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Dear 3DS XL

Posted by dotcom , Jun 16 2013 · 345 views

I have used a lot of pseudo mobile internet browsers. On iPods, Androids, PS3s, weird phones, etcetera. They usually suck a lot.
Your internet browser is by far the suckiest I have ever encountered.
Also I ordered the 3DS from Best Buy and it got to my house within a day. What the heck, Best Buy. What the heck.

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Are you seriously complaining about getting what you ordered within a single day? =P

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Are you seriously complaining about getting what you ordered within a single day? =P


Haha, not really.


It's just that the game I ordered won't get here until well into next week, which is when the 3DS was also scheduled to come.

Now I have a console but nothing to do with it, and that's boring.

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Blessed Blade
Jun 16 2013 03:58 PM
Play Face Raiders/AR Games, and check out the eShop; that's what I did until I got OoT3D. =p

Also, I concur about the browser; it can't handle BZP's PMs without taking out the paragraph breaks, despite rendering it correctly; so whenever I use that, I'm forced to use underscores to make where my paragraphs are. =P
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The 3DS internet browser does suck. If I recall, though, the Wii's sucked more.

Anywho, in terms of ideas of what to do with your 3DS until the game arrives...

  • Make a Mii in Mii Maker. The auto-generator using the camera is decent but not foolproof
  • Start a file on StreetPass Mii Plaza. It'll pay off as you begin to StreetPass with other folks over the course of your day-to-day life.
  • Take it on walks. Start to accumulate Play Coins to spend in Streetpass Mii Plaza/Animal Crossing/AR Games.
  • Start downloading free software for it off the eShop. Swapnote is essential. Nintendo Video, less so, but occasionally it does have something awesome (like the Kid Icarus anime shorts, or the Zelda Symphony recording sessions). And there are plenty of free demos available on the eShop as well (I can recommend Fire Emblem Awakening and The Denpa Men: They Came by Wave).
  • If you're willing to plunk down actual cash on downloadable titles, The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages are currently on sale. Just throwing that out there
  • Finally, start to plug in Friend Codes for folks you know in real life as well as online. Friend Codes are system-wide for 3DS, so not only will that make you some connections for Animal Crossing, it'll give you a head start once you have other online-capable games.
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