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"Toa Team": The Toa Code

Posted by Trijhak , Oct 30 2017 · 367 views

So, one might wonder what prevents players from doing bad stuff in a game concept like 'Toa Team'.

Well, look no further, for there is the Toa Code. Let us not be clear: these are not solid rules. There is no external punishment for breaking them. Internally, though? Well, breaking the Toa Code isn't looked upon kindly...

The Toa Code is a series of principles that every Toa is expected to follow, to secure the trust of Matoran and other well-meaning individuals. This code has been developed over aeons, and it is not malleable.
  • Toa must not steal. Those who steal will find themselves shunned by those they defend. To steal is to cast aside the title of Toa.
  • Toa must always keep their word. Those who go back on their promises will in turn find no promises given to them fulfilled. To go back on a promise is to cast aside the title of Toa.
  • Toa must always save those that they can. Those who ignore those in need of saving will not be saved themselves. To ignore those in need is to cast aside the title of Toa.
  • Toa must always work together, when possible. Those who ignore unity will find themselves alone in the face of greater dangers, To ignore unity is to cast aside the title of Toa.
  • Toa must never wilfully abandon their duties as a Toa. Those who ignore their duty will find themselves without purpose. To ignore duty is to cast aside the title of Toa.
  • Toa must always move forward towards their destiny. Those who ignore their destiny will find that destiny will instead seek them out. To ignore destiny is to cast aside the title of Toa.
  • Toa are not allowed to kill unless it is absolutely necessary and instead show mercy to all. Those who kill with reckless abandon will find that no mercy will be shown to them. To murder without cause is to cast aside the title of Toa.
  • Above all, a Toa must not betray their team or the people they are supposed to protect. Those who do betray will find that nobody will trust them. To betray your team is to cast aside the title of Toa.
  • Those who no longer bear the title of Toa must still abide by the code of the Toa. Those who continue to violate the code will find the title of Piraka embracing them. To become a Piraka is to become an enemy of all living beings.
Follow this code, and you shall be a successful Toa.


Throughout the years, various individuals have been punished and have had their behaviour corrected for failing to follow the Toa Code. Such individuals include:
  • Piraka Helryx, for causing unnecessary deaths - massacring all individuals who knew the location of Artakha, against Mata Nui's wishes.
  • Piraka Lesovikk, for the failing to save the Toa Cordak and the direct murder of the being Karzahni
  • Piraka Nidhiki, for betraying the Toa Mangai and all of Metru Nui
  • Piraka Tuyet, for betraying the Toa Mangai and all living beings
  • Piraka Ahkmou, for the betrayal of all living beings and the killing of countless Po-Matoran.


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Wait, I don't get that last rule? is it like one strike you lose the title, next strike you become a Piraka?

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They're not rules.

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1) A Toa may not injure a Matoran or, through inaction, allow a Matoran to come to harm.

2) A Toa must obey orders given it by Turaga except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.

3) A Toa must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

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