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The Ancient City


Unorthodox G1-G2 connection hypothesis

Posted by Mask Maker Pulse Vatten , Apr 11 2017 · 90 views
Mata Nui (island) was on a planet with very few other islands, and was meant as camouflage.

Okoto was also on a planet with very few other islands.

Mata Nui (giant robot) crushed Okoto when he crashed into Aqua Magna. Mata Nui (island) took on traits of Okoto in an attempt to blend in.


the lore of snart farfle

Posted by Mask Maker Pulse Vatten , Apr 06 2017 · 80 views
  • Snart Farfle is a singular entity.
  • Snart Farfle is also a species
  • Snart Farfle is the last of its species
  • Snart Farfle can become your friend
  • Snart Farfle will become your friend by infiltrating your friend's house and posing as their parents - both of them, at the same time.
  • You will meet up with your friend and they will slowly morph into Snart Farfle
  • Snart Farfle is now your 'friend'
  • Snart Farfle is capable of supersonic speeds
  • Snart Farfle is, contrary to popular belief and also unpopular belief because nobody has ever heard of it before, not a disgusting rendition of something horrible. It is a perfect rendition of something amazing.
  • Snart Farfle is caring, kind, and compassionate, and definitely not only because they think your internal organs should be treated with respect before being prepared for ascension
  • Snart Farfle's concept of ascension does not refer to the act of lifting up food into a mouth. It refers to ascending to the next tier of existence.
  • Snart Farfle is the next tier of existence
  • Snart Farfle is your favourite
  • Snart Farfle is extremely charismatic
  • Snart Farfle is not disproportionate
  • Snart Farfle is definitely not ugly
  • Snart Farfle will be behind you if you ever turn your backs, just to comfort you! how nice
  • Snart Farfle is from our dreams


The Barraki

Posted by Mask Maker Pulse Vatten , Apr 02 2017 · 96 views
G1, Barraki, BIONICLE
Thinking about it, the Barraki were probably among the best waves in G1 BIONICLE. They weren't clones of each other, unlike the Bohrok, Rahkshi, Vahki. Hordika, Piraka, or Inika. They were quite distinct from each other, and yet they belonged together, and you could definitely see how they resembled creatures of the sea, well, most of them. Kalmah is probably the one with the weakest design, seeing as he looks nothing like a squid. Ehlek and Takadox have the strongest designs, and Mantax, Carapar, and Pridak are somewhere in the middle.

These sets, I believe, are probably the best example of what made G1 good. Not terrible, not bad, but good. They're distinct, similar, eschewed the clone-sets of previous waves and did something new, and I also believe they are the G1 sets most similar to G2's villain sets: they follow the same theme, yet they are all distinct.



Posted by Mask Maker Pulse Vatten , Apr 01 2017 · 133 views
BIONICLE G3 has been announced by LEGO!


Little Known Fact

Posted by Mask Maker Pulse Vatten , in What The Human Body Could Be Mar 29 2017 · 127 views
not serious
Most people need to eat food and drink water to live.

However, a single person is not 'most people'.

Therefore, a single person alone does not need to eat food and drink water to live.

Most people die at the end of their lives.

However, once again, a single person is not 'most people'.

Therefore, a single person is immortal.

Therefore, when alone, we are immortal. It is only by interacting with other people that we become mortal and need to eat and drink.

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If you're reading this, you're reading the wrong part of the blog, but I suppose you're curious as to what's here.

Well, it's not much.

Just a few sentences.

Do you ever feel like you stopped ageing mentally somewhere around when you were 14-15, despite the actual amount of time gone by?

Remember to relax once in a while.

There's a lot of people on the internet, isn't there? Lots of pointless things, too. Like this block!

Well, you can go about your business now. Hope I haven't distracted you for too long.