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Tempest Tower


Red Dead Virgo

Posted by dotcom , Feb 18 2012 · 91 views
homestuck, au, kanaya
If you're a Homestuck fan and you haven't read this AU, you should.
Like, right now.

It's pretty great.


Dirk Strider (Art 2/16)

Posted by dotcom , Feb 16 2012 · 732 views
dirk, di stri, lame, awesome and 1 more...
Posted Image
(Right-Click>View Image for better effect)

Yeah so I drew Dirk. He's cool I guess. My art really doesn't do him justice.
GIMP is a monster to work with.


New Flame

Posted by dotcom , Feb 15 2012 · 58 views
adventure time

Posted Image

This is Flame Princess, the new princess from the season 3 finale of Adventure Time, Incendium.
She is adorabloodthirsty to the extreme.


Generic Pony Personality Test Entry

Posted by dotcom , Feb 12 2012 · 31 views

Posted Image


R..Ra..Rainbow Dash?


I mean I knew/thought I'd have a pretty high amount of Fluttershy and Twilight, no surprise there, but RD?

(On a side note, I find it humorous that the ponies I am apparently the most like are the ones I ship.)


Harry Potter And The Unlikely Judicial System

Posted by dotcom , Feb 11 2012 · 66 views
harry potter
So people who care, which is to say, nobody at all, may remember I posted about being reading the Harry Potter series almost a month ago. The quality of the story has improved a lot, though I do feel the first three books are rather mediocre. Currently, I am 200 pages into the Half-Blood Prince, but I have been wondering something since the beginning of Order of the Phoenix. The whole while the Ministry is flipping their lid about how they think Harry is lying about the dementor attack and Voldemort coming back, how come they don't just use veritaserum? I mean, it does seem like a pretty tricky potion to make, and it is probably not entirely reliable (Since they could argue it is just from his perspective that his words are the truth. And then there's the fact that some wizards may be able to reject the potion entirely, I don't actually know), and it goes without saying that they wouldn't want His return to be confirmed, seeing a how they suck. Even then, the fact that truth serum exists and is still not a basic asset in wizard trials is...kind of puzzling, I guess.


tempest tower

it's ok i guess

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