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incredibly silly and just a little bit rude


Tokusatsu Hero Factory

Posted by farmstink buttlass , May 25 2012 · 131 views
pointless, why no katakana and 1 more...
I think it's funny how everyone [some people] is freaking out over the live action Hero Factory (Read: ヒロ フクトリ) movie, and the possibility that it'd be a power rangers thing. I for one am excited at the prospect of the movie.

Anyway, it is funny to me because literally all the fanart I've done of HF is with humans :0 Like this thing.Which is actually for different purposes altogether.

That reminds me I should do more HF art for reasons.


Frontier Digimon

Posted by farmstink buttlass , May 24 2012 · 61 views

Vritramon and Garummon are like awesome versions of WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon.

I now really really want a D-Arts Vritramon. :I


Digimon Frontier (Thoughts Number Who Cares)

Posted by farmstink buttlass , May 21 2012 · 149 views
Is actually pretty awesome. People overstate how lame it is that there are no partner Digimon. I'm only 9 episodes in, but it's been great so far.

The only thing I don't really like is Fairimon (Which is unfortunate because I really like Izumi). I mean, what is with her outfit? She looks like some [indecent dancer] and one of her main attacks is a buttbump. Just, what is even with Digimon and making all the girl partner Digimon be silly and 'sexualized' like that. (Honestly, Angewomon showed more skin than LadyDevimon. :< )

Also they're making her this five-man band's useless Chick. She's been in three battles so far, and has won none of them. The first two she outright lost to weaker enemies. Her first loss was to a one-hit punch. Just, whaaat. At least try to redeem her appearance by making her an Action Girl, sheesh.

Not happy with that. Blitzmon and Agnimon are really great though, and so is Chackmon. Wolfmon's cool and all, but I can't take him seriously with those lightsabers.



Posted by farmstink buttlass , May 20 2012 · 75 views

Today was my cousin's birthday party. It was pretty fun, we got to see the eclipse, and it was really really neat. Also, food.

It also reminds me to note that us Mexicans have the best birthday parties. We have inflatables, and piñatas. Actually, Americans probably have inflatables too. But we have piñatas. Not that this party had a piñata, but it's still a thing one should note.

Also after that we went to Target, and expanding my CM collection, I got Little Red Riding Hood (Grandma's Visistor is a lame name), the Bagpiper and the Viking Woman. (I thought it was a Bride) So, really cool day. Now if only I could find LoK 7 online.


Stupid Cable Is Stupid

Posted by farmstink buttlass , May 19 2012 · 112 views
it really is stupid
So my cable had marked LoK as starting at 12PM today, and as I wasn't around that is when it started recording. In other words, instead of Korra I got Power Rangers Samurai.


Not the first time they've screwed that sort of thing up. ARGH. Now I have to dance around spoilers and wait for some high-quality vid of episode 7 to make it to the internet. I may just wait for it to be put up on Nick's website (how long does that even take?)


what a mary sue

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