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incredibly silly and just a little bit rude


Scorpio Photoshoot

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Feb 15 2015 · 68 views

My camera is charged now so here's a bunch of silly photos.

Posted Image

Function at rest
Function at work
Size comp (he's pretty small!)
Scolder Ultrabuild????
Skull Scorpio

Haha ok that deteriorated quickly but yeah.


From: OFFICIAL Bionicle 2015 Topic (Skull Scorpio Mock-up)

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Feb 15 2015 · 71 views

So with the very nice and detailed pictures we got from the Toy Fair I was able to whip something up.

Posted Image

I was only able to take this really terrible photo before my camera died but basically I built a Skull Scorpio. But blue.
With the exception of new parts (and a smaller rubber band), and the fact that I'm probably using the wrong kind of connector for the pincers, I'm pretty sure that I built it correctly.

And I have to say, I'm definitely more pleased with the design than I would have expected.
The function is A LOT of fun. Wow. I'm going to be using this thing for days. Pretty well done. Looks pretty awkward, but if it's too much of a bother you can definitely just shorten it and switch out the weapons for something of more manageable size. It's not really as big as it looks in pictures.

The body itself is built pretty solidly. I imagine it'll look more impressive with the new ribcage shell, but it still looks pretty good to me. The lack of articulation on the legs doesn't bother me much--I imagine if they could move, the function would cause all sorts of stability issues. So I'm ok with it.

The arms are still kind of eh, especially the hands, beacuse wow those are terrible hands. But it's not really anything that a little modding can't fix.

The actual thing will certainly be different from what I have now, and I imagine it'll only look better with the boney bones and the ribcage shell and the new skull mask (though honestly he sports the Skull Spider mask pretty well). The color scheme is probably the only thing I'm gonna miss. The colors on the real guy aren't so hot. Also the new axe piece looks way too big but whatevs.
I imagine the real selling point will be the function, and again, that is a lot of fun. While writing this post I periodically stopped because I got distracted using it. It's a fun function.

Source: OFFICIAL Bionicle 2015 Topic


eBay Factory

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Feb 14 2015 · 63 views

So yeah after getting the Combat Machine I got the urge to hunt down a few Hero Factory sets I'd been wanting. I was able to snatch up these four for pretty cheap.

Posted Image

Jaw Beast is pretty cool. Very simple build, but a very clean color scheme, some very useful parts, and a great overall look. Stormer is also pretty great--out of the four Herofigs I have, I think he definitely has the best helmet. Jaw Beast, BA Breez and Breakout Breez all came from the same seller, used, and each had a little problem of their own. For Jaw Beast, Stormer's spear was missing. It's not really something that bothers me. It came with an extra purple spike too, so ey. Pretty satisfied with this one.

Brain Attack Breez is...cool? She's alright. The color scheme doesn't work as great in person as I had hoped. Great parts, though. The silver OoF knives are gonna be super helpful. Also, first time I've gotten the BA head! For whatever reason, the seller sent a Trans Fluorescent Green head instead of a Trans Bright Green one. Which I'm really super ok with, because it's not like I was ever planning on getting a set with a head in that color, so yay. Anyway, it's a neat part, and I'll probably be using it for something soon. Slightly disappointed that apparently BA helmets don't fit on old Glatorian heads, though. Anyway, she's a decent set, but best as a parts pack.

Breakour Breez is great. She was the last set I needed to finish wave 1 of Breakout (which is my favorite HF wave of all time) and she does not disappoint. Great parts (especially as I never got the 2010 version), great aesthetic like all the other Breakout Heroes...I love her color scheme and I love her shield (the Breakout shield is one of my favorite parts). I love the colored bones! The white ones in particular would have come in handy when I was building Krika, but oh well. She's really cool. I kind of wish she used the torso with the narrower shoulders, though. They're so wide as it is that the shoulder armor kind of feels gappy.
Her head had some weird white paint on the eyes, for some weird reason? I couldn't wash it off, so I just replaced it with some spare head. Not really a problem.

Ogrum I was able to get new, so no problems for him...well, none as far as condition is concerned. The design, on the other hand...well. The colors and parts are pretty dang great. Reddish brown and earth green are two colors completely absent from my ccbs collection, and while he doesn't come with tons or anything, it's enough. I also like the titanium metallic chest armor and of course you'll never see me complain about more trans bright green. But...dang. He ugly. And not as far as the face is concerned, that's an awesome face. But his proportions are just...blegh. The head is enormous, ridiculously so. They made these brains way too big, and the face too. It looks absurd. And the feet are so awfully big too. Whereas the hands feel unfinished in different ways. He does not look great, sadly.

I skipped Brain Attack when it was happening, and now having the 2 sets from that year that looked the best to me...yeah. I was not missing out on much. But the parts really are pretty great. On the other hand, Breakout is still the best wave, and Invasion from Below is ok.


Today, Combat Machine. Today.

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Feb 09 2015 · 98 views

I had a near-Combat Machine experience last week, but did not go through with it. But I then spent a while thinking about it and decided it was too good a deal to pass up. So I went back to the Lego store today and got me the last Combat Machine they had.

Yeah it's.
Kind of.

I appreciate some of the things they were trying to do, I guess? I do like how the area with Surge's cockpit is constructed, I suppose. It's decent.
But as a whole it's as gappy and undeveloped as I expected it would be. Not impressive. (why the heck are the legs such different lengths)

But that's ok. I only paid 15 bucks for it and I only wanted its parts anyway. And oh my, these parts. This is the first time I've gotten the Stormer XL feet, square Breakout cladding, short double socket, the jumpers, the cockpit piece, and of course Surge and Rocka's mini-helmets. And the Phantoka wings recolor is pretty nice, as are the red cocoon pieces. And you can never have enough stud shooters. Not to mention all these dang bones, which although not rare, are always welcome. Oh, and the small beast feet. Best feet, more like. So yeah, it's a pretty nice haul of parts. This thing is going to come in pretty useful in MOCing in the near future. edit: whoa that was quick

The Lego store still has a ton of Tunneler Beasts and Rocka Crawlers for like 6 bucks, and while they're tempting, I don't really see anything in either that I really need. Kinda wish they had the Flea Machine...


Joined Eurobricks

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Feb 06 2015 · 145 views

Posted Image

At the very least, I should be recognizable...


what a mary sue

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