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Posted by dotcom , Oct 21 2011 · 88 views

There was a time, not even 12 months ago, when, if prompted, I could have told anyone the story of BIONICLE, from beginning to end, continuously getting sidetracked with footnotes, random trivia and character analysis. I pretty much knew everything there was to know about it. not being Greg. But since it ended, I have become a fan of many things more, some as equally or more convoluted as BIONICLE. And as these things cemented themselves in my mind, I began forgetting things, here and there, to the point that I had to think to remember what the Hydruka were.

Saddened by the fact that I was letting go of something that had been an important part of my life for more than 6 years of my life, today I began reading through my book collection, and later visited BS01 for the first time in literal years,and began making my way through the saga guides of the later years and reading the serials.

It went something like this:

"Oh hey, the 2007 serial, that thing. Oh hey the iron page what was its colors again? Oh yeah, link to the BoM page.
Oh cool, Teridax.

Wait what.
Merging Teridax. Light. Wait. What.

Shadow Takanuva? I don't.. how..
Daxia? Xia? Destral Artidax TKB asdfghjkdlf wait Guardian died?
..how do I even forget that....gog"

Anyways, it was a nice nostalgia trip filled with much confusion, getting names mixed up and bonking my head against the figurative wall for allowing me to forget . I'm considering buying some of the books I didn't get online, namely the 2005 Adventure books and Makuta's Guide to the Universe. That'd be cool.

Either way, I think I'm back on the plane of BIONICLE story-awareness. It's good that Greg has been light on the story updates (It really isn't) because I don't think I could have understood completely much of what happened. (Although admittedly, if it updated more often it might have kept my attention for longer.)

Moral of the story being I don't know anymore.

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If you don't have Time Trap, that's worth your while.

I'm kinda forgetting stuff too, or was never clear on i for recent stuff. I should start reading the books again.

- 55555
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baron da

November 2015

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