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Y did this happen

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Oct 30 2013 · 135 views

the lucky weekend
So a bunch of stuff happened in Pokemon Y while BZP was down. A lot! I'm almost done with the game, and things have gotten pretty cool. I wrapped up the storyline with Team Flare. I rather liked it, ignoring how tacked-on it all kind of felt. Anyway!
-The day BZP went down I wonder traded away an extra Magikarp expecting nothing in return. I didn't get a nothing, though, I got a Mewtwo. So yeah. I accidentally became that guy. Sorry, guy with the Mewtwo. :/
-I also got a Druddigon that day. That doesn't sound very exciting, but, it was a special Druddigon: It had the Pokerus. I don't have too much use for it (super training!), but if anyone here wants their Pokemon infected, feel free to drop a comment or send me a PM.
-On sunday I was looking for a Smoochum horde. I never got it, but I did run into my first ever wild shiny Pokemon! It was this little gal, and I love her
Posted Image
Not only is she one of my favorite ice types, it's in one of my favorite colors! (and check out that name) As far as shinies go, I feel I was very lucky.
-Caught Yveltal on Monday. It took one turn and one regular Poke Ball. Being someone that actually enjoys having a hard time catching the Legendaries, this was rather boring, but that's how it goes. Certainly didn't stop me from adding Xerneas the Yveltal to my team, however. He's cool and I like playing with him. He's pretty funky in Amie.
-So today about an hour ago I was looking for a Palpitoad. I didn't get it, but I got this instead:
Posted Image
This being my second, I guess I can be a bit more cynical--I've never really cared for Whiscash and this shiny coloration is seriously weak, but nevertheless! I got two shinies in four days. I got zero in the entire year+ I've been playing Pokemon. I'm never this lucky! Crazy things.
Final thing! What Vivillon pattern do a ll y'all have? I've been collecting Vivillons lately. I have High Plains. If anyone wants a High Plains or something (which I can't really imagine you do, since High Plains is like the ugliest pattern, but eh), or if you have some other pattern or whatever, we should trade Scatterbugs!

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I wish I could get online to trade my Polar for your High Plains.

Also still no Shinies here... I know people on campus who have found nearly a dozen in this one game. It's getting ridiculous with them.
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Oct 31 2013 03:41 PM

My friend bred for a shiny charmander. It was a ridiculous amount of eggs.

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Cousin why would you want a Smoochum horde dang those things are ugly

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farmstink buttlass
Nov 02 2013 12:29 AM

Excuse me? Weren't you the one opposed to catching evolved Pokemon, Oprah? I guess you were....a LIAR.

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I'm also opposed to catching that evolutionary line in general

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farmstink buttlass
Nov 02 2013 09:41 AM

Pokedex is more important!

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what a mary sue

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