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incredibly silly and just a little bit rude


More Minifigure Gets

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Mar 11 2012 · 30 views

So I went to Target AGAIN for some collectible minifigs, because they are awesome. The box they come in was completely empty when I went in (Way to go, scalpers), but by looking around in a bunch of aisles I managed to find 6 packs. One of them was the Galaxy Girl, so I left that one behind, but I got all the others. The others I felt to be a Clockwork Robot, Minotaur, Bandit, Celtic Warrior, and one other with an amorphous blob I assumed was the Sleepyhead's teddy bear (Ended up being the Skater Chick's skateboard) All in all, a pretty great load. The Minotaur and Celtic Warrior have amazing printing and parts. The bandit just looks awesome. I hadn't registered that the Skater girl had arm printing, which I understand is very rare, so that's awesome. The Clockwork bot is fine. Its joints are a bit loose, and the head is a bit flat, but it's still pretty good. Surprisingly, it's probably my least favorite of the five I got, even though an hour ago I felt nothing but disdain towards the Celtic Warrior. I'm still not a big fan of his face, but the printing is nothing short of perfection. Everyone should get a Celtic Warrior, because the printing is just that good.

I only have 6 figs to go now (Sleepyhead, Leprechaun, Roman Soldier, Butcher, Mechanic and Genie). The genie, soldier and sleepyhead are some of my favorites, but the elusive tools escape me thus. The rest I'll probably just get for the sake of competition.


With A Heavy Heart, Stocking Departs

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Mar 09 2012 · 32 views

I don't think I've ever had a name as awesome as my previous one.

Also I'm getting early summer cold this year. Just my luck.
Do you guys even know what it is sweating bullets and still having a cold? It's STUPID.


The Powerpuff Girls

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Mar 06 2012 · 37 views

I'd forgotten how great this show was. It's like FiM in it's silly girly charm with more appealing undertones, but it's exponentially better in almost every way. The series' humor, egregious amounts of violence and universally-appealing content makes it one of my favorite cartoons of all time. Not to mention it's the series with the most disturbingly evil interpretation of the devil. Actually, all the regular villains were pretty cool.

Except Fuzzy, Fuzzy is lame.


Collectible Minifigure Wows

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Mar 03 2012 · 35 views
and 2 more...
So today I made my way to a Target for a redo of last week, and using my surprisingly advanced bag-feeling abilities, got 3 pretty awesome minifigs, with a 0% mistake ratio.

Got myself the Galaxy Girl (cool), Surgeon (Awesome.) and the nice miss know to many as Lady Liberty. (Aw yeah.)

Lady Liberty is as cool as she looks. The sand green makes for a delightful-looking minifig of a great monument, and the hairpiece is just a really well designed part. The Surgeon is even better than I expected, and I expected her to be really quite great. The syringe and head gown are really awesome, and the translucent X-Ray plate (Which I somehow hadn't been expecting) is the best possible part. The Galaxy Girl is pretty awesome too, though I have to say the helmet is a pain for her to grip properly with the visor. Seems like an odd impediment for the part, to be honest, but I can't be bothered to dig through my parts to see if all the helmets have the same problem.

Overall, good spoils of conquest. I think I'll go back again next week. I know I definitely want to get the Sleepyhead, Skater Girl and Genie. Maybe the Clockwork Robot and Roman Soldier if I can spare the change.


When Ponies Are Human

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Feb 28 2012 · 62 views
this entry is a joke and 2 more...
I think I should berate myself for not predicting that half the replies I'd get in the Describe the Avatar [yadda yadda] topic with this name change would be about "A human Twilight Sparkle."


FUN FACT TIME: Panty & Stocking premiered 9 days before Friendship is Magic!! (Tru factz guys. Real reality.) So, in fact, Twilight Sparkle is a pony Stocking, not the other way around.



what a mary sue

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