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incredibly silly and just a little bit rude



Posted by farmstink buttlass , Jun 14 2012 · 91 views

Loki was excellent, the rest of the movie wasn't quite that great. It wasn't bad, but some semi-minor things just could have been handled better.

Still, Loki. Loki is so great.

Now I only wished Netflix had put Thor on instant before I went to see the Avengers, but I guess I'm not that lucky. :T


Flash Fiction Preliminary Results

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Jun 13 2012 · 53 views

Unless my eyes deceive me, I ended up the winner in five of the preliminary polls my stuff was placed in for the flash fiction contest. I tied a sixth. So basically, six of my stories will be in the final polls.

So, wow. They're small and partial victories, but that's still seven more than I expected to make it that far.

The ratio of BIONICLE-COT stories that succeeded was 2:4 though. I guess my BIONICLE stories really suck as much as I think they do. It's weird, though, that one of my least favorite stories won while the other 4 fell. I liked most of the others more than one of the ones that won.

The same thing kind of happened with my COT stuff too. One of the stories I wrote was intentionally cynical and sarcastic. I wasn't taking that theme seriously at all. And it won in its poll. And yet, my entry for the fourth theme, which was one of my favorites, wasn't very popular at all. Of course, there are a lot more talented writers out there, so my losses were well deserved.

I guess what I'm saying is I'm even worse at judging the quality of my stories than I am at writing them.


The Fourth Ben 10 Series

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Jun 11 2012 · 129 views
surprisingly, there are no chins
The last four years of Ben 10 have been kind of terrible, all things considered. There have been some good things, a few great things (ie episodes 32 and 47 of UA) but most of it has been bland and generally uncool. It is, however, a guilty pleasure of mine, so I've been following it throughout all that time.

Anyway, the third series, Ultimate Alien, ended last March, and it marked the end of the UAF era, which is good.

Anyway, the execs at CN still won't stop milking the Ben 10 cow, but they had the sense to try and make the series better by trying to bring back the feel of the OS.

And by trying to do this, they have brought Derrick J. Wyatt on board for this fourth series, Omniverse. To those not in the know, Wyatt was the art director for Transformers Animated and some other things, and he was involved with Teen Titans. His style has brought on a lot of change, though most of it is for the best. According to him, their intent at developing OV's story is to make it stray as far from UAF as possible, which sounds like a really good policy.

From the bits we've seen, the series actually looks pretty good. Hopefully, this will turn this guilty pleasure into a genuine one. It is definitely something I'm looking forward to.

Maybe Cartoon Network still has some hope :0


Knock Out Is Lame

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Jun 10 2012 · 72 views

So I got deluxe Ratchet and Knock Out, because they are my favorite Autobot and Decepticon in TF Prime, respectively.

I don't know why I expected Deluxe Knock Out to be any better than he looked in the package, I guess him being my favorite Prime character doesn't spare him having a terrible fig. Really, he is lame.


At least Ratchet is pretty cool, even if he is way too small.

....Oh hey I got both Transformers doctors for my birthday....


A Ponysona

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Jun 09 2012 · 85 views

I am the lamest brony.
Everyone has one but me, and I was bored.

Posted Image

Leadwing Heart ,made with the non-official pony creator.
His cutie mark is a broken pencil. That is highly symbolic.
(The symbol is I suck at drawing)


what a mary sue

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