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Team Baron's Stage


Of Cartoon Network and Schedules

Posted by dotcom , Oct 06 2012 · 127 views

As you can tell from my av/sig/blog, I like Ben 10 Omniverse a lot.
It's a great series.

But CN is airing the series out of order. Today, episode 6 aired as episode 4. The actual 4th episode won't air until three weeks from now.
Except for Canada.
CN Canada is airing the series in order. Episode 4 was episode 4. Which means that I will have to avoid spoilers for the next month or so, not only for episode 4 but 5 and 7 and 8 and probably a lot others.

So basically.

CN sucks. >:c


New everything

Posted by dotcom , Oct 01 2012 · 196 views

So name change. Went with an Omniverse theme because I like Omniverse.

Also tildes
I use a lot of tildes.


Thank you, internet

Posted by dotcom , Sep 29 2012 · 291 views
im being sarcastic, just btw
I'm barely started on Series 6 of Doctor Who, and I already know everything I never wanted to about TATM.

Thank you, internet.

Thank you very much.


Doctor Who, Series 5

Posted by dotcom , Sep 24 2012 · 157 views


It took all of six minutes for Matt Smith to win me over.

This should be fun.


Life right now

Posted by dotcom , Sep 21 2012 · 193 views

my family has..had...5 dogs.
one of them, Peggy, was born with some deformities. she is a chihuahua, and her spine is formed in an irregular shape, and her heart is much too large. it's almost as large as head, and that isn't good. but she lived, she was happy, and so were we.
last week her health started deteriorating. her breathing was loud and raspy and forced, but she was otherwise normal.
my dad took her to the vet, where she stayed overnight. she came back on tuesday, and her health had fallen exponentially. you could now hear her breathing from across a room, and she was barely responsive. she just sort of went and laid down at different places, didn't really want to eat or do anything. and that's how the past two days went for her.
and then today, when i came back from school, i found her bedridden, not responsive to anything. her eyes were glossed over, and she wasn't moving at all. all she did was breathe, a terrible, forced breath.
so she was taken to the vet again. her heart had grown too much, and there wasn't much space left for her lungs. she really was dying.
she was put to sleep, just a few minutes ago.

i love all my dogs. they are the one part of my life i can consistently count on to not be terrible. no matter what, they are always there, and they can always lighten my mood. there is nothing they can do that would really bother me. again, i love them all.

i can hardly deal with this right now. this was supposed to be a good day. it was the day i got out of school for fall vacation. i've been looking forward to tomorrow specifically for almost six months. and now one of my dogs is dead. and she was young. she wasn't even four years old.

the only reason i'm on the computer right now is because i don't want to think about it at all.

and i just


i hate my life right now

[Rest in Peace, Peggy (2008-2012)]


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