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Team Baron's Stage


The Alolan Champion is an absolute madman

Posted by dotcom , Dec 03 2016 · 702 views

I've been really inactive on this site lately. I haven't even visited for a couple of months. Now it's December, and that's weird. It feels weird, but I guess that's just life.

I got Pokemon Sun. I've been playing it. It's fun. It's been ages since I played a Pokemon game from the beginning, and it was a lot of fun. Helps that I think it was probably the best story the series has had thus far. Whole thing was really good. Enjoyed it a lot. Mechanically there's a lot of mixed feelings about this generation, but I definitely can't say the actual game wasn't enjoyable. My final team was a Primarina, midnight Lycanroc, Mareanie, Salazzle, Golisopod and of course Solgaleo. (Though of course that last one only joined my party very late in the game). First time actually using a team of six or less, so that too was fun. I've grown quite attached to this team.

I finished the game last weekend, so I've been working on finishing up the dex since then. I don't like doing things in half measures much, so I was going for a living dex, and I finally completed it tonight. The final catch to complete the dex was appropriately Necrozma.

And I caught it in a Beast Ball, because, as the title clearly states: a madman.

Posted Image

I also caught Solgaleo in one so that was fun.

A bunch of places had the Gen 6 games for really cheap last week with the sales, so I bought Omega Ruby. I'd been wanting to for the past, couple years, I guess, but being able to get it for 25 bucks finally made me do it. I have a lot of bred shinies I've been meaning to use, so I've been wanting to form my OR team out of those guys. Should be fun when I get around to it. Since I just finished Sun I don't know when I'm gonna want to start up OR, but I'll get to it sometime. Going back to HMs is gonna be hard, let me tell you.

Anyway, that's just been me and my pokeymans. Random post but whatever.


RIP Ackar, Long Live Circle Pads, and Pokemon Thoughts

Posted by dotcom , Aug 01 2016 · 531 views

It's August 1, which means I've been on this website for 8 years! That's a lot of years. I've been on this site for more than half the time it's been around now, and that is Weird.

It's weird! But hey, now I get Ackar's disembodied head. Cool stuff.

Anyway, that aside, today is a significant day for other reasons. 3DS related reasons. My circle pad has been....actually, I'm just gonna paste what I wrote about this on another site.

So a while ago. Don't even remember when, it was...a while ago. my 3DS's circle pad started giving me trouble. The edges of it started peeling off. Like so. And for some reason, as soon as that happened the top of it became feeling all oily and sticky. It rendered my poor handheld Literally Unplayable. Couldn't really play the games I already had, and turned me off buying any new ones. This has been going on for at least a year.

But with today's Pokemon news getting me really hyped for Sun/Moon for the first time, and finally deciding I want to get that game, I became determined yet again to clean up that dang circle pad. Or at least try to replace it somehow. So I'm going at it, trying to remove whatever sticky garbage is on it, and it turns out it is the sticky garbage. For some reason having the edges fall off left the remainder of the pad as a mushy clay-like substance. Anyway, tore off all the gray stuff, leaving just the plastic base.It's inelegant and unattractive, but at least it's Literally Playable.


Anyway, as mentioned, woohoo. Sun and Moon are looking like extremely unique games and I am so looking forward to them. The Alola forms are fantastic and I hope there are many, many of them. The new Pokemon are equally cool. And the things we're hearing about the game mechanics are also exciting. I literally couldn't care less about Z-moves or whatever, but no HMs, no gyms, lots of ridable Pokemon...hype. It's gonna be 3 years since I last got a Pokemon game, but I am definitely buying something from Gen VII. It's looking great.



