrelevant in every way. (My poor poor Nex why must you suffer so) And the fact that there were so many characters really brought out one of Greg's biggest drawbacks as a writer: he has a difficult time giving his characters distinct voices. Everyone pretty much talks the same, makes the same kinds of jokes and witty quips, and seem to share the exact same vocabulary. It's really a shame. Another problem is that with so many characters (and this being only the first book) no one had any time to get developed, so when Surge has his supposed moral quandary, it barely means anything because we had to be told that this is a thing he had struggled with and that this was an Important Moment. It was really not as good as it could have been, but it was nevertheless a decent enough beginning to the series. Cut out some characters, develop them a little, and add a more interesting plot, and this series could have something really good.

Legion of Darkness had a lot less characters, developed them slightly, and had an interesting plot. I liked it a lot. Though...I suppose less characters is incorrect. Doom Box had nine heroes and one villain. Legion of Darkness had five heroes and eight villains. However, by virtue of the villains being, well, villains, the story didn't feel as cluttered. Each had some sort of specific quirk to them that made them recognizable and distinct enough, and each was only important for limited time, so unlike with the heroes in DB you didn't really find yourself seeing them all blend together in an amorphous blob of hero. As for the heroes, well, Thresher aside, I'd say Greg did a good job at characterizing them pretty well. Stringer in particular felt like a pretty distinct character, due to the way his loyalty and ideals were contrasted with his sensibility and wariness. And the stuff going on with Von Ness felt a lot more natural and impactful than the stuff with Surge.

(but it was weird that everyone got called my their last name only except for von ness, who was always Von Ness)

It was also really cool seeing young Preston Stormer--his idealism, rashness, and overall air of inexperience painted a great foil to the weathered leader we usually see portrayed in HF media. As for Bulk...can't say I thought much of his characterization, but, maybe that's just the fact that there really wasn't much going on with his character in this one. But speaking of young Stormer, just seeing the portrayal of the beginnings of the Hero Factory was oh so good. It is pretty much all I could have wanted from a story about it, really. And of course it's a Breakout story, so we had all the cool villains from that wave running around being generally terrible and entertaining. I do feel kind of sad that the 2010 villains weren't invited (they were all themed individually like the Breakout characters and had colorful personas, so I'm sure they would have fit right in) but I suppose with as many villains as we already had (poor Thornraxx did little besides getting splattered) it might have been a bit much.

But yeah. LoD was just a very good book and it pretty much delivered on what I wanted out of a HF book. It expanded upon the year's story in ways that were far superior to the episodes. (granted not a very high bar to reach, but I don't mean this sarcastically at all) while at the same time telling good, concise side stories that help to suggest the bigger scope of the kind of stories you can tell with the HF setting. I'm honestly pretty sad that the Secret Mission series didn't start back in 2010....or continue into 2014. From what I've read, they were great. I'll definitely have to buy the other three soon.

Two last things to note, though. First, it's odd, but it seems the books didn't care to stay in continuity with the Breakout episodes--Whereas in the tv thing Surge, Stormer, and Stringer (plus the others) all accomplish their missions simultaneously, in the book Surge caught Splitface a while ago, but Voltix and Speeda Demon are still on the loose. And while in the show no one seems to know who Black Phantom is, LoD shows he was kind of a very important figure in the beginnings of the factory, so go figure. I really don't mind--the show is terrible--but it seems like a weird way to do things anyway.

Second, it seems that only robots exist in bookverse HF. Organics aren't things. And that's weird.

edit:also reading these books really made me want to finish my breakout collection, even from wave 2. i don't really see that happening with some of these prices and 2015 Bionicle+Chima in the horizon, but you never know...


i'm trying really hard to be excited about bionicle

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Oct 07 2014 · 146 views
cartoons, ben 10 cartoons and 1 more...
Yeah it's not happening. I can't even begin to feel even slightly impatient or excited about whatever may come from Comic-Con. I'm just. Not into it.

I make it no secret that I'm a huge fan of the Ben 10 franchise. I've always been a fan, from the first episode back in 2006. There were some rough times in the period of 2008-2012, but the latest installment in the franchise, Omniverse, is everything I've ever wanted from the franchise. It's great. I may be the only one in this website who cares (i'm not, because this guyis also a huge dork, but not really the point) but I'm still going to talk about it.

I've been impatiently and excitedly waiting for episodes 49 and 50 of Ben 10 Omniverse to air since mid 2013, when we first heard of them. More that just the 50 episode benchmark for Omniverse, they mark the 200th episode of the entire franchise. As such, they were designed to be big. And as Omniverse progressively begins to delve deeper into the multiverse/time war plotline that started back in like, episode 23, it was going to be big big, going full parallel universes and multidimensional fights on us. It's been a long wait. And, in fact, these episodes were supposed to air last may or so. However, for reasons nobody understands (and everyone, including the show's makers, hated), CN replaced the big arc finale with episodes 51 and 52, which were notably far less appropriate for big milestone episodes. (though the fact that episode 50 was replaced by episode 52, which deals with how hard it is to deal with tv people, was very funny to all of us)

Anyway, Omniverse went on hiatus after that, and it only came back yesterday. They're airing the next 20 episodes in these next 4 weeks, one every weekday. That is slightly worrying, because it feels like they're just burning through what little there's left of the show so they can get rid of it. (especially odd considering that by all accounts its ratings were pretty good) On the other hand, a lot of these episodes have aired in other countries during the hiatus, and I've hated having to stay off fansites for fear of spoilers, so being able to catch up is nice.

Anyway anyway, today episode 50 finally aired. It was by far the most anticipated episode, probably of the entire franchise, I'd guess. This could have easily backfired. The hype was high, and the expectations on a simple big fight between a lot of alternate Bens. We did not get that at all. Instead, we got a very strong, fairly personal story about one particular alternate Ben, one without any powers. It was well written, it was impactful, and it went back to the roots of the franchise and was really just so much better than anything I or anyone else could have hoped for. Even the stauncher critics of Omniverse admit it was a good one. And it really was.

It's just strange, you know? Having all your expectations surpassed, even though they were already sky-high. It's really quite cathartic. I'm probably among Omniverse's biggest fans, and I will be the first to tell you that the last couple of times there was a highly anticipated story arc or finale they kind of botched it up. (you wouldn't think they'd be able to botch up a simple evil counterpart teamup or monster planet plot, but there we are) Having something that really delivered on pretty much every front after so many months of anticipation and constant hype....it's just fantastic. I'm in a state of nirvana right now. All is well with the world.

So, two more days for Bionicle news? Eh, it sure is a period of time. I'm pretty sure it'll be a while until there's another 2 days that felt as slow as these past two, just waiting for these episodes to air. And I'm even surer it'll be even longer until the payoff is as great as it was this time.

All is well.


what a mary sue

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