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Team Baron's Stage


Master of Pork

Posted by dotcom , Nov 19 2015 · 179 views

So I'm in the last stretch of my cultural anthropology course. We're covering patterns of gift-giving in non-western societies and whatnot, including Polynesia, which is of course interesting. I'm reading Mauss's The Gift for this part of the course. (It's about gifts). So I'm carrying along, reading, when all of The Sudden

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I don't always watch anime, but when I do

Posted by dotcom , Nov 16 2015 · 152 views

That's a lie, I'm literally always watching anime. Apparently. My mal is telling me this:

Posted Image

Which is crazy. Apparently over the last few years I've racked up 50 days worth of anime watching? Like, that's a lot? I could probably have spent a lot of that time more productively. Or at least the one I spent watching Bleach. I guess.

All that cartoon watching probably explains how inactive I've been around here lately. That and the fact that I no longer give a single flying flip about the rebooted Bionicle, I suppose, but...yeah. Been busy. With that and Kamen Rider. Oh, and school. School has been eating up most of my time lately, getting pretty close to the end of the semester now. So far, so good...

Still, that sure is a lot of anime...


Today is a Good Day To Survive (A Dragon Attack)

Posted by dotcom , Oct 21 2015 · 160 views
kamen rider
Posted Image

It's a good day, because Kamen Rider Ryuki Survive's Contract Monster, Dragranzer's S.H. Figuarts has been announced!

And that probably doesn't mean much to anybody, but basically: it's a big old dragon! It's cool! It turns into a bike! It's awesome. It looks so good. I need it. It will cost two eyes and a few legs, but it is of no consequence. I must own this thing. I love the Contract Monsters from Ryuki, and this is going to be the first one released in...three years almost? Last one was in 2013 and this is coming out next April...Either way, I'm really excited about this friggin dragon bike. It's so cool.


I've got Zelda codes

Posted by dotcom , Oct 15 2015 · 175 views

Yeah I don't really want these.

Does someone want one of these? I have two to give out and yeah whatever.


fight of hammer

Posted by dotcom , Sep 26 2015 · 217 views

Name change, coming back to my default after something like a year. Now with brand new Armored Rider Baron duds, because he is My Favorite. I'll probably change up my avatars more often now...probably sticking with a Kamen Rider theme though.


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