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incredibly silly and just a little bit rude


I COULD blog about bionicle

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Sep 08 2014 · 81 views
But hey apparently Nintendo is finally releasing Diancie....through gamestop codes....which, from what I've heard went over splendidly with the Pinsirite/Heracrosite events.....oh boy.


A figma God Descends on Bookshelf

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Sep 07 2014 · 72 views
figma, monogatari, kyoshinhei and 2 more...
Sometimes when I see a figure I can like it so much I get a little obsessed with getting that figure. It's happened a few times...Strength, Jougasaki Mika, Shirai Kuroko.....latest thing that's happened to is this handsome, sexy fellow:

Posted Image
That would be the Kyoshinhei ("Giant Warrior") from a Ghibli tokusatsu short (A Giant/Warrior Warrior/God Descends on Tokyo) that serves as a vague prequel to the old Miyazaki film Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. He's a pretty monstrous and really very cool and unique figma among the sea of japanese schoolgirls that is the figma line. Not to mention that he's based on my favorite Miyazaki movie, so there was no way I wasn't going to get him eventually. So here he is, in eventually. He's pretty cool.

Along with him came Aigis (The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena ver. (long name) there on the right. She has so many guns and is generally very neat. Also Racing Miku 2011 (behind kyoshinhei) I don't like or understand Vocaloid fan culture, especially not surrounding Miku (who imo sounds the worst out of them all) but this (and really only this) design I thought was good enough to warrant buying. It turns out all it ever took to convince me to like Hatsune Miku is to give her spiky hair and an older-looking appearance.

Most importantly (and the best figma out of the 4 i got in this shipment) Araragi Karen, is doing her whole warrior of justice this on the left. Karen is great. The huge majority of all figmas either wear uniforms, cosplay, or some sort of series-specific clothing (or various combinations thereof) so a figma in casual clothing is about the rarest thing ever. I'm no fan of Karen in the actual anime (since her only purpose seems to be Incest Subtext, And Sometimes Text Too) but as a figure she's pretty much perfect. Along with Hanekawa and Hachikuji I'd say she's one of the best I've gotten so far, which really sets a great precedent for the Monogatari series. I have a Tsukihi, Senjougahara and Koyomi coming, and I hope they're as good as the ones I've gotten already. (And I hope that whenever I get around to ordering Kanbaru and Nadeko, they too will be good. Also whenever Shinobu comes out, I guess)

[end of part 16 of the ongoing series "this dude has way way way too many anime figures"]


Kamen Rider Ryuki: End

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Sep 06 2014 · 56 views
I finished Kamen Rider Ryuki today. It was, all around, pretty great. I liked a lot of the characters (Kitaoka, mainly) it had great humor when it needed to (episode 29 is the darn greatest thing ever) and a bunch of pretty solid designs. Also that opening theme is going to be stuck in my head for the next 13 years. I do have a few complaints (Ryuga, Femme, and Verde only appearing in specials/movies, an unsatisfactory conclusion to Toujou's character arc, a messy, overlong and probably unnecessary epilogue, the fact that to be honest I still have no idea about how anything works, etc.) but mostly? Fantastic

One thing that really surprised me sometime is how much death there was. There was so much death, guys. Oh man. I wasn't ready for those last two episodes (especially not 49...) and even before that...man. And that's putting aside the probably hundreds of civilian deaths. So much despair.

Also, poor, poor Imperer. He just wanted to be happy! Aaaaaaaaaah that episode killed me.

I still need to watch Episode Final, and then i'll probably be moving onto another Kamen Rider. I'm not sure which, though. Kabuto seems to have cool designs, and apparently W is great. Maybe I'll just go in order? Who knows.

I still need Knight, Scissors, Raia, Verde and Ryuga's figmas.....soooon.....soooooooon all the Riders will be mine.....


Ultimate Eight-Sword Technique!

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Sep 01 2014 · 99 views

Posted Image

Truly a most practical and safe fighting style.


Mahou figma Medaka Magica

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Aug 29 2014 · 102 views
figmas, many figmas and 3 more...
I received some stuff today. It was this stuff:

Posted Image

Just Kyouko, Sayaka and Shiranui, I mean. (that's the red one, the blue one, and the tiny blue one, for those that aren't giant weebs like me) Not the rest. The rest were already there. Even Homura, who seems to be unhappy about the fact that there are now 2 magical girl figmas there who don't suck a lot.

They don't suck a lot. Or at all, really. Kyouko is one of the best looking figmas I've gotten so far, and Sayaka, save for a couple of very annoying stray paint marks on her faces (which you can't even see) and a generally not great paint job, is the same. Sayaka has SO many swords. Like eight. And Kyouko's staff is very fun to play around with. Plus she comes with pocky and taiyaki. Very complete figures without any great defects. They are so much better than Homura.

The tiny girl, Shiranui, is from my favorite manga, Medaka Box. Unfortunately Medaka Box never got any figures or anything, so this tiny little statue thing is all I could get. It's enough, though. Very accurate (ignoring the whole super deformed thing) And just as cute as a Shiranui should be.

I have a lot of other figmas coming. Just so many. I got these two from AmiAmi's pre-owned section, which is like simultaneously the best and worst thing on the whole world. Best, because so many great cheap figmas. Worst, because as cheap as they are they still aren't free. (Except for that one Kamen Rider Odin, he was like 950 yen, which for a figma may just as well be free) I believe the number right now is 15 more? (jesus) Among them are 2 other Madoka figmas, Nagisa and Mami. Which means all I need to complete my basic Madoka collection is....Madoka. This is what irony is.

Also, they were supposedly pre-owned, but you wouldn't really be able to tell because they had all the original packaging and as far as I could see hadn't been opened at all. Guess that's the A rating for you.

Bonus: Katou Emiri group photo! Shiranui Hansode, Hachikuji Mayoi, and Kyubey all share a voice actor. Even more interestingly, two of these characters were created by the same person (NisiOisiN) and two of these characters' anime were from the same studio (SHAFT) So many kind of coincidences. The anime world is a small one.


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