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The First Speaker's Blog


Fractures Contests!

Posted by The First Speaker , Jul 28 2012 · 505 views
MoC Contest, Description Contest and 2 more...
There are many things I could have done to enjoy my last few hours of Premier Membership perks... but none of them like a good old Contest!

Posted Image

This time, the contest is subdivided in three separate categories. The winners will be featured in the following stories of the Fractures Universe. To make a long story short, in this alternate universe Teridax never existed, but the Brotherhood carried on their plans of contest, leaving Metru Nui as the only free land remaining. Now the City of Legends has become a multicultural society, much like in The Kingdom. A new faction, the Cult of Darkness, has appeared and is planning to terrorize the city. Most importantly, you have the chance to design some of their servants/troublemakers!

NOTE: The Fractures Universe and all the characters mentioned don't belong to me. Matoro1 is the creator of the Fractures Universe, and he wrote the contest rules. I'm just helping him to get some more entries.

Category 1: Convict

In the opening chapters of Judgement Day, the following story in the Fractures Alternate Universe, I'm going to have the Toa battling two previously-captured convicts, who have been released from the dungeons beneath the Coliseum for the Toa to train against. One of these characters is a mutated Fe-Matoran Brotherhood Servant who I have already created, but the second convict fighting for a reduced sentence is unknown. If you choose to enter this category, you will have to build said convict, give him/her a brief backstory explaining what crime they commited, which Toa captured them, and what abilities they possess.

Please note that I don't want anything overkill, not a massive, huge, bulky, complex titan. I'm looking for something about as complex as a Glatorian or a Toa with a consistant color scheme. This character will only play a minor role in Judgement Day. Additionaly, and only if requested, Matoro1 may revamp a creation of the winner.

Category 2: Matoran Crafter

Recently, the Cult of Darkness has been forced to make use of Matoran labour. They've used a suicide bomber Matoran to destroy one of Metru Nui's dams, they're going to use another to keep their servants in check, and now they've hired some Matoran builders to construct a base for them, which will appear in Judgement Day. However, to check that the containment cell in this new base in escape-proof, Mudro (the leader of the Cult of Darkness) kidnapped one of the builders and locked him in it, to see if he'd been conned. Unfortunately, he had not been and the unfortunate Matoran was left to die in the cell.

In this option, you have the task of building that Matoran. It has to be male but it has to be one of the stronger types of Matoran; such as a Po-Matoran, Onu-Matoran, Fe-Matoran, Matoran of Magnetism, or a Ba-Matoran.

Obviously the Matoran has to stay true to his respective color scheme (so no blue Po-Matoran) except in the case of a Ba-Matoran or Fe-Matoran. The winner of this contest will have their Matoran crafter feature inJudgement Day, where the crafter will have a chapter written from his perspective, and their creator will have BobTheDoctor27 write a chapter for their fan-fiction story or can have a free MOC request built by him, if asked.

Category 3: Characters

As the final option of the contest, in the final chapter of Over Your Shoulder (the current epic of the Fractures Universe), I'm going to set the story in a bar, where Tollubo, the main protagonist, is getting wasted and I need another male character for him to pick a fight with. Now, this option does not require you to build anything, but I would like anyone who wishes to enter this section to decide on the character's:
  • Species
  • Name
  • Basic Personality
  • Immediate History
The winner of this contest will have their described character appear in the final chapter of Over Your Shoulder.


Remember that you can enter as much or as few categories as you wish.

Please enter, and have fun MOCcing!

Fins aviat, The First Speaker.


Lariska Contest

Posted by The First Speaker , Jul 26 2010 · 2,299 views

I am an admin in a Bionicle site, called Bionicle Reviews Wikia. There, we have contest regulary as our unofficial images of various characters. This time, we are doing a Lariska contest.


-The character must match their dicription. GregF said that Lariska had a bluegreen armor, but as there are not much pieces of that color, try to do a green+blue or teal color scheme.
-All pieces must be official Bionicle pieces. Painting pieces is allowed for this contest.
-You must keep a definate colour scheme between 1-3 colours or it get messy.
-No plagiarism!
-You can give her any weapons except Bara Magna ones. We favor daggers, as they are Lariska's favourite weapons in story.
-You can give her any kind of Kanohi or helmet, except Bara Magna ones and rare Kanohi (Avohkii, Olmak, Kraahkan, Vahi, Ignika).


If you win, we will put your image in our Lariska page, and under it a disclaimer saying that you've made the model and that it's non-canon.


1- Matoro1's Entry
2- Sparky's Entry
3- Lord Oblivion's Entry
4- Christo1096's Entry
5- Awilda ~Mizu to Kaze~'s Entry

Please enter, and have fun MOCcing!

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