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incredibly silly and just a little bit rude


Dukemon! (Man What's With Me And Digimon)

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Apr 24 2012 · 70 views
There are too many cool Jintrix cards. I'm ditching WarGreymon for Dukemon.... I was tempted to use Dukemon Crimson Mode or ChaosDukemon, but regular ended up winning. Look at that gallant pose, the wavering cape. So coool.


Digimon Adventure; Thoughts #7

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Apr 23 2012 · 66 views
I'm 3 episodes away from finishing now, so new entry on the subject.

I am in love with Adventure. Apologies must be made to Tamers, but Adventure is better, if only in some ways. The characterization for each character is just superb. The writing is excellent and it manages to be pretty mature without getting psychologically morbid like Tamers (Not that that was bad).

I am a little disappointed that WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon are the only Ultimate/Mega Digimon. I mean, HerakleKabuterimon, Plesiomon, Huouomon, and Rosemon are all pretty cool too and they could've been included, though I guess that would make them overpowered. I'm just a little bothered that it makes the other six almost superfluous when it comes to the fighting. Still, no big issue.

Really looking forward to HolyAngemon next episode and Omegamon after that. Still pretty bummed that it's ending so soon... even with 02....


Dark Masters: New Sig

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Apr 22 2012 · 128 views
digimon and 1 more...
Posted Image

Jintrix is so cool, I can make this kind of banner and the filesize is only a little over 300 KB. Yay! (At least the .jpg is only ~55 KB)

Anyway, the Dark Masters because I guess they're pretty darn ruthless. I only wish Piemon's card was blue as well, the transition from his and Mugendramon's space is just terrible. This is a terrible sig, actually. I'm terrible at this. I just wanted to use the awesome art.



Disregards Ponies, Watches Korra

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Apr 21 2012 · 34 views

LoK is a good show, that was a great episode.

Bolin is amazing.


New Waravatar

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Apr 21 2012 · 31 views

'Cause WarGreymon is the real deal.

On other news, I'm 13 episodes away from finishing Adventure. This makes me sad.


what a mary sue

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