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incredibly silly and just a little bit rude


Foiled Again

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Mar 17 2015 · 86 views
*At Eurobricks' Culture and Multimedia Subforum (Has Spent the Last Day or Two Reading Webcomics)*

"Oh hey a comic thread. Let's check out the last page.."

...seems like the feminazis have struck again...

"ok yeah nope"


Pohatu. And Friends.

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Mar 14 2015 · 217 views

Posted Image

Yep. Pretty happy with how he turned out. The dark tan goes with the dark orange much better than expected. I was hoping to keep the trans fluor. green, but it was between that and the tan, so there was little contest. He got blue eyes and stormarang bohrok eyes. Also gave him a knife that actually looks like a knife. For when a guy needs to insert a little stabbing into someone else's life.

I now have all the Toa and Protectors. Seeing them lined up feels pretty awesome. They're all almost mostly awesome sets. PoW is like the only real disappointment, and I fixed her a while ago, so we're cool. But really, this is one of the, if not the, single best wave of constraction we've ever gotten. It's full of solid designs and ideas, however much I enjoyed fiddling with them. Love these sets.


Brown Tablescrap

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Mar 05 2015 · 96 views

Posted Image

I finally got my Bricks & Pieces order, which means my Scolder and Scorm got their proper tails, my PoW no longer looks awful, and I now have four dark tan shells to play around with. I'm glad that even though the 2014 constraction Chima sets never came to the US you can still order their parts...anyway, I decided to take a bunch of my brown parts and do a simple Toa mod. So I did. Decided to use the trans red-orange Mask of Fire because I wanted to use it somewhere anyway. The weapon is by far the most thrown-together part, which is saying something.

No real rhyme or reason to this guy, not to even speak of the awful color distribution, though with the limited amount of parts I had in appropriate colors...well, whatever.

I plan to use the dark tan shells on Pohatu when I get him...which I hope is soon? Soon-ish. Still need to get them Elves and some more Ninjago, but...


Spring Yellowish Slicey Dicey

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Mar 04 2015 · 71 views

I was looking at some of the Ninjago Toy Fair pics earlier and I was like "those sure are a bunch of Brain Attack swords in spring yellowish green."

So now I'm wondering. How would Skull Slicer look if one replaced his Skull Spider mask with a spr. yel. green one, and his blades with some of those green swords? Perhaps add some SP claws, also from the Ninjago sets, to his feet, or something? I think it may look interesting...I don't have a lot of spring yellowish green, but from what I do have i think it could pair with trans bright green pretty well.

Too bad I'll have to wait some months still to try it out...


Things I Do Not Like

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Mar 03 2015 · 109 views

-Having to write speeches
-Having to write a speech with a partner, because I am bad at working with people I don't really know
-Seriously, writing speech outlines is a pain

I'm one of those people that has a lot of anxiety leading up to public speaking but is usually pretty ok once I'm started. My lisp, lack of a grasp on the spoken English language, and general awkwardness aside, that is. But the toughest part for me is usually just getting down stuff in an outline. And this partner speech we're doing in my Communication class is even worse at that. I am just the worst at trying to get some appropriate communication going with others--never know if I'm being too casual or too deferential or too commanding or whatever. I stress out way too much about every single freaking thing I say. Blegh.

I don't even know why I'm always so self-conscious. My partner is using a Shinobu avatar on his google account, with some sort of Adventure Time banner. I mean. A Shinobu avatar. We'd probably be getting along just fine if I wasn't so bad at this whole communication thing.

This class isn't helping me very much!


what a mary sue

March 2015

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