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Posted by farmstink buttlass , Nov 09 2012 · 120 views

also is the book better?
That movie was way less creepy than it had any right to be.

I mean, artistically speaking it was really impressive. I really like stop motion.

But creepy-ways I was totally disappoint. This was some really weak sause creepy. Everyone else in the room (I was watching it in Art class) said it was scary or something, but I was mostly bored. I was just hoping it would get to the good parts, but...that never happened.

The only marginally disturbing parts were the old ladies. Which leads me to a question, about them.


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Nov 10 2012 01:56 AM
I loved Coraline. I do see that the creepiness didn't exceed expectations, but I enjoyed the story idea and outline that I was fine with it.
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It wasn't really meant to be mega-creepy. In many ways, it's more of an adventure story with some spooky elements than a straight scary story.

Two questions:
1. Have you read the book? Because if you haven't, you should. The author, Neil Gaiman, is one of my favorites.
2. Did you watch it in 3D? I'm guessing since it was in a class with a lot of other people you didn't. The 3D really enhances the movie; in particular, they did some creative stuff with the scenes where she's moving between the houses, by positioning the two cameras farther apart to give it the impression that you're looking at Coraline through non-human eyes.
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Creepy =/= scary.

A feeling of dread or the numinous is creepy, but not scary. Honestly, one form of wonderment is the very definition of "creepiness." So, I think that your Art class is overstating their response and/or misusing the word "scary."
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what a mary sue

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