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Maybe I Am Looking Too Much Into This

Posted by dotcom , Jan 02 2013 · 455 views

But the fact that Crooler has like a dozen piercings sends some unfortunate implications.

"Hey look little girls, if you get piercings you will turn into an evil crocodile woman!"

That said, she's cool, like all the other crocodiles. She has purple! (Yay purple)

The Command Ship is just awesome overall, really.

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I don't think it sends that message at all. It just shows that Crooler happens to have a lot of piercings.

It's true, the idea that body modifications are simply a way of being "edgy" and "rebellious" is outdated. That does not, however, mean that TLG shouldn't have "edgy" and "rebellious" characters with body piercings. That's just silly.

What it DOES mean is that it'd be nice if TLG would introduce some good characters with body modifications (tattoos, piercings, etc). Unfortunately, then they'll likely be accused of the OPPOSITE problem-- after all, their sets are typically aimed at kids, and the last thing TLG needs is parents who blame them for their kids wanting a tattoo or piercing. (But Mom, Laval/Kai/Billy Starbeam has one, and he's awesome!)


On the other hand, at least Monster Fighters had heroes with prosthetic limbs, so that should shut up all the complaints that themes like Agents and Pirates were promoting a "prosthetic limbs are evil" mindset. That's a step in the right direction.

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Oh! So, is lego trying to say that ONLY Crocs can get piercings? What a speciesist, discriminatory stance!

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I like the piercings. I'm just saying that we only have one female villain in Chima so far, and she's riddled with piercings and a crocodile to boot. All the bad animals in Chima are animals that are considered "bad" and/or ugly. So, being a crocodile girl with a lot of piercings and a villain, I can only imagine that she was meant to look ugly or just off-putting. Granted, I think she looks cool, the piercings give her character and differentiate from others, but it does make her stand out and not necessarily in a way that buyers will find good.
Like I said, I am probably/definitely looking too much into this. It wouldn't be an issue if at least a couple the other crocodiles or ravens also had piercings, but she's the only one.
There are only two females in Chima. Crooler, the villain, is a crocodile, and she has a lot of piercing. Eris, the heroine, is an eagle and apparently a princess. Not a lot of variation in female characters we're getting here. Which is why Lego needs to start balancing out their genders. If we had more female villains without piercings, or female heroes with them, there would be no issue.
But there aren't. So we (I) draw conclusions.
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I think most people already have their minds made up on what they think about people with piercings in the double-digits.


I would wager a small fortune there is not a single person in the world that honestly thinks "Gosh I don't know how being 20% chrome would effect a person, morally speaking. I wish there was a character in fiction, preferably in plastic form, to bring me to one side of the fence or the other."

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Lego's pretty bad about their female representation in action lines. There was what, one girl in the whole Ninjago line? I mean, they are marketing the way they think is correct, making distinct gender lines while feeding us information about how inclusive they want to be. Friends is just the flip side of the coin that is the Ninjago/Chima/Boy action line of the year.

That said, obviously people are going crazy for these brands, girls and boys alike. I don't see why they couldn't make it more of a non-issue though, if they just didn't magnify the gender of their characters like, oh yeah this raven's a girl but it's no big deal...but what do I know.
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Yes, you are.

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Wait wait wait.


Are we saying that lego treats villains




B =|






CROOLER than heroes?

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