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All The Mixels. All of Them! (Approximately)

Posted by dotcom , Aug 10 2014 · 351 views

mixels rules
I'm a fan of mixels. They have fun designs, great parts, and are rather affordable (with usually stellar price-to-parts ratios). I've been buying them since the first series, and they're fun. Still, because I used to not have all that much money to throw around on lego, I made a sort of rule to myself that I'd only buy one out of every tribe. And it worked! It's an affordable and fair way to go about it that works well for me (especially since I don't have all that much display space anyway) So for some time, it worked well and all was right with the world.

Posted Image

The system, shown here kinda working.

Then I made a mistake. That mistake's name is Tentro.

Oh, he may seem like a swell fellow up there, and his parts might be pretty ok, but make no mistake, that mixel is nothing but an impostor, a poseur of the highest order, and a scoundrel maybe (i'm just reaching here to be honest)

What I'm saying here is Tentro sorta looks a lot like Zaptor in the head area and I think that's just incredibly boring. And not only because Zaptor pulls off that build far better, but because in a line with so many sorta varied and out-there designs, I think they could have gotten by without reusing a previous design almost exactly.

So I wasn't satisfied with Tentro at all. If I was really only going to get one of each tribe, I really didn't want two of them to look the same. So I decided to get Kraw. In fact, Kraw had been my first choice for the Flexers. The one and only reason I didn't get Kraw instead of Tentro was the fact that he had none of the new joint pieces, whereas Tentro had like, 8. In retrospect (and now that i do have him. spoiler alert?) it's obvious that I really shouldn't have cared, but I did, so Tentro happened.

Getting Kraw really complicated things for me though, because I can get really hung up about the rules I make for myself. And if I was going to get Kraw, I was going to have to get a second of every tribe, too. And from there, especially since I have a bit more disposable income, it was a bit of a slippery slope.....

What I'm getting to is this is what happened.

Posted Image

Balk's head is pretty long, so he only gets to sorta happen.

SO YEAH. I got all of series 2. Some of them really surprised me (Gobba and Jawg were much better than I expected) and some were kinda disappointing (Lunk and Flurr are both about as unexciting as I expected) and the other ones are Balk. Kraw, of course, was perfect. He's such a drama queen, and I love him.

So I guess from now on I'm getting all the Mixels. I guess I'm ok with that.

And, of course, getting all the Mixels meant I had to go back and buy all the other series 1 guys I didn't already have, which was....a bit expensive. I was fortunately able to find 5 of them in a bricklink store for the it-could-be-worse price of around 7 each. The last one (which of course just happened to be my least favorite, volectro) had to be bought on ebay for a price I'd rather not think about. So yeah! I have no idea where I'm going to be putting all these Mixels, but actually being able to fool around and make a ton of mixes sounds like it should be a lot of fun.

And at least Volectro got here quickly.

Posted Image

Let there be no doubt as to my amazing image-editing ability.

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Avohkah Tamer
Aug 10 2014 12:57 AM

Tentro is not amused.

(video courtesy of Bfahome)

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Booker DeWitt
Aug 10 2014 04:31 AM

I went for the 'one from each tribe' rule as well, and weirdly bought all the same ones from your first picture - except I did get Kraw instead of Tentro.

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Aug 10 2014 09:44 AM

oh hey cool


I'm considering getting a few mixels the next time I'm on a raid for new sets, which ones would you say are the best purely from a mocing perspective?

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oh hey cool


I'm considering getting a few mixels the next time I'm on a raid for new sets, which ones would you say are the best purely from a mocing perspective?

Hmmm, from a mocing perspective....I'm not much a of a mocer these days, but let's see...Well, if you're looking for a good amount of the new ball joints, you can't really go wrong with Tentro. Lunk and Slumbo both have a fair amount of cool trans blue pieces and rare azure pieces, so they're cool. And, like...I mean, they all have something, you know? I guess it depends on what you need. The Frosticons are good for rare-sih blue colors, the Fang Gang is nice to stock up on some teeth and some browns, and obviously the Flexers have a lot of joints. I guess it depends on what you're looking for.

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Tentro is THE BEST shut up.

    • 6

Kraw is the best mixel for looks out of all of them thus far. I'd even say out of wave three. I heart him a lot.

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Tentro is THE BEST shut up.

You misspelled Zaptor. I think. Or Lego did....

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Aug 11 2014 04:29 PM
okay honestly I think I'll just be getting all the orange ones, I just realised they all have a few of those inverted exo-force robot hands and I desperately need those
(also I'm on team Tentro)
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Uncle Grandpa
Aug 12 2014 10:18 AM

I still need to get some of these. Didn't you show me purple ones the other night? I want those

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I still need to get some of these. Didn't you show me purple ones the other night? I want those

Yeah, the purple ones are the next wave, out probably late this month.
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