Posted by dotcom , Jun 11 2016 · 482 views
lego sux, @ internet
Have spent the past hour or so trying to make sense of the Lego shop website. Nothing works! VIP wise, for me, anyway. It's just a friggin mess. I can actually only log in in the first place by clicking links in my email, for starters...and I am pretty sure I already put in all my info here a while ago. Years ago. Because I've ordered from them before. I mean yeah I haven't made a purchase from the Lego shop since March last year or something but this is no reason for it to flip out at me. It wants me to keep filling in my information, it thinks I'm a new member that needs to register his card or something, every time I click anything related to the VIP program it's "welcome to VIP please go screw yourself"...I have 109 points on my account, and the site gave me a huge scare when I tried to do what it says and update my information and when I logged back in I had 0. It came back after a bit or so for no reason. Or I mean, I hope. I'm *trying* to buy something, but I can't use my points. The option is not there. It just says "you need 100 points to earn a reward." Website, I have the 100 points. And also the shop keeps telling me shipping for purchases over 35 bucks in June is free for VIP members, but it still wants to charge me. Nothing makes sense.

So BLARGH. BLARGH to you, shop dot lego dot com. (slash en us). Screw your nonsense. I was gonna spend money on some Lego at long last but seriously, screw all this.


This is not what I hoped to be doing at 1 in the morning.


Eigthy-two jerks.

Posted by dotcom , Jun 03 2016 · 553 views
So recently for no real reason I can identify I started thinking about the old unfinished Chima minifigure collection that is unfinished, because, I never finished it. Guess I got too into KR by the time the 2015 spring wave came around. Anyway I started thinking "hey maybe i should finish that" so I made a few orders here and there. Just got the latest package, with Mungus (and a second Bulkar) so I finally have all the characters.

All 82 of these jerks.

(technically it is only 81 but I like to pretend Panthar exists so)


They're pretty cool. At least the ones not named Breezor anyway.

'Course if I wanted an actual complete collection I'd still be about...17ish variants short. But I mean. Nah. I do want the non-zombified Sir Fangar and Dimensions version of Eris, but that's about it.

Started getting these little furry dudes back when LoC started in 2013. I had a lot of hope for the theme before it started, but of course unfortunately most of its media ended up being not very worthwhile (though I do think the last season of the show and the videogame were pretty fun) but I always did and still do love the minifigures. They're really great. And now I have all of them. Woo.


Stuck for 10 More Days

Posted by dotcom , Apr 04 2016 · 707 views
So Homestuck's ending in 10 days.

So that's pretty weird. I mean, it's weird, right? It's pretty weird. It's gonna end on its 7th birthday. Seven years is a pretty long time for a comic to last, even if a couple of those have been pretty empty. I've only been following it for about 5 and a half years, even if a couple of those have been pretty empty, but that's still a lot. Like, that's a lot.

That's gonna be weird. In two weeks I'm gonna be able to say "oh yeah, Homestuck ended on Wednesday" and what even is that sentence? It doesn't even compute.

A lot of people used to be into Homestuck back in like, 2010-12. Especially on this site, which on late 2010 was basically full of MSPA fans. Not as many people are into it as much these days, or at least it seems that way. And with all those empty years and such, I suppose it is only to be expected.

But hey, I'm still into it. There are some things I'm not that big a fan of of the latest parts of the comic, but eh. It's Homestuck, and I love Homestuck. And it's ending. So that's weird.

I wanted to do a reread when the comic was over. Or, like, leading up to it. Back when the Gigapause started and that was supposed to be the pause to end it all, and apparently it would all then be posted in one go (ha and a bigger, louder ha), I wanted to be able to read the whole thing. That obviously didn't exactly happen, since the comic didn't end in 2014 as one would have thought, and I lost track of time so now I'm 10 days away from the ending and I'm on, what, page 2 out of some 8080+ pages?

And I mean, it's all ending on the 13th but EoA6 is this Wednesday. I kinda wanna catch the EoA. So, two days, 8080+ pages, 817500+ words, 100+ flashes....

I can do it, probably. Probably definitely. Defs totes...

So yeah, the end is nigh. Maybe Hiveswap will be nigh at some point too.


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