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incredibly silly and just a little bit rude


Ninjago Note

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Dec 11 2014 · 49 views

I was looking through some voice actory stuff earlier, and it turns out, Kai, Cole, Nya and Jay's voice actors all had roles in the Death Note dub! Also Wu's but it was really minor so who cares.

I'm not sure what that information means to me, if anything, but I find it interesting!

It's just too bad that while Nya's voice actress voices a little sister character (Sayu), she's not Kai's actor's character's (Matsuda).....It's a good thing they changed Sayu's voice after the timeskip.....:/.....yeah.....


/rambles about chima for a while

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Dec 09 2014 · 100 views
Chima has like. A ton of characters.
In its first year, it had 30 individual characters as minifigures. In its second, it introduced 29 more, plus new variants of a handful of 2013 characters. The first wave of 2015 will introduce, as a minimum, 20 more, plus some more new variants for good measure. That's a good 80 characters, at least. I think Chima probably has a good shot at being the line with the most individual characters in set form at this point, at least for Lego's original lines. (that aren't Bionicle, I guess) (Star Wars by now probably has a couple hundred)

So what I'm saying is it would be kinda crazy to try and get all of them, and that that is exactly what I am trying to do. Hence, a list! It looks like this.It's right down there at the corner. Dull gray means I don't have it, and bolded color means I do! They're color coded by the arc in which they were released. Bluey-tealish color for the original 2013 arc, green for Outlands, bright cyan and orange for the Fire vs. Ice arc.

I'm not actually doing that bad. I've been looking for sales and stuff all over the place, and although I haven't gotten all of them in the mail yet, I own 37 out of the 59 available right now--26 out of the 30 from 2013, and 11 out of the 29 from 2014.

Getting the rest of the 2013 ones shouldn't be too difficult, but the 2014 ones are gonna be a whole thing...The winter wave isn't too bad. Blista and Scolder are easy enough to get since they came in Speedorz sets....but I still need Spinlyn, who is extremely expensive on her own, and her set is also pretty expensive, which is annoying because I don't particularly need anything else from it...the summer is a lot worse, though. The summer wave just had way too many characters exclusive to specific sets, with the Mammoths being the worst offenders. Mungus is exclusive to a Laval set I have no interest in whatsoever, and, being a bigfig, he's about as expensive as Spinlyn on the aftermarket. Maula and Muttrot, on the other hand, are exclusive to a really awesome set that I fully intend to buy...as soon as it goes on a serious sale. If it wasn't so overpriced I would have probably bought it a long time ago. The phoenixes are almost as bad. 3 of them come in the biggest set of the year, one is in a polybag, and another is exclusive to a book. Now, 2 of them reappear in 2015 in regular sets, and one was available in a speedor (although a more boring version), but that still leaves a couple of them in availability limbo. i guess the book isn't actually that expensive, though....

2015 will bring a whole lot of new minifigures, but about a half of them come in the form of cool, affordable battle packs. Those have me extremely excited, and I intend to buy all of them (plus one or three bigger sets) on day one of them popping up in a Lego store. I hope that, at least next year, I can keep up with all them new minifigures. Although there's some not so great parts to the next wave (stupid stupid looking Beaver), the entire deal with the battle packs is really exciting and makes up for any complaints I could have and more.

I'm also very happy to see the fifth wave break away from some trends Chima has suffered from regarding female minifigures. For the first time, they're introducing 3 new females in a wave (every previous one has had 2). For the first time, a female minifigure who is not Eris is appearing in a second set (that being Li'ella, in a stylish new variant) And, while not exactly the first time (Eris has been in a lot of stuff) it's rather rare to see female minifgures in small, cheap sets--yet here is the Lion Tribe Pack, which is not only a small and cheap set that features females, it in fact has more females than males. That's awesome, and a very crazy sight for this line, and Lego in general. So rare, in fact, that none of the other 3 tribe packs have a single female between them. It's a start.

I really can't wait for 2015. Bionicle is nice and everything, but the Lego thing that really has my attention right now are those battle packs. So cheap. So many, many exclusive, awesome minifigures. I need them all.


Pro at Crastinating

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Dec 07 2014 · 96 views

Been trying to do this stupid essay for my intro to art class for like 3 days.

It would be so much easier if I didn't find all this artsy analysis so pretentiously silly. But I do. And it is so very boring. I'd rather do anything else than pretend to care about modern art.



Galaxy Swag

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Nov 27 2014 · 91 views
galaxy squad
Free shipping on all Lego + 50% off Galaxy Squad?

Thank you, Toys R Us. Thank you.

(i got the hive crawler and may also pick up the warp stinger. such great deals)


nine hours nine persons nine doors

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Nov 23 2014 · 158 views


I should buy Virtue's Last Reward soon.


what a mary sue

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