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Tiger & Bunny

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Nov 06 2012 · 150 views

not voting sorry? not even american
Finally. An anime theme with Engrish so terrible I don't even notice it's Engrish and so doesn't negatively affect my opinion of the song!

But seriously, I like T&B's opening a lot. I didn't, before. I mean I like it, but didn't love it or anything. It's grown on me a lot.

I'm only on episode nine, but I'm enjoying this series a lot. Especially the animation and design. The entire blend of traditional and cgi is actually pretty effective, and I love the look of the setting and the characters.
Tiger & Bunny didn't really draw me in with its first episode. Or its second. Or third. Not until its seventh, really. It was consistently enjoyable and I loved everything about its concept, but it didn't really made me want to watch more.

I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that, again, I wasn't in love with the music. If there is one thing I value in anime it's the openings and closings and other music. Maybe that's superficial of me? I don't know. But, for example, the biggest reason I watched more than one episode of FMAB was that I fell in love with the ending theme. I didn't really get into Panty & Stocking until the transformation sequence (ie Fly Away). and then came the ending (Fallen Angel) which is still amazing. I decided to watch Soul Eater in its entirety three minutes in simply because Resonance is fantastic.


Bottom line is I'll watch an anime so long as I like the tunes, I guess.The two anime series I'm most interested in watching next (Bokurano and Toaru Kagaku no Railgun) were chosen simply because I came across their openings by chance and just became unreasonably infatuated with them.

But back to Tiger & Bunny. I wasn't really into Orion wo Nazoru, but I noticed that as I came to enjoy the series more, my enjoyment of the music increased accordingly. I don't know what's with that. I guess I begin to associate good things with other decent things, and it never stops?

Also, I like Lunatic.


tl;dr: dotcom likes japanese songs.

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I've been meaning to get into Tiger and Bunny, it looks fantastic.
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Oh dude thank you for reminding me!

I have nothing else to watch to procrastinate me from this! And this will help me procrastinate getting caught up with Doctor Who! (seriously I am so behind ;_;)

I've been meaning to watch this one for about a year now.
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what a mary sue

